Have you found photos in your grandmother's photo album and don't know who they are? Have you found photos at antique stores, flea markets, estate and garage sales and would like to see them returned to a family member? Then this is the place to post them.

Photos can be sent to me as an e-mail attachment in JPG format. If you have the photos posted on another site, I can put a link to that site.

Please include as much information as you have about the photograph, such as where you found it, any information that may be written on the back (names or places), possible connections to a particular family, and the photographers name if shown on the picture. Send them to me at schumanC@comcast.net If you would like to be contacted if someone inquires about the photo, or wants to make arrangements for copies, I will place your name and e-mail address with the photo description.

Lynne McDonald is in possession of many photographs from MN and FL she inherited from her grandparents. The following two photographs are of the Zesbaugh picture frames and moulding business located in Minneapolis. Research on the family shows Joseph Zesbaugh as the proprietor.  In the 1916 Minneapolis City Directory it was located at 38 6th St and the family lived at 2305 Nicollet Ave. Joseph was married to Anna Nouza in Chicago IL in 1886 and had a large family. Their children were Lawrence, Calia, Paul, Agnes, Martha, Helen, Raphiel and Thomas, according to the 1920 Minneapolis census. Click for photo of the Zesbaugh Picture Framing building  Also, a close up of the men in the photograph. Click for photo. Lynne has identified the man 2nd from right on the end as her great grandfather, Thomas Gale, who was employed as a frame maker. If you are a member of the Zesbaugh family and are interested in these photos please contact Lynne at lmcdonald@ceas.coop

I've "rescued" an old photograph of William P. CARLSON which was taken at the Heighstedt Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with William likely in his 20's at the time it was taken.  Based on limited research I was able to locate what I believe is this same man in the census records of Minneapolis.  I am hoping to locate someone from William's family so that this wonderful
old photograph can be returned to its rightful place with family.  If you are a member of this family, or know someone who might be, please contact
me.  Shelley Cardiel
cardiels@comcast.net  Click for Photo.

This photo of Charlotte Blodgett was found in an antique store in Anoka MN. The photo was taken at Galbraith studios in Minneapolis. 
Click for photo/ Click for photo back.   If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me, Claudia, at schumanC@comcast.net

Shelley Cardiel has "rescued" an old photograph of Grace MATTISON which was taken at the O.F. Stafford & Co. Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I believe that the photograph may be a graduation photograph with "C.H.S. 97" noted on the back of the photograph suggesting that she graduated in 1897 from Minneapolis Central High School.  Shelley has done some limited research on Grace Mattison and her family.  Click for photo 
If you are member of this family, or know someone who might be, please contact Shelley at  cardiels@comcast.net

I've "rescued" two old photographs of Rev. & Mrs. H. N. RONNING which were both taken at studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The Rev. H. N. RONNING was photographed at the Beal Bros. Studio probably sometime in the 1880's while he was likely in his 20's or 30's.  His wife's photograph was taken at the Miller Studio, probably also in the 1880's with her appearing to be in her 20's at the time. The names appear to be written into the negative and then printed on the photograph was though they might have been proofs or test photos for the studio.  I'm hoping that someone from the family can be located so that these wonderful old photographs can be returned to the family.  If you are a member of this family, or know someone who might be, please contact me. 
cardiels@comcast.net  Click for Photos:  Rev. H.N. Ronning  Mrs. H.N. Ronning


This photo was with some of my mother-in-law's photos, it only has "mother" written on the bottom of the picture. The picture could be a MAYHOOD/SHOWALTER. Looks like it might be a graduation picture. I am hoping that someone will be able to recognize the girl, our family has been unable to identify her.
  Click here for photo Please contact me at strickland@wave.net



The following photo was found in an antique store in Anoka, Anoka County MN, but was taken at A. Larson photographers at 313 Wash. Ave. So. Minneapolis.  The name on the back of the photo says " Anna Shellene, mother of Elsie (Somers) Dulong".   Click here for photo
  Click here to view back of photo.  If you can claim relationship to this woman or the family please contact me at schumanC@comcast.net

Also found at the same time as photo above, taken at the W.G. Stafford photographer, 206 1/2 Central Ave. Minneapolis.  The first name written on back of photo is not clearly written, could possibly be Emma or Joanna?  Last name appears to be Vogt.  Click here to see photo.  Click here to view back of photo.

"This photograph, taken in Minneapolis at the Geo. Kopman Photo Studio at 310 Nicollet Ave, was sent to my grandmother, Emma Wolden in Alberta Canada, probably before or around 1913.  My grandmother and her parents  came to Canada in 1896 from Norway.  On the back of the photo is written "To Emma from her Aunt".  If anyone can recognize the photo, please contact Donna at
donnahamilton@telus.net  Click for Photo


The following "UNIDENTIFIED" photographs were donated by Erin Sim. She found these in her mother's attic. They are from the family of Nels Westmark, a motorman on the Minneapolis Street Cars, 31st & Minnehaha Ave.  He lived in N.E. Minneapolis, as well as his son Mauritz Westmark.  Mauritz worked for the MN State Highway Dept.  The package of photos came from "Helen" to Erin's mother.  Many thanks to Erin and also to Jeannie Knutson for displaying these photos on her website.  All photos were taken in Minneapolis. Please click on the following links to view these wonderful photos.
http://www.geocities.ws/kanootson/Westmark2.html or email kanootson@yahoo.com

The following photos were found in an antique shop in Rogers, MN. The first photo is of William Esterley On the back is written "
Father's Uncle, William Esterley". The photographer's name is "Jacoby, 252 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis".
Click for photo

Patty Guimont has several unidentified photographs in her possession that possibly have connections to the Guimont /Bouley and Bistodeau families, early settlers of Hennepin County and Dayton, Minnesota. These are displayed on her pages "Dayton, Minnesota, People and Places".
http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnhennep/dayton.htm You can go directly to the photographs here: http://www.rootsweb.com/~mnhennep/unknown_faces.htm Please contact Patty for further information

The following 10 photographs are just a few of many I received after the death of a family member. All were taken by my husband's grt-grt uncle, Frederick Roach, a life-long resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota (1868-1960) and for many years the owner of the Roach Bicycle Shops on 5th and Hennepin in Minneapolis. Frederick Roach and his wife, Ada (Nelson), moved to 3324 1st Ave South in Minneapolis in 1901. Their daughter, Thoris, was born the same year. Never marrying, Thoris lived there all her life, remaining even after her parents died, and finally, in her 70's, sold the home and moved to senior housing. She died in 1981. After her death I was given the large box of photographs, which contained many many old pictures of the Roach family, as well as friends and probably their neighbors. Most of them were taken at the Roach family home, with Thoris and several of her friends and probably neighbor children. Many have names & dates written on the back. Possibly you had family who lived in this neighborhood and recognize the names here? If so, I would be happy to have copies made. There are several other photos of the same children that I have not scanned due to space and would be happy to share them. Please contact me Claudia

Written on the back of each photo was as follows. Please click on photo #.

Photo 1. : "Margaret (age 6 yrs ) and Roberta Langdon (age 1 1/2 Yrs.) April 1919".

Photo 2. : "Bobby & George Ransom & Thoris , 1912"

Photo 3. : "(Left) Thoris Roach, Ruth Cooley in the back yard at 3324 1st Ave. S. Mpls."

Photo 4. : "Thoris (right) and Elvene Winkleman -March 15, 1917"

Photo 5. : "Marie Gleason & Ester (Lonsen?) April 15, 1917" (Thoris Roach on right)

Photo 6. : "Dorothy Robinson, 3300 First Ave S. 1914"

Photo 7. : "1908 or 09, Thoris about 6. Lyle Smith, Sheldon Busby, Douglas Gleason, Kehoe Gleason, Edward Gleason".
(From the writing, it appears the boys listed are from left to right, starting with the boy on the top step on the left- Lyle Smith. Thoris Roach is little girl on right).

Photo 8. : "Lyle Smith, Sheldon busby 1908 or 09"

Photo 9. : "Thoris (right) and Virginia Robinson - 1913"

Photo 10. : "Eleanor Robinson, Ruth Cooley, Ruth Johnson, Thoris Roach. Our backyard. 1913. Thoris 12. Dec."

I've rescued an old photograph album which includes a photograph of August PETERSON.  The photo was taken at the "Kierski Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota".  It was probably taken in the 1920's with August appearing to be in his 20's or 30's at the time.  In addition to his name someone has written "Chester's Dad" below the photograph. Submitter Shelley Cardiel - familia@sprintmail.com

HEDDERLY, WHELAN & possible family connections
The following photos were found in a trunk originally owned by Mrs. Edwin Powell Hedderly (nee Clara Whelan). This trunk is now in the possession of her granddaughter, Margaret in Oregon. The photographs appear to have some relationship to the Hedderly family of Minneapolis, but are unnamed.
Photo 1.
A young girl  Photo 2. A baby  Contact me for information Claudia Schuman


Leza Fenstermaker ca. 1880's.
Photo taken at Fred Palmer Studios, 1313 Washington Ave. Minneapolis. Are you related? Please contact
Shelley Cardiel

Five photos of graduates of Minneapolis Central High School, Class of 1897: Nannie Antonia Smith , Vera L. Morey, Clifton B. Cook, Emma Carpenter, & Clinton O'DellPhoto of young woman. Written on back is the name Bessie Trasher/Frasher? born in Minneapolis. For copies please contact me Claudia Schuman


JOHNSON and misc. unidentified photos
Found several photographs in an antique store in Anoka, MN. Only one has a name written on the back, but all were taken at studios in Minneapolis, and possibly a family member will recognize these individuals from other family photos.

1. Photo of Augusta Johnson, taken at Jacoby & Son, 252 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis
Three adorable children. Photo taken at C.V. Farnblad or Larnblad? studios, 313 Cedar Ave, Mpls. MN.
3. Two Infants, taken at the same photographer studio of S. P. Eggan, 251 Cedar Ave. These photos do not appear to have been taken at the same time, probably different years as one is in better condition than the other.
Photo 1 Photo 2
Unidentified young woman, photo taken at the Dempsie Studios, 316 Nicollet Ave Mpls.
A young boy standing on the stoop of a home. On the back the address written is 2540 Humboldt Ave S.
Another young boy standing at a window in the interior of a home. On the back of photo is written "About Jan 15, 1915".
A father and his children? Photo taken at Harris Studios. 713 6th Ave. N. Minneapolis.

If anyone can claim one of the above photographs, please contact me. Claudia


Jennie Atkinson, Graduation photo, Minneapolis Central High School, class of 1903. This photo was submitted to the website www.deadfred.com
Be sure to check this site for hundreds of photos!

Shelley Cardiel has rescued an old photograph of THE IRELAND FAMILY which was taken in La Porte, Indiana prior to 1890.  The photograph is described on the back as "The five IRELAND children" and notes that it was taken prior to the family's move in 1890 to Minneapolis.  Hopefully this wonderful old family photograph can make its way back to the care of family.  If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley Cardiel

Do you know who this little girl is? This photo of a little girl standing by a car with Minnesota license plates was found in a box of family photos in Hager City WI. Can you identify her?
Click for photo Please contact Colleen if you have questions or information. boose@redwing.net

I've "rescued" an old photograph and Memorial Card both belonging to the BROWN Family.  The photograph is of Libbie C. BROWN, taken at the  J.A.
Brush Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The photograph was probably taken in the 1890's with Libbie appearing to be in her 30's or 40's at the time.

The Memorial Card is in remembrance of Mattie BROWN who died January 16, 1890 at the age of 23 years, 5 months, and 11 days of age. There is no
location listed on the Memorial Card.  I'm hoping to locate someone from this BROWN family so that this items can be returned to the care of family.

With limited research I do find a Libby BROWN age 21 (b. Ohio with parents b. NJ and PA) living in Minneapolis, MN during the 1880 census with her
Sister and Brother-in-Law, Byron & Sarah SUTHERLAND.  Including in the household are two of Sarah's children by a previous marriage, Frank & Lenny PECK (b. PA and MN) and Bryon & Sarah's own child Renne SUTHERLAND.  Byron's Mother, Anna SUTHERLAND is also living with the family.
If you are a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me.
Shelly Cardiel Click for Photos- Photo 1 /Photo 2 (back of photo)

The following 7 photographs were submitted by Stacy Cardinal who received the photos from an uncle. All pictures were originally owned by her grandfather, Fred Cardinal. Please contact Stacy if you have information on any of the photographs. CardinalEntprse@aol.com
1. Stella Cardinal Wedding. Photo of Stella (Cardinal) Killian's wedding at St. Vincent De Paul Church in Osseo. MN on April 26, 1933.
2. Unknown men. Photo belonged to Fred Cardinal, no information written on back.
3. Unknown woman. Photo belonged to Fred Cardinal. Date on back is April 26, 1918.
4. Military men. No date or names provided on photo.
5. Unknown Farmers. Possibly farmers in Dayton, MN. as Fred Cardinal's father owned a farm in Dayton.
6. Unknown woman. Woman on left is unknown, seated in the middle is Sister Ora (Cardinal), daughter of Leon Cardinal. Woman on right is Cecelia (Becker) Cardinal, wife of Fred Cardinal.
6. Unknown woman. This photo was once Fred Cardinal's. On the bottom of the photo it had an emblem, and the initials EHS 1936. I think it maybe a senior photo or something. Maybe from Elk River High School. The lady signed the photo, but you can't make out the name.
Can you identify any of these people and where this was taken? Click for photo Please contact Annie Hcounter@aol.com

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