United States Naturalization Records

Hubbard County, Minnesota


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Declaration of Intention


Also known as "First Papers", these documents declare the intention of aliens

to become citizens of the United States. From 1885-October 1906, they include

 name, country and date of birth, date and port of arrival, the foreign allegiance

being renounced and the date of declaration.


The "Final Papers" (or second papers) for each individual include affidavits of witnesses,

the applicant's oath of allegiance and the court order approving the application of citizenship



 Naturalization Index  



    German-Born Immigrants of Hubbard County    

Compiled from 7 different Hubbard County Censuses


First Papers Vol. 1


Final Papers Vol. 1


Final Papers Vol. 2


Final Papers Vol. C


Final Papers Vol. E

 1904-1906 Adults and Minors 



These records include name, age, occupation, physical description, date and place of birth, current and last foreign residence, port of embarkation, ship, port of entry and date of arrival in the United States, the foreign allegiance being renounced and the date of the declaration.

First Papers Vol. 1 #1-100


First Papers Vol. 2 #101-198



Beginning in 1917

The records also give the person's marital status and the spouse's name, place of birth and current residence.

Beginning in August 1929

The records also included information on the person's nationality, date and place of marriage, the spouse's birthdate and the children's names, dates and places of birth and current residences.

Note: Not all information is filled out for every individual.

First Papers Vol. 3, #199-298


First Papers Vol. 4, #299-348


First Papers Vol. 5, #349-393


Petition and Records Volume I  #1-49


Petition and Records Vol. II   #50-147


Petition and Records Vol. III  #148-247


Petition and Records

Vol. IV, #248-250, 1928-1929

Vol. V, #251-336, 1930-1954

Petition and Record: (Contains Certificates of Arrival, Declarations of Intention and Petitions)


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society volunteers will send you copies of the originals.

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