Park Rapids Enterprise


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Local News

Various Articles and Newspaper Notices

Park Rapids Enterprise Newspaper

1902 Hospital Fire

Stone Beach House

Notice of Final Proof of Land from the Enterprise

                         Enterprise 1882
                         Enterprise 1883
- (On county organization)
                         Enterprise 1884 - (Railroad Organization)
                         Enterprise 1885 - (Band begun, Hubbard Mill Disaster)
                         Enterprise 1886 - (M.C. Jay's Hardware Store burns, "Little" Cyclone,)
                         Enterprise 1887 - (First Law Office, funny bear story, the saga of Lottie Lee begins)
                         Enterprise 1888 - (Town of Hubbard Organized, First Court, Typhoid Fever, Frost on Aug 17th)
                         Enterprise 1889 - (Grain Aid, Scarlet Fever in Osage, Railroad work in E Long Lake and Staples,
                         Enterprise 1890 - (Census counts 1412 people)

                         Enterprise Railroad News 1891