Have you found, or looking for, genealogical items relating to Hennepin County families, or historical items, at flea markets, garage sales, Antique stores, estate sales etc? Reunite families with mementos such as books, deeds, letters, bibles, certificates, scrapbooks, and other related family memorabilia. Submit the items on this page which have been found, or post your own lost "Wish lists". Photos may be submitted on the "Unidentified and Orphaned Photos Page".

Please send a brief description of the item(s), and if necessary a photograph can be submitted as well. Send information to me Claudia


FOUND: "Have come in possession of 2 photo albums, I believe belonged to the family
of Cyprien GRACE and his wife Basilisse SIROIS.  Around 1906 the family lived on 3rd Avenue in Minneapolis. There are tintypes and card photos from Wm Matter studio in Minneapolis.

The 2 albums have traveled from Minnesota to Van Buren ME with George Michaud , the second husband of Basilisse in 1937. As people died or homes were being closed, my mother would bring me heirlooms on her visits to California. I am 77 and it is time I start unloading. I don't want any thing except to see the albums in the hands of the descendants."  Below are just two of the photos from the albums. Click to enlarge, 

Thank You    Theresa

FOUND: 3 copies of The Descendants of Rasmus and Oline (Lauki) Saeten
Would like to get back into hands of family members.  Please contact

FOUND: Gene Barnes sent for a death certificate he thought was related to his family, but was a different Barnes family. The certificate is for Eugene Oren Barnes, born Oct 6, 1922 in Minneapolis, died June 24, 1927, age 4 yrs. Parents were Clyde A. Barnes and Luana Ellingson. The family lived at 4927 36th Ave S. Gene has sent the death certificate to me and I will forward on to a family member. Please contact me at schumanC@comcast.net

FOUND: Judi Gharst has found a copy of the Last Will and Testament of Cora Brown Powers, a former resident of Minneapolis who died in Bay County Florida.  Cora Brown Powers never had children or siblings and all of her parents property, located in Florida, was left to her.  Mr. Charles L Allen of Eau Claire Wisconsin and Mrs. Addie Ferrant of Minneapolis were appointed executors of her estate, dated July 7, 1904.  Judi will be happy to send the Will to a family member.  Please contact Judi at JGharst@bellsouth.net
WANTED: Minneapolis Central High School Yearbook, 1897.  Looking for a copy of this yearbook, which I've been trying to locate for two years now.  Haven't been able to find it in any of the libraries of historic societies.  If you have a copy, I'd love to look at it or pay for a photocopy.  Particularly interested in Bernice G. Williams who graduated that year. Please contact Midori at gree0687@umn.edu.


WANTED: Any and all materials related to Miss Minnesota, Miss America, and the Minnesota local programs and title holders. Items may include photos, program books, ticket stubs, newspaper clippings. I am open to borrowing items to scan for reference as well as donations. The program spans from 1921-1927, the national contest was not held over a number of years during the depression and resumed 1933-Present. In its earliest years, the pageant was billed as the "Inter-Cities Beauty Pageant" and later renamed Miss America. The title of Miss Minnesota was continued to be named over the depression years and most likely occurred at the MN State Fair.

Please contact Millie-

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