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Townships and Cities

1. EVERGREEN 1888-1988, Township in Becker County, printed a 300 page book of the history of the township and many family histories of the early settlers and present day residents. Soft cover. $10.00 ppd

2. HEIGHT OF LAND CENTENNIAL 1886-1986, Township in Becker County, 130 page book of the history of the township and many family histories of pioneer and present day residents. Soft cover. $10.00 ppd.

3. HOLMESVILLE CENTENNIAL 1889-1989, Township in Becker County, 144 page book about the history of the early pioneers, present residents, and the history of the area. Soft cover. $10.00 ppd.

4. SILVERLEAF TOWNSHIP 1888-1988, Township in Becker County, book of 190 pages of the history of the early pioneers, present residents, and the history of the area. Soft cover. $10.00 ppd.

5. SPRUCE GROVE TOWNSHIP 1889-1989, Township in Becker county, history of Wolf Lake and other places in the township, along with family histories. About 120 pages. Soft cover.$10.00 ppd.

6. FRAZEE MINNESOTA CENTENNIAL HISTORY 1891-1991, City in Becker County, 412 page hard cover volume containing local history, maps, pictures, 450 biographies, high school alumni roster 1906-1990. NEW PRICE: $20.00 ppd.

7. A PIONEER HISTORY OF BECKER COUNTY MINNESOTA, a hardbound reprint of 1907 edition, indexed, histories of townships, families, geology, plants and animals. By Alvin C. Wilcox. $24.00 ppd.


Family Histories
1. WILLPRECHT FAMILY HISTORY 1776-1988, 185 pages, 22 pages of pictures, soft cover, indexed. German background, Richland Co. ND & Rock Co., MN background. By Nora (Dunham)Willprecht. $17.00 ppd.

2. LARSON-LUNDHAGEN FAMILY HISTORY, 145 pages, leatherette cover, over 100 pictures and index. By Nora (Dunham) Willprecht. $20.00 ppd

3. THE DESCENDANTS OF JACOB KISSINGER, a hardbound book that contains 389 pages which includes over 4000 names, photographs, biographical sketches and documented source information from the early 1700ís to date. It covers descendants from the northern portion of Lancaster, lower Berks and Lebanon Counties in Pennsylvania, also counties in Northern Ohio plus Wabash. $49.00 ppd.


1. FOUR CEMETERIES OF FRAZEE, MINNESOTA, located in Burlington Township, Becker County, includes Bethlehem Lutheran, Lakeside, Sacred Heart Catholic, Chilton, about 3,000 names, plats included. 67 color coded pages loose leaf notebook. $11.25 ppd.

2. OAK GROVE CEMETERY, DETROIT LAKES, BECKER CO., MN, largest county cemetery, established about 1860, 7500 entries, includes birthday, place, spouse when know, 150 pages in loose leaf notebook. $22.00 ppd.

Becker County, Minnesota - Cemetery Records
Volume: Township - number of Cemeteries
Each Volume is $6.00 ppd.

I: Audubon - 5, Cormorant - 2, Lake Eunice - 6
II: Cuba - 7, Lake Park - 5
III: Detroit - 3, Hamden - 2, Holmesville - 2, Lake View - 1
IV: Atlanta - 1, Callaway - 1, Richwood - 4, Rcieville and Walworth
V: White Earth - 5, Sugar Bush - 2, Maple Grove and Round Lake
VI: Carsonville - 3, Osage - 1, Pine Point - 4, Savannah - 1, Shell Lake - 1, Two Inlets - 1
VII: Green Valley - 1, Spruce Grove - 3, Wolf Lake - 3
VIII: Evergreen - 2, Height of Land - 6, Silver Leaf - , Toad Lake - 2

OtterTail County, MN - Cemetery Inscriptions
(M=mimeograph, C=computer printout)

Volume: Townships
I: Perham, Gorman, Corliss and Pine Lake Twps(M) $6.00 ppd.
II: Norwegian Grove and Pelican Twps (M) $6.00 ppd.
III: Erhards Grove and Trondhjem Twps (M) $6.00 ppd.
IV: Elizabeth, Oscar, Friberg and Carlisle (M) $6.00 ppd.
V: Maine, Maplewood, Amor, Everts, Star Lake and Dead Lake Twps(M) $6.00 ppd.
VI: Candor, Hobart, Dunn an Scambler Twps (C) $6.00 ppd.
VII: Dora, Edna and Lida Twps (C) $6.00 ppd.
VIII: Aurdal, Dane Prairie and Sverdrup Twps (C) $6.00 ppd.
IX: Clitherall, Eagle Lake and Tordenskjold (C) $6.00 ppd.
X: Aastad, Tumuli and St. Olaf Twps (C) $6.00 ppd.
XI: Buse and Western Twps (C) $6.00 ppd.
XII: Oak Grove Cem.- Fergus Falls, MN (C) $10.00 ppd.
XIII: Fergus Falls Twp (C) $6.00 ppd.
XIV: Blowers, Bluffton, Butler and Paddock (C) $8.00 ppd.
XV: Newton, Otto and Rush Lake Twps (C) $6.00 ppd.
XVI: Compton, Deer Creek and Leaf Valley (C) $6.00 ppd.
XVII: Girard, Henning, Inman and Oak Valley (C) $10.00 ppd.
XVIII: Elmo, Folden, Nidaros and Woodside Twps (C) $6.00 ppd.
XIX: Parkers Prairie, Effington, Eastern and Leaf Mountain Twps (C) 8.00 ppd.

For more information or to order any of the above items, write to:
M. Trieglaff
P.O. Box 622
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502-0622

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