Photos from Hubbard County Archives 


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Forgotten Old Photos


Wiediger Fur House

William Ferdinand Wiediger


1958 Fire


Traveler's Home 1907

Front: 1.?, 2.Emma Wiediger [Stone], 3.Nida Linderman [Hester], 4.Alvina Wiediger [Wilson], 5.?.  

Back: Wm Ferdinand Wiediger, 2.?, 3.?.


Traveler's Home 1907 #2
Front: 1.? girl, 2.Emma Wiediger, 3.Wm F. Wiediger, 4.Nida Lindemann, 5.? boy, 6.Alvina Wiediger  

Back: playing violins, all unknown.

1909 Picnic

1.?, 2.?, 3.Joseph Norris Wilson, 4.Alvina Wiediger, 5.Emma Wiediger, 6.?, 7.?, 8.Ida Wiediger [Emma's twin], who married Robert Bahr and ran a boarding house in Rochester MN.





Becide Ladies Aid 1910-1912


3 Park Rapids School Photos (below)



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