Minneapolis, Hennepin County

Following are the original street names in Minneapolis and St. Anthony. This might be a help when searching the early City Directories.

Copied from "MINNEAPOLIS PORTRAIT OF THE PAST". Collected and compiled by Edward A. Bromley. 1890


In referring to avenues of the city, in order to prevent confusion, the present names have been used. For the benefit of St. Anthony or Minneapolis pioneers wo many be residing elsewhere and are not familiar with the modern avenue system, and also as a matter of general interest, a list showing the original and the modern names of the avenues will be valuable. The nomenclature of the streets is the same as in the early days.


Minnetonka Street First Avenue South     Clay Street Sixteenth Avenue South
Helen Street Second Avenue South     Avon Street Seventeenth Ave. South
Oregon Street Third Avenue South     Utah Street First Avenue North
California Street Fourth Avenue South     Kansas Street Second Avenue North
Marshall Street Fifth Avenue South     Itaska Street Third Avenue North
Cataract Street Sixth Avenue South     Dakota Street Fourth Avenue North
Russell Street Seventh Avenue South     Nebraska Street Fifth Avenue North
Ames Street Eighth Avenue South     Harrison Street Sixth Avenue North
Rice Street Ninth Avenue South     Lewis Street Seventh Avenue North
Smith Street Tenth Avenue South     Seward Street Eighth Avenue North
Pearl Street Eleventh Avenue South     Marcy Street Ninth Avenue North
Huey Street Twelfth Avenue South     Benton Street Tenth Avenue North
Hanson Street Thirteenth Ave. South     Fremont Street Thirteenth Ave. South
Lake Street Fourteenth Ave. South     Clayton Street Fourteenth Ave. North
Vine Street Fifteenth Avenue South     Bingham Street Fifteenth Ave. North
  Breckenridge Street     Sixteenth Avenue North  


Bay Street Central Avenue     Elm Street Eleventh Ave. SE
Mill Street First Avenue Southeast     Linden Street First Avenue Northeast
Pine Street Second Ave. Southeast     Oak Street Second Ave. Northeast
Cedar Street Third Avenue Southeast     Dakota Street Third Ave. Northeast
Spruce Street Fifth Avenue Southeast     Todd Street Fourth Ave. Northeast
Spring Street Fifth Avenue Southeast     Dana Street Fifth Ave. Northeast
Maple Street Sixth Ave. Southeast     Wood Street Sixth Ave. Northeast
Aspen Street Eighth Ave. Southeast     Saint Paul Street Seventh Ave. Northeast
Birch Street Ninth Avenue Southeast     Saint Peters Street Ninth Ave. Northeast
Willow Street Tenth Avenue Southeast     Saint Martin Street Tenth Ave. Northeast
  Genevieve Street     Eleventh Ave. Northeast