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Given names: M-P

CRONIN, MITCHELL; Mamie A. CRONIN; d 3 Nov 1905 New Orleans, LA; "Bonds of Matrimony" dtd 8 Dec 1904 m Jefferson Parish, LA to Leonard F. MITCHELL. Ch b 3 Nov 1905. Dues 21 feb 2001

CRONIN, MANNING; Margaret CRONIN m to Jerimiah MANNING imm US ca 1870 Kerry, IRL to Boston, MA; ch: John b on ship; Ellen, Jeremiah d at birth. Ginny Chung

CRONIN, BOLGER, GALBREATH; Margaret Helena CRONIN (Michael William & Margaret BOLGER) b 22 Feb 1884 Lawrence, MI; m 23 Nov 1911 Watervilet, MI to Stanton Thomas GALBREATH ch: Marybelle d Nov 1959 Holly , MI. Also Michael William CRONIN b 1842 Co Cork; Margaret CRONIN b 1843 Co Kilkenny. 1999

CRONIN, SWINEY; Mary CRONIN (Francis & _?_) d aft 1846 Dunmanway, IRL; m 15 Feb 1825 Inchigeelagh, Cork to Jeremiah SWINEY (ca 1796-1846) Ch: Patrick, Michael, Nora, John, Jeremiah, Denis, Mary & Morty (prob dy). All ch emi to USA (St Lawrence Co,NY). Any info.
Ruth Robinson McGrath 6 Jun 1999

CRONIN; Mary CRONIN age 32, b ca 1828 IRL; Jay Co., IN; 1860 IN census, p. 87.

CRONIN, BURKE; Mary CRONIN b 1838 IRL; d 22 Apr 1911; m John BURKE b 1833 IRL; d 15 Nov 1898. Any info.
Jimmy Mascaro 1999

CRONIN; Mary CRONIN (William & Johanna _?_) b ca 1860 Norwich, NY, parents b IRL. Any info.
Mary Alpern 23 Jan 1998

CRONIN, GRANT; Mary CRONIN b Columbia, OH 1851; m 1872 Walter GRANT b 1846 IRL; d 1914 Lastant, IL. E-mail

CRONIN, HOLLAND; Mary CRONIN m to James-John HOLLAND; early 1800s Seeking m info.
Mary 15 Aug 2002

CRONIN, HURLEY, McCARTHY; Mary CRONIN (Jeremiah-Mary McCARTHY) b 14 Sep 1828 Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Co. Cork, IRL; IGIm to Timothy HURLEY (Jeremiah-Norry McCARTHY) b ca 1835 same place. (my g-gu/a). Timothy imm ?NYC; worked on RRs cross country; poss Buffalo, Erie Co., NY 1850 census sharing house w/CRONINs, HURLEYs, and McCARTHYs; prob Chicago, IL bef 1860; settled RR land grant nr Lake Geneva, WI (Delavan, WI) by ca 1862. Seeking other descendants.
Mary Cronin Nichols

CRONIN, SULLIVAN, REARDON; Mike CRONIN m Lawrence, MA to Katherine "Katie" SULLIVAN (Jeremiah & Ellen REARDON) b 1883. ch: Mary, Lillian, Kathleen, Anna, and John. See
Homepage or e-mail Mary Leto Pareja 7 Aug 1998

CRONIN; Michael & John CRONIN b Tipperary, IRL; imm USA ca 1870. Any info. E-mail 1998

CRONIN, HALAHAN, TALLMAN, PULLEY; Michael1 CRONIN imm 1774 US w/infant son Michael2 w/governess named Miss Tallman whom he later m. Michael's2 mother _?_ HALAHAN stayed IRL. Michael2 m 1795 to Pricillah PULLEY 1810 census resided Menallen Township, Fayette Co., PA. Ch: Walter, Priscilla, Joseph, James, Margaret, Andrew, Michael, Ann, Eleanor, Aaron, Samuel, & Elizabeth. E-mail
Dianne Cronin Roberts

CRONIN, HALLAHAN, TALLMAN; Michael CRONIN b (ca 1754) IRL, m1) to _?_ HALLAHAN. m2) to Ms. TALLMAN. 12 ch; settled Monroe Co, OH. Son: Arron b 30 Jun 1815; Fayette County, PA; d 6 May 1901 Perry Co., IN.
Tom Bell

CRONIN; Michael Andrew CRONIN b 1821 IRL; to US w/2 bros: 1 to MN, 1 in NY; m1) 1847 GA m2) 1855 GA. Any info.
Joedy Cronin Adams 17 Mar 1999

CRONIN, HORGAN-HORRIGAN; Michael C. CRONIN b Co Cork, IRL d 25 Jan 1913 Chicago, IL m to Nora C. HORRIGAN-HORGAN b Co Cork, IRL d 14 Apr 1937 Chicago, IL. Ch: Ellen "Nellie" b 17 Jan 1893 Waterbury, CT, bpt St. Patrick's, Waterbury, CT; Catherine, Margaret, Michael, Morgan, Edward, Nora, dy. relatives Waterbury, CT, Nora deliver at least 2 ch, poss more at Waterbury. After Ellen's bpt fam ret to IRL only ret to US 1907 to settle in Chicago, IL. E-mail
Ellen (Cronin, Daly, Higgins) Manning 4 Jul 1997

CRONIN, MOYNAHAN, CAREY, WEST, REMINGTON; Michael CRONIN b Dec 1856 Co. Limerick, IRL; emi 1880 to Chicago. m Chicago to Catherine MOYNAHAN (_?_ & Catherine "Kate" CAREY) imm ca 1880 w/mother; Kate b ca 1820; sisters m _?_ WEST & _?_ REMINGTON, all in Chicago. pt/lg grp Irish of Limerick to Bridgeport and Canaryville neighborhoods on the south side near the Union Stockyards. Any info. 12 Feb 1999

CRONIN, O'BRIEN, LUNDSTROM; Michael CRONIN of Roscarberry, Co Cork, IRL, imm Lynn, MA ca 1870 via NYC; m to Mary O'BRIEN, prob Roscarberry ch: Patrick, Mary, and Ellen. Patrick m to Annie LUNDSTROM ch: Charles, Mary, Ann, Richard, Joseph, George, Margaret, Helen, & Edwin. E-mail
GONoles 23 Nov 1997

CRONIN, LANE; Michael CRONIN b ca 1882 Innishannon Parish, Upton, Cork; m to Mary Theresa LANE of Upton. Any info.
Dona Baker 12 Jul 2000

CRONIN, SHERRY; Michael1 CRONIN m to Margret SHERRY ch: Charles2 b 24 Sep 1887 St. Martin, OH; ch: Andrew3 CRONIN b 26 May 1911 Lynchburg OH; ch: Gerald4 CRONIN b 22 Dec 1940 Cincinati OH. Any info. E-mail
T. Cronin 18 Apr 1998

CRONIN; Mildred CRONIN sibs: Hank, Ellen, Helen, Marie. Rochester NY area.
Donna Petrotta 22 Apr 2001

CRONIN; Morgan Francis CRONIN b ca 1890 of Chicago in 1912. WWI England; ambulance corp. Any info.
Patsy 12 Jul 2000

CRONIN, NOONAN; Mortimer CRONIN (Daniel - Margaret O'DONOGHUE) Cork, IRL to Boston, MA; m1) Anne NOONAN m2) unknown. E-mail
Amadeau 4 Jul 1997

CRONIN, DIGGIN(S); NoraCRONIN b 3 May 1902; m ca 1933 Chicago, Cook Co., IL to Thomas DIGGIN(S) b 5 Dec 1901; both of Kerry. Any info.
Mare 24 Oct 2002

CRONIN, FROST; Patrick CRONIN Settled in MA; bartender. arr USA 1888 from Co Cork, IRL w/dau Minnie CRONIN m to Elibeus FROST to Madison, Carroll Co, NH 13 ch. Any info. E-mail
Ken Martin 21 Jan 1998

CRONIN, KEATING; Patrick CRONIN of Frostburg, MD m late 1800s to Mary Elizabeth KEATING of Frostburg, MD. Any info.
John W. Keating 15 Sep 1997

CRONIN, LAUGHLIN; Patrick CRONIN m to Mary Ann LAUGHLIN. ch: Hanora b c 1823. Any info. E-mail
Linda 1998

CRONIN, MAHONEY; Patrick CRONIN b ca 1825 IRL; m to Margret MAHONEY b ca 1825 IRL to Cincinnati; ch: Catherine "Kate" b 1 May 1854 Cincinnati , OH. 1999

CRONIN, MEEHAN, McCARTHY-McARTY; Patrick CRONIN fa/ Margaret & Honorah res Hammondsville, OH 1870's & 80's. then girls to Cleveland; m to MEEHAN & McCARTHY-McARTY respectively. Any info. E-mail 1998

CRONIN, LUNDSTRUM; Patrick M. CRONIN imm Lynn, MA? from Co. Cork ca 1870; m 1833 to Annie LUNDSTRUM; ch: Charles M., Mary E., Ann C., Richard L., Joseph M., George H., Margaret L., Helen G., Edwin P.
G0Noles 6 Sep 1999

CRONIN, O'CONNOR; Patrick CRONIN (Timothy & Catherine O'CONNOR) b Kilflynn Co Kerry, IRL; imm USA; m to Nonie _?_; 1926 w/4 sons worked on RRs; bro Cornelius to Australia, prob 1880's. E-mail
Mrs M Cronin c/o Alistair George 23 May 1997

CRONIN; Patrick James CRONIN b ca 1920 either Swansea or Sketty, Wales. Any info.
Jenny Kraft 30 Aug 2001

CRONIN, KELLEHER, HOLLAND-LEHANE; Patrick J. CRONIN (Daniel & Katherine KELLEHER) b 7 Mar 1931 Co. Cork, IRL emi USA 1952-1956; d 1996 San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA; m to Dolores HOLLAND-LEHANE. His sibs: Dennis, Michael, Kathleen, Nora, Eileen. Gm Katherine b 1893 Knocklamucka, Kiskeam, IRL. Any info.
Kathy Cronin Cunningham 7 Mar 2002

CRONIN, BOUDREAULT, CORCORAN; Patrick "Joseph" CRONIN (William & Annie CORCORAN) m 1944 to Mary H. BOUDREAULT. Ch: Merrill b 1945, Maureen b 1946, Earl b 1947, Linda b 1951, Shelia b 1955. William CRONIN (Thomas & Ellen _?_) 1869-1937 & wife of Co Cork IRL. Any info.
Maureen & Mike 21 Jul 1999

CRONEY-CRONIN, MEALY; Phoebe MEALY m 30 May 1852 Pennfield Parish to Edward McCURDY; Joseph MEALY m 14 Aug 1861 to Sarah Elizabeth CRONEY; witnesses Malcolm and Rosannah MEALY. NB Catholic records at Saint John.

CRONIN; Philip CRONIN chr 26 Nov 1822 Millstreet & Cullin, Cork, IRL. E-mail
Kacjak 23 May 1997

CRONIN, SULLIVAN; Philip CRONIN m IRL Mary SULLIVAN ch Phillip imm US 1850 on the Sage.

Mary Cronin Nichols at
6 Sep 2005