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O'BRIEN, SCOTT, HAMILTON; Bert(on) O'BRIEN b 15 Oct 1883 DeWitt Co., IL; d 4 Jun 1967, m to Minnie Etta SCOTT. Sibs: Guy, Harry, Jesse "Jake", Gladys, Mary m to HAMILTON & Tom. Any and all info.
N Bishop 17 Oct 1999

O'BRIEN, CAIN; Catherine O'BRIEN b ca 1844, Co Limerick, IRL; m 7 Oct 1865 St John's R.C. Church, Baltimore, MD to William S. CAIN E-mail
Janology May 1998

O'BRIEN, RYAN; Dennis O'BRIEN executed 12 Nov 1854 in Calaveras Co. for murdering Michael RYAN. Francis O'BRIEN d ca 10-17 Feb 1860 Yreka, CA accident. James O'BRIEN b IRL recently from NY d ca 9 Mar 1855 drowned in the Yuba River. John O'BRIEN letter in Stockton P.O. 1 Apr 1856 Mary Ann O'BRIEN of SF d of burns 26 Jan 1860. P O'BRIEN fr IRL in hospital with gonorrhea 8 Nov 1861. P O'BRIEN Stockton delinquent tax roll 2 May 1860. Timothy O'BRIEN d ca 28 Sept 1859 in Sierra Co., murdered. William O'BRIEN fr IRL treated at county hospital for intermittent fever 5,6 May 1862; d 16 Aug 1864. William O'BRIEN d ca 9 May 1862 Suburn - shot. William O'BRIEN b ca 1829 recently from NY d mining accident in Columbia, CA. From Gold Rush Days published by San Joaquin Genealogical Society.

_?_ O'BRIEN on Columbia from NY; 114 days; arr. 6 Jun 1850. Mr. O'BRIEN on Tennessee from Panama; 16 days; arr. 10 Jul 1852. Mrs. O'BRIEN on N. America from Nicaragua; 11 days; arr. 28 Nov 1851. D. O'BRIEN on Undine from Panama; 76 days; arr. 20 Dec 1851. D. O'BRIEN on Golden Gate from Panama; 14 days; arr. 26 Feb 1852. D. O'BRIEN on Cortez from Panama; 14 days; arr. 4 Mar 1853. D. O'BRIEN on Staffordshire from Boston; 101 days; arr. 13 Aug 1852 (w/ Mrs. Mercy HURLEY). D.W. O'BRIEN on Tennessee from Panama; 15 days; arr. 6 Nov 1852 (w/ Mary, Pat, & P. HARLEY). J. O'BRIEN on North America from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua; 12 days; arr. 16 Oct 1851. Mrs. Ellen O'BRIEN on New Orleans from Panama; 18 days; arr. 5 Mar 1852. J. O'BRIEN on Panama from Panama; 18 days; arr.4 Nov 1851. J. O'BRIEN on John Allyne from Lahaina, Sandwich Islands; 26 days; arr. 17 Feb 1852. J. O'BRIEN on Fremont from Panama:25 days; arr. 1 Apr 1852. J. O'BRIEN on Margaret from Panama; 110 days; arr. 15 May 1852. J. O'BRIEN on Northerner from Panama; 15 days; 6 Dec 1852. James O'BRIEN on Isthmus from Panama; 23 days; arr. 12 Jul 1850. James O'BRIEN on Republic from Panama; 25 days; arr. 21 Aug 1850. James O'BRIEN on Columbia from Panama; 17-1/2 days; arr. 13 Aug 1852 (w/ W O'BRIEN).. John O'BRIEN on Columbia from Astoria; 70 hours; 12 Dec 1851. Joseph O'BRIEN on Margaret from Astoria; 70 hours; 12 Dec 1851. M. O'BRIEN on Tennessee from Panama; 19 days; arr. 20 May 1851. M. O'BRIEN on Pacific from Nicaragua; 15 days; arr. 26 Mar 1852. M. O'BRIEN on Ohio from San Diego; 5 days; arr. 7 Apr 1852. Margaret O'BRIEN on Northerner from Panama; 16 days; arr. 26 Aug 1852 (w/ Mrs. HARRINGTON). Mary O'BRIEN on Tennessee from Panama; 15 days; 6 Nov 1852 (w/ DW, Pat and P. HARLEY).. P. O'BRIEN on Northerner from Panama; 19 days; arr. 16 Jun 1852. P. O'BRIEN on Sea Bird from San Diego; 3 days; arr. 7 Aug 1852. Pat O'BRIEN on Tennessee from Panama; 15 days; arr. 6 Nov 1852 (w/ DW and Mrs. HARRINGTON). R. M. O'BRIEN and children; on Independence from Nicaragua; 18 days; arr. 26 May 1852. Samuel J. O'BRIEN on St. Lawrence from Honolulu; 21 days; arr. 12 Aug 1852 (captain's clerk; U.S. Frigate). Smith O'BRIEN on Cornet from Panama; 54 days; arr. 28 Feb 1852. T. O'BRIEN on John Allyne from Lahaina; 26 days; arr. 17 Feb 1852. T. O'BRIEN on Cabargo from Panama; 79 days; 7 Mar 1852. Thomas O'BRIEN on Independence from Nicaragua; 20 days; arr. 24 Feb 1852. W. O'BRIEN on Oregon from Panama; 14 days; arr. 11 Feb 1852. W. O'BRIEN on Golden Gate from Panama; 12 days; arr. 21 May 1852. W. O'BRIEN on Columbia from Panama; 17-1/2 days; arr. 13 Aug 1852. From San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists

O'BRIEN; Miss O'BRIEN from Ogden, UT; 2 days; arr. 20 Apr 1871. Miss O'BRIEN of Napanee, Canada; arr. 3 Sep 1870. Mrs. Ann O'BRIEN of San Francisco; arr. 18 May 1872. Miss H. O'BRIEN from Ogden, UT; 2 days; arr. 3 Sep 1870. H. O'BRIEN from Macbeth, CA; arr. 3 Sep 1870. J. O'BRIEN arr. 3 Sep 1870. J. O'BRIEN of San Francisco; arr. 26 May 1871. John H. O'BRIEN arr. 3 Sep 1870. John H. O'BRIEN of Stockton; arr. 2 Nov 1871. M. O'BRIEN of San Francisco; arr. 15 Oct 1871. Miss Mary O'BRIEN 3 Sep 1870. S. O'BRIEN of Macbeth, CA; arr. 3 Sep 1870. Miss Susan O'BRIEN arr. 3 Sep 1870. From Railway Passenger Lists of Overland Trains to San Francisco and West by Louis J. Rasmussen, © 1966.

O'BRIEN; Bert Monroe O'BRIEN b 28 Feb 1892 Bonner Springs, KS, d 19 Nov 1962 CA. Ch: Ransom, Harold, & Ester.
Brenda O'Brien 11 Dec 02

O'BRIEN, O'LEARY; Catherine O'BRIEN (Earl of Limerick & _?_) m to Richard O'LEARY b Killarny, Co. Kerry, IRL. To New Brunswick, Canada; descendants to MI. Seeking ancestry. Marian Cralle Anderson 25 Sep 2002

O'BRIEN, BERNARD; Cornelius Raymond O'BRIEN b 4 Jan 1853 Evansville, IN; m 28 Apr 1886 to Mary Lizzie BERNARD. Ch, all b Louisville, KY: Lizzie Martina b 20 Jan 1887, Cornelius Bernard b 6 Oct 1888, Mary Josephine b 6 Sep 1891, Maude Linus b 23 Sep 1893, Frank b 3 Oct 1896, & John b 21 Jan 1898. Any info.
John & Betty Corbett 23 Aug 2002

O'BRIEN, PHEE; James, William Francis, John, James Jr., Daniel or Edward O'BRIEN out of PEI, Canada. James Sr m to Bridget PHEE. Any info. E-mail
Terri 10 Feb 1998

O'BRIEN, QUINLAN, SCANLAN, HARRINGTON; Anna O'BRIEN b Co. Clare, IRL; d 1913 Oak Park, IL; m 1873 IL Jeremiah QUINLAN. Siblings of Anna: John, Michael, Patrick, Mary, Ellen, Anastasia, and Martin. John stayed in IRL, d 1906 at Gert Buidhe; Patrick and Anastasia 1864 IRL for US; never hrd fr again. Michael imm US ca 1850; last heard from ca 1870 fr Oil City, PA. Mary m "a SCANLAN settled W. Chicago, IL; Ellen b/d IRL bef 1850; Martin d unm 1924 Loveland, CO. Seeking parents, bdates, etc.
Mary Cronin Nichols

O'BRIEN, HYNES, MALONE, GUERIN; Benjamin O'BRIEN b ca 1784 Scarriff, Co. Clare, IRL; d 5 Apr 1868. Ch: John m1) to Bridget HYNES, m2) 1857 to Margaret MALONE who m2) ca 1869 to Robert GUERIN. Seeking ch & death dates & any info.
Margaret Carroll 11 May 2002

O'BRIEN; Bridget O'BRIEN (Patrick O'BRIEN - _?_) b 1834 IRL; imm US via Can; settled Syracuse, NY. E-mail
Kathy Brown

O'BRIEN, QUINLAN, LYONS; Bridget O'BRIEN b IRL m to David QUINLAN b IRL; ch James QUINLAN b ca 1838 IRL; imm US; m 26 Feb 1842 at Danvers, MA Mary LYONS.
Arthur Schwartz

O'BRIEN, BARNET, JAMESON; Daniel O'BRIEN m to Mary Ellen BARNET both imm US ca 1885/90. Res Boston, MA area. Ch: Hannora b 29 Sep 1861 prob IRL; d 25 Jun 1908 bur Holy Cross Cem, Malden, MA; m to Thomas JAMESON; Margaret b 1864, d 1944, never m; Daniel, Jr. b 1868, d 1907 MA. All may be from Co. Cork, IRL. E-mail

O'BRIEN, HAARSMA; Edward O'BRIEN (John & _?_) b 5 Jan 1855 IRL; m 28 Apr 1881 Sevenhills, S. Australia to Ellen HAARSMA; imm South Australia on the Bencleuch (Plymouth 8 Jul 1876 & arr Port Adelaide 18 Sept. 1876. Single, Labourer. 1 other O'BRIEN onboard: Patrick, age 20 yrs, Single, Labourer. Any info.
Chris Hannan 1 Oct 2001

O'BRIEN, GRAY; Ellen O'BRIEN b ca 1863 MO/IRL; m to John GRAY b ca 1858 IRL; ch: Mary age 9, William age 7, b MO/PA, John age 5, Catherine or Kate (my grandmother), Fannie age 6/12 mon. Any info. E-mail
Lynne Two 4 Jul 1997

O'BRIEN, McGADY-McGEADY; Ellen O'BRIEN m to Wm. McGADY-McGEADY b IRL, res/d Allentown 1850-1900. rel Mary & Harry O'BRIEN w/McGADY ch fr IRL 1847 and Mary O'BRIEN to Manch Chunk on 1850 census.
Jackie McGady-Saier 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIEN, WELCH; Felix O'BRIEN b 18 Feb 1797 IRL; d 10 Oct 1886 Waupaca Co., WI m to Mary WELCH b 1805 IRL; d 7 Sep 1881 Waupaca Co., WI. 5 ch. From Hills RIver, Prince Edward Isle, Canada to WI in 1848. Any info. E-mail
Mickie Parr 5 Oct 1997

O'BRIEN, CONROY, McCLAIN; Flora P. O'BRIEN b 1880 St. Paul, MN; m to Pete Connolly CONROY, then to ND. Ch: Pete Connolly b 25 Sep 1904, Marie E.? b aft 1904 poss m to _?_ McCLAIN res Cedar Rapids, IA. Any info. 1 Dec 2002

O'BRIEN, COSS; Hannah O'BRIEN (John - Mary _?_) b ca 1830 Tipperary, IRL; m to Daniel COSS imm US ca 1848. E-mail

O'BRIEN, FLANAGAN, DONOVAN; Hanora O'BRIEN m1) to James F. FLANAGAN m2) to Richard DONOVAN. res Jackson or Dubuque Co IA 1850 census.
Debby J P 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIEN, LARKIN; James O'BRIEN m to Annorah LARKIN both b ca 1797 and d l860's. 4 ch emi Canada. Need co in Ireland. E-mail
KILAMONA2 13 Mar 1997

O'BRIEN, McNULTY; James OBRIEN b 1834 Co Clare IRL; emi Philly - famine; teamster; m St Philip Nere Church, Phily to Catherine McNULTY ch: Thomas 1866, James 1868, John 1871, Mary 1872, Matthew 1873, William 1875, Mary 1878, Patrick, 1879-1944, Ann 1882 and Michael 1884-1943. 1900 census res S Fairhill St, Philly. not in 1910 census.
Irish COD5 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIEN, STAPLETON, KINNEY; James Harrison O'BRIEN (James & Anastasia "Anna" STAPLETON) b 1860, d 1918; m to Ellen KiINNEY d 1918; to Fitchburg, WI, nr Madison. Ch, all of WI: Arthur Gordon, Allan, Gladys, & Grace. Any info.
Mary Ann (Calkins) O'Brien 22 Aug 2002

O'BRIEN, SWAN; James John O'BRIEN b 25 Dec 1836 Co. Cork, IRL, d 17 Jan 1904, Sedalia, MO; imm 1846 to Barrie, Ontario, Canada; m 28 Feb 1858 to Rebecca Helen SWAN; 1869 to Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO. then Judge "Squire James John O'BRIEN." Ch, b Canada: James Edward b 1858, Elizabeth Alice b 1861, Fannie C. b 1862, Mary b 1865; b MO: Emma Lee b 1869, Robert S. b 1870, Jane b 1872, Eva b 1877, Helen May b 1877, Mable b 1880. Any info.
Caroline Rober 22 Oct 2002

O'BRIEN, McCONNELL; Jane O'BRIEN b 1832 CAN; d 1912 Marshall Co., IN. Poss dau of Patrick O'BRIEN and Janette McCONNELL from IRL/CAN?

O'BRIEN-O'BRYAN; Jeremiah O'BRYAN Any info.
Nancy 22 Aug 2002

b US or IRL 1838. Patrick O'BRIEN m Mary MORRISSEY lived Gilbert's, Kane Co. IN 1839.

O'BRIEN; John O'BRIEN Co. Cork, IRL to Canandaguia/Roch., NY
Pauline Stubbs 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIAN-O'BRIEN; John Morgan O'BRIAN-O'BRIEN b Baltimore, MD. ch: John Morgan, Jr. ch: Laura Maude. Any info.
Mandy Queen 27 Aug 1997

O'BRIEN, BUTLER; John O'BRIEN b 1800 Dublin, IRL; tailor; d Sep 1863, bur Hope Cem., Galesburg, IL; m to Esther _?_ b 1804 Dublin, IRL Emi1849-1850 to Galesburg, IL. Ch, b England: Catherine b Mar 1837; d 11 Dec 1907 Aurora, IL m to James BUTLER b 1832 IRL d 23 Jul 1868 Burlington, IA; Mary b 1840; Peter b 1841; Ann b 1845; Rosetta b 1847; Edward b 1848; Amelia b 1849; exc - Rachel b 1851 Galesburg, IL.
Elizabeth May 1998

O'BRIEN, McCARY, TRYALLS; John O'BRIEN (Daniel & Margaret _?_) b 19 Feb 1833; of Warren, Co. Galway, IRL; imm mid-1880's to VA; d bef 1870? m 17 Sep 1866 Fluvanna Co., VA to Lucy Jane McCARY TRYALLS (George P. & Sarah D. _?_) of Fluvanna Co., VA. Any info.
Marjorie Smith 29 Jul 2001

O'BRIEN, FRISBY, WOODS; John O'BRIEN (Jerome & Bridget WOODS?) age 24, Fireman in the Victorian railways, d ca 1908; m 27 May 1891 to Sarah FRISBY; emi ca 1907 to South Africa. Widow & 2 daus (incl Winifred Edith) returned to Australia. Any info, and ancestry on Jerome O'BRIEN.
David Trebilcock 25 Nov 2001

O'BRIEN, COLON-COLLIN, HEIDT; John Daniel O'BRIEN, Sr. b Co Cork, IRL. m to Nellie COLON-COLLIN. ch: John Daniel Jr. b 30 Dec 1897 San Francisco, CA; m to Lucille Adrene HEIDT b 29 June 1899 San Francisco, CA; ch: John Phillip b 7 Dec 1918 San Francisco, CA.
Kelly May 1998

O'BRIEN; DUANE-DEVINE; John O'BRIEN (James & Margaret _?_) b 1830 IRL, d 1881; m to Hannah DUANE-DEVINE (used both) 'hostler' in Boston; res 9 Milton Pl 1860-69. ch: James b 1853, John Jr. b 1854, Margaret b 1856, dy, Julia b 1859, dy, Mary b 1861, Elizabeth b 1862, and Timothy b 1866.
Abba99 5 Dec 1997

O'BRIEN; John A. O'BRIEN b IRL; 1870 census South Amboy, NJ; m2) Anne _?_ b IRL. Ch, b Wales: Cornelius b 1858 & Mary b 1861; Ch, b NJ: Julia b 1868 & Jere. Poss of Co. Clare. Any info and any research tips.
Jeanne Roby 1 Sep 2001

O'BRIEN, CAROLINE, DONOVAN, BRIGHAM, COLLINS; John O'BRIEN b 1834 IRL; m 1861 PQ, Canada to Maryanne (Hugh & Mary DONOVAN) res Brigham, Sweetsburg, Adamsville, Cowansville PQ area. His sibs b IRL: Bridget m to Erastus BRIGHAM; Mary m to _?_ COLLINS res Brigham Canada. Anne, Margaret, & James. Any info. E-mail
Kilamona2 7 Sep 1997

O'BRIEN, COLON, HEIDT; John Daniel O'BRIEN Sr. b ca 1850; d 1935 San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA. m to Ellen Cecilia Nellie COLON b 1851 NJ. Ch: John Daniel b Apr 1874 CA; m to _?_; ch: John Daniel b Dec 1897; m Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., CA to Lucille Adrene HEIDT b Santa Clara; ch: John Phillip b Dec 1918. Any info.
Kris O'Brien Mays 6 Mar 2002

O'BRIEN, CURTAIN; John James O'BRIEN (_?_ - Mary CURTAIN) my gf, b 1886 Cork, Cork, IRL; imm USA Jul 1909 on SS Arabic; lived Detroit, MI. Sister Nellie imm Philadelphia, PA, USA. E-mail
Marianne Stewart

O'BRIEN, DUANE, LENIHAN, CONROY,WILSON, VERTI, MOORE; John O'BRIEN b ca 1835 IRL; d 1866/78 Boston; m to Hannah DUANE b ca 1835 IRL. Ch: John b 1853/4 Boston; d Aug 1881 Boston, Julia b 3 Mar 1859 Boston; d Aug 1861 Boston, Timothy b Nov 1866 Boston; d 1943 NY. Hannah m2) Michael LENIHAN. Ch: Anna b May 1878. Timothy m ca 1892 Brooklyn, NY to Sarah CONROY 4 ch: John b 1893 m TX to VERTI?; Leo b 1894; d 1931; Timothy b 1898 m 1916 NY to Margaret MOORE 4 ch: Ethel b 1899; m to _?_ WILSON 3 ch. Any info. E-mail
Abba99 21 Sep 1997

O'BRIEN, GALVIN, RIGNEY; John O'BRIEN b Tipperary, IRL; d 1910 m to Ann GALVIN ch: Michael b 25 Sep 1867; d 27 May 1913; m 22 May 1894 to Rose BOYLE b 25 May 1864 Beaver Isle, MI; d 1 Sep 1945, Delia m to James RIGNEY; Theresa; William m Margaret _?_ b 25 Dec 1877; d 20 Sep 1964. Any info.
Barb 25 Aug 1997

O'BRIEN; HEALY; John Lawrence O'BRIEN (Patrick? - Margaret HEALY) b Chicago IL.

O'BRIEN, S_ELLY, METHERAL; Jonathan O'BRIEN b ca 1800 IRL; m ca 1823 to Kate S_ELLY (sic) b NY. Ch: Charles b 1826 Oneida Co NY; m 24 Jul 1853 to Mary METHERAL b ca 1826 Engl. Ch: William Smith b 1859 WI Charles b 1861 WI, Wallace b 1863 WI and Leon Samuel b 17 Nov 1865 Any info. E-mail
S. O'Brien 1 Dec 1997

O'BRIEN, WALTERS; Julia _?_ m to _?_ O'BRIEN b ca 1820 Co. Tipperary, IRL. Ch: Annie b Co. Meath; m to John WALTERS, a prison officer; later res Liverpool, England. Any info.
David Hudson 21 Jan 2002

O'BRIEN, DONOVAN; Mary-Margaret O'BRIEN m to Timothy DONOVAN (John & Catherine _?_) b ca 1850 Cork; emi Wales aft 1870 to OH; ch: Naomi b ca 1910/13. Any info.
Candi Mc Carthy Zizek 24 Jun 2002

O'BRYAN-O'BRIEN, CURRIER; Michael Joseph or Joseph O'BRYAN imm Canada fr London 1859; m New Market 1883 to Margaret Elizabeth CURRIER to MI, WI then Chicago, IL. 5 ch: Lawrence, James, Walter, Jetta, Vida ? Had bro John O'BRIEN and bro or nephew Francis O'BRIEN res Batavia, NY. Poss bro Timothy O'BRYAN.
Maureen 27 Aug 1997

O'BRIEN, RYAN, O'NEAL; Joseph Patrick or Patrick Joseph O'BRIEN em Co. Clare to NYC w mother Mary Ellen RYAN who m NY Patrick O'NEAL.
Thompsy 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIENT, FORD; Leah O'BRIENT (Alfred b 1801 KY & Nancy FORD b 1805 OH, d 1887 Osawatomie, KS) b 9 Feb 1840; d 26 Dec 1908.
N Larsen 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIEN, O'TOOLE; Luke O'BRIEN b 1832, m Canada to Mary O'TOOLE. enlist in Civil War to enter US.
Haleys 1113 May 1998

O'BRIEN, HENNESSEY, LINCOLN, GARRETT; Margaret O'BRIEN (Daniel & Catherine HENNESSEY) b Limerick, IRL emi Australia m 11 Feb 1857 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS to John LINCOLN (Thomas & Mary GARRETT) father a bootmaker of Norfolk, England. 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIEN, O'SHAUGHNESSY-SHAUGHNESSY, STANTON; Margaret O'BRIEN IRL (poss Limerick) m to John O'SHAUGHNESSY IRL. Ch: Catherine Elizabeth b Mar 1848, imm 10 Jun 1872 on S.S.City of Washington at age 24 w/husband, Patrick STANTON age 30, laborer. Also John SHAUGHNESSY 23, laborer and Ned STANTON 25, laborer. Any info. E-mail
Ritawilli 25 Aug 1997

O'BRIEN, HARDING, CROUCHER; Martin O'BRIEN 1846-1911; b IRL; m to Mary _?_ 1848-1910; b IRL; both bur Holy Cross Cem, Brooklyn, NY; ch: Ann Frances b IL 1869-1955; m to Charles Albert HARDING (Charles & Mary CROUCHER) 1868-1926; b US, bur Bklyn, NY and William J. 1874-1909. Seeking other ch. Ann Frances. Any info.
Maureen Teachman 18 Jan 1999

O'BRIEN, MOORE; Martin O'BRIEN m to Bridget MOORE imm USA (prob via Canada), Clinton Co, NY-one son and fam to Nashua, NH - Patrick-aft 1870. Ch: Mary, Catherine, Bridget, Patrick dy & Patrick alive when Martin d 1859. Any info. E-mail

O'BRIEN, HALFORD; Mary O'BRIEN b 1789; m bef 1825 to John HALFORD of Co. Meath; emi 1825 to Canada. Any info. 12 Oct 2001

O'BRIEN, BASS; Michael O'BRIEN poss imm US 1837; res MA, NY & TN; nat 1844; m to Nancy _?_. Fam names incl: Hezekiah, Alfred, Clyde, Johnny, Burrell, Earl. Descendant Clyde Elmore b 2 Jul 1919 Nashville, TN; m to Frances Pauline BASS b 2 Sep 1919. Any info. 18 Aug 2001

O'BRIEN, CONNELL, CONDON; Michael O'BRIEN (John - Mary CONNELL) b ca 1873/82 Mitchelstown, Co Cork about 1873-1882; m to Mary CONDON b ca 1882 Knockraha, Co Cork; imm 1898. Bro John CONDON. To Jersey City. ch: William, Mary, Margaret, John, Kathryn & Ann. Cousins Helen MURPHY, schoolteacher in/nr Mitchelstown and another MURPHY Any info. E-mail
MCaplan682 4 Jul 1997

O'BRIEN, BOWES, FIELDS; Michael O'BRIEN b 10 May 1854 Wexford Co., IRL; m to Martha BOWES b Mar 1854. Emi 1874-76 to Detroit MI. Poss bro John in Detroit. Ch: John Stephen m to Julia FIELDS, William, James Thomas Robert, Mary & Elizabeth. Then ca 1899 to Windsor, Ont, Canada 1899.
Barbara Gray nee O'Brien 21 Feb 2001

O'BRIEN, O'BRIEN; Michael O'BRIEN b 1856, poss foster child of FOLEY family; m to Rose Anne O'BRIEN b St. Stephens, NB/Calais, ME. Ch: William Henry b 24 Aug 1880 Boston, MA. E-mail

O'BRIEN, REGAN; Michael O'BRIEN b 1841 Cork IRL d 1893 Sherman Ave.,Cinti, OH; m to Mary Ann REGAN b 1847 Cork, IRL; d 1924 Baymiller St., Cinti., OH; Ch: Mary, Cornelius, Daniel, John, Eleanor (Nell), Anne, Thomas. E-mail

O'BRIEN, O'GRADY; Michael O'BRIEN police officer of Deering St. station, Chicago, IL; ae 45y, b Kilrush, Co. Clare, IRL; fatally shot by man named O'GRADY. Dec'd member of Catholic Order of Forresters & Policemen's Benevolent Assoc. Funeral from res, 2726 Hickory St., Chicago, IL to St. Bridget's Church to Calvary (1) -April 9, 1887 (2)
IHA Online

O'BRIEN, SHEA; Michael O'BRIEN m to Katherine SHEA fr Co Cork, IRL
Cherkeefid 5 Dec 1997

O'BRIEN; Patrick O'BRIEN b 1740 IRL; to NC, US; d 1804. Any info.
John O'Briant 15 Dec 2002

O'BRIEN, GRAY; Patrick O'BRIEN b Co. Clare, IRL; 1753 emi to Gloucester, MA; Rev War vet; m to Mary GRAY, a York Indian. Seeking descendants & family reunion.
Charles O'Brien 12 Sep 2002

O'BRIEN, ADCOCK, CLARK, PLEASANT, PUCKETT, FORBES, CHERNAULT; Patrick O'BRIEN1 d 1794 Buckingham Co., VA; m to Juda ADCOCK; ch: Patrick m to Rebecca CLARK, Mark m to Sarah PLEASANT, William m to Mary Anne PUCKETT, & Glenn2 b 1787, d 1832, ch: Frank Allen aka Francis Kirkpatrick3 b 20 Jan 1807, d 5 Jun 1896; m ca 1842 to Judith A. FORBES abt 1842; ch: John Harrison4 b 1845, d 1931; ch: Lula Moorman5 m 1892 to Peter Henry CHERNAULT. Any info.
Fran Harris Hill 24 Aug 2002

O'BRIEN, DOUNDE, CONSIDINE, SHINNEY; Patrick O'BRIEN b IRL; m to Bridget DOUNDE b IRL; ch: John b Jan 1867 IRL; d 17 Sep 1905 Brooklyn, NY; m IRL to Mary Ellen CONSIDINE b 3 Dec 1868 IRL; d 7 Jul 1933 Brooklyn, NY. ch, b Brooklyn, NY: John b 1895; d Sep 1895 Brooklyn, NY; Kathryn Josephine b 22 Jan 1897; d 9 Jul 1957 LI, NY Norah Giles b 1 Sep 1898; d 13 Aug 1974 LI, NY; Patrick Francis "Frank J." b 9 May 1900; m 13 Mar 1922 Brooklyn, NY; d 20 Aug 1962 Jersey City, NJ; Mary Ann "Babe" b 25 Dec 1904; m 29 Aug 1921; d 1 Feb 1984 LI, NY. Mary Ellen CONSIDINE m2) to Michael SHINNEY b 1878 IRL; d May 1916 Brooklyn, NY; ch: Helen Rita SHINNEY b 24 Aug 1906 Brooklyn, NY; d 16 Mar 1993 LI, NY.
Fudge595 May 1998

O'BRIEN; Patrick O'BRIEN (Maurice & Catherine _?_) obit: "survived by his wife, children, a brother, William, of New York City and a sister, Mrs D. O'Brien, also of New York City." Seeking townland of origin and any info.
Joan 12 Jul 2000

O'BRIEN, MURPHY; Patrick L. O'BRIEN b Co. Sligo, IRL; m to Maggie MURPHY b IRL; 7 sons, only 4 known.

O'BRIEN, NAHILL; Patrick O'BRIEN b Co Clare imm famine; m to Mary NAHILL d/bur Titusville, PA; res NY-PA border. ch: Daniel d Olean, NY.
Joan 21 Aug 1998

O'BRIEN, WELSH; Patrick O'BRIEN (William & _?_) b 1829 IRL; d 15 Oct 1886 Waupaca Co., WI; m to Mary W. WELSH b Nov 1840 IRL. 7 ch. Any info. E-mail
Mickie Parr 5 Oct 1997

O'BRIEN, DUBLER; Peter O'BRIEN m to Luella DUBLER GREENE ch: Francis "Gerry" "Jerry" b 5 Feb 1925 NYC. Any info. E-mail
Drew Dubler or Web Page 7 Feb 1997

O'BRIEN; Timothy O'BRIEN & Catherine O'BRIEN Co. Cork, IRL 1848.

O'BRIEN, DUANE, CONROY, KIERNAN; Timothy O'BRIEN and Mary DUANE b IRL ch: John m to Hannah _?_ b IRL. John & Hannah res 9 Milton Pl, Boston, MA 1863 - 1869 ch: Timothy Francis b 5 Nov 1866 Boston, m to Sarah CONROY of Brooklyn, NY. half sister, Anne (O'BRIEN?) KIERNAN.
Abba99 23 Nov 1997

O'BRIEN; Timothy O'BRIEN (Michael Cullen & _?_) and Joanna HART both b 1798-1803 Munster, IRL; by 1828 and 1832 to Essex, Eng; Daniel W. [Webster?] O'BRIEN (Timothy & Joanna HART) b 8 Sep 1832. By 1835/36 to US; Mary Emily b ca 1835/6 Newburyport, MA; Ann Louisa b 1836/7.
C Tucker May 1998

O'BRIEN, HURLEY; Timothy O'BRIEN b 1790 IRL to Ottawa Canada to IA; m to Catherine HURLEY b 1802; emi IRL 1833.
Fhobrien 21 Mar 1998

O'BRIEN, COLLINS; Timothy O'BRIEN b ca 1820; d 2 Jun 1873 Petite Prairie, LA; m 28 Oct 1850 Flushing or Long Island, NY to Margret Abigail COLLINS both of Co. Cork, IRL; settled/res Home Place, Plaquemines Parish, LA. Any info.
Kirk Redmann 16 Dec 2001

O'BRIEN, HALEY; Timothy J. O'BRIEN b 1820 IRL; emi ca 1850 to Wales; m ca 1857 Wales to Catherine HALEY; ch, all d Belmont, MA: John J. 1860-1916, William (twin) 1862-1926, Mary Jane (twin) 1862-1937. All emi, arr 19 Jun 1872 to Boston on SS Palmyra. Settled in Belmont, MA.
Austin O'Brien 27 Feb 2002

O'BRIEN, CROWLEY, CURRAN, CONNOLLY, REGAN, O'LEARY, CAHILL, McCARTHY, CASEY, DRAPER; Timothy O'BRIEN of Burgatia, Co. Cork, Civil Parish Ross, RC parish Roscarberry m to Nora CROWLEY. Ch: Mary b 13 Mar 1883 m to Michael CURRAN, Michael b 6 Jun 1884 m to Nora J. CONNOLLY, Ellen m to John REGAN, Margaret b 24 Jun 1892 m to Eugene O'LEARY, Nora b 28 Oct 1893 m to Tom CAHILL, Catherine b 14 Nov 1895 m to Michael McCARTHY, John m to Catherine CASEY, all emi to Boston area. 3 stayed Co Cork, Dan d 1930 m to Molly _?_, Hannah, Julia m to Dick DRAPER. Will share. Any info.
Barbara Floyd 15 Sep 1999

O'BRIEN, CAHILL, HARRINGTON; William O'BRIEN res Bronx, NY ca 1900; m to Dehlia CAHILL ch: William "Willy" d? 1974 Dehlia's sis Margaret Loretta CAHILL b ca 1870/5 Co. Cork, IRL; d 1918 m to Michael HARRINGTON b ca 1870/5 Co. Cork, IRL; d 1913, both bur Calvary Cem, Woodside NY; ch: Anna b 1895, Daniel b 1803, and Margaret. Any info. E-mail
Valerie 24 Mar 1998

O'BRIEN, GRADY; William O'BRIEN b 1810 IRL; d IA m to Hannora GRADY b 1802/5 IRL. 3 ch b Co. Galway, IRL. Some imm US Jul 1852 and Jan 1854. Any info. E-mail
Mickie Parr 5 Oct 1997

O'BRIEN, HEDDERMAN, MANNIX, DRAKE; William O'BRIEN m to Mary HEDDERMAN; Ch: William b ca 1831, m 1857 Australia to Ellen MANNIX (James & Margaret DRAKE) b Mitchelstown; and Denis Daniel b 1857 all of Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Any info.
Viv Callaghan 14 Feb 2002

O'BRIEN, DUNN; William O'BRIEN m 13 Jun 1857 Macon Co., MO. to Nancy Ann DUNN ch: Mary Isabell b 1858; d 1896 Baxter Springs, KS. Any info. 12 Feb 1999

O'BRIEN, KENNEDY; William O'BRIEN m to Hanora H. KENNEDY d 1887; 3 ch: Nell b 1887 Thomas James; Norene O. b 1887. William O'BRIEN disappeared. Any info. E-mail
LynneTwo 15 Oct 1997

O'BRIEN, McCARTHY; William O'BRIEN (?William-Margaret McCARTHY) b ca 1911 Oil City, PA.

O'BRIEN, OREN, DORNER, BESSEL, LAVIN, HAMM; William "Jingles" O'BRIEN of McFarland, WI; Mildred O'BRIEN m to Alvin OREN of Madison, WI; Robert A. O'BRIEN of Madison, WI; _?_ O'BRIEN m to Paul J. DORNER of Madison, WI; _?_ O'BRIEN m to W.C. BESSEL of Madison, WI; Ralph LAVIN of HI; & Vivian LAVIN HAMM. Any info.
Mary Ann (Calkins) O'Brien 22 Aug 2002

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