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Sean Ruad reports 115 QUINLAN households listed for Co. Cork in the 1998-99 Telecom Eireann Directory

QUINLAN Chicago; E-mail Sandi Kurtz or mail to 23246 S. Malibu Drive, Manhattan, IL 60442; 4 Jul 1997

QUINLAN from S Boston, MA. 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN from maritime Canada: 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN, NEWTON; Adalaine QUINLAN b IA; to Chicago; m to Walter NEWTON.
Weedcat 7 Apr 1998

QUINLAN; Andrew QUINLAN Parish of Moyne, Castletown, Co. Tipperary. IRL.
Andy269048 23 Nov 1997

QUINLAN, COOK; Andrew QUINLAN b ca 1823 IRL; m to Ann COOK b ca 1834 Eng. Settled New Haven, CT bef 1860. Ch: Ellen b ca 1863 CT; Margaret b ca 1865 CT, d 13 Mar 1917 CT; Thomas b ca 1868 CT, d ca 1917 Chicago, IL; Andrew b CT. Any info.
Karen Ledwith Harris 3 Apr 1998

QUINLAN, CRADDICK; Ann QUINLAN of Tipperary Co. IRL m to James CRADDICK. Also 1850 Andrew QUINLAN Parish of Moyne, Castletown, Co. Tipperary. IRL.
Andy269048 23 Nov 1997

QUINLAN, CRADDICK-CRADDOCK; Ann QUINLAN b ca 1810 Tipperary Co, IRL; m to James CRADDICK-CRADDOCK. 2 ch: Patrick & Michael. ca 1865 imm Rockford, IL. Any info.
Dennis Craddick 10 Oct 1997

Zim1215 30 Apr 1998

QUINLAN, BROGAN; Anna QUINLIN b 1898 Beacon, NY; d 1920/39 m to Mathew BROGAN; ch: James Thomas and Mathew.
Jim Brogan 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN; Anna QUINLAN (_?_ & Margaret _?_) of Phil. PA; sibs Mary, Joseph put in a home - mother could not care for them. OH & SD.
Mariah440 23 Nov 1997

QUINLAN, BROGAN; Anna QUINLAN (Catholic), b ca 1898 Beacon, NY; m to Mathew BROGAN of NYC, b ca 1896. Ch: James Thomas, Sr b 13 Sep 20 Beacon, NY.
James Thomas Brogan, Jr. 4 Jul 1997

QUINLAN, CULLINAN; Bridget QUINLAN d 17 May 1900; m to Michael CULLINAN ch: Thomas J., James C., John, Kittie, Mary, Jane, Stephen A. d 2 Dec 1882, aged 33 yrs; Edmond d 3 May 1884, aged 19 yrs; and William d 19 Nov 1897, aged 28 yrs. Natives of Kilrush, Co. Clare. Funeral from res, 4724 Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL to St. Cecelia's Church by carriage to Calvary(1) Michael CULLINAN d 12 Dec 1900, aged 73 yrs., native of Kilrush, Co. Clare.
IHA Online Dec 1998

QUINLAN, BROWN; Bridget QUINLAN b 1876 Cork IRL; d 1927 Leyton, England; to London, Eng w/parents; m 1896 Stratford, England to Thomas H. BROWN. Any info.
Ian Brown 29 Oct 2002

QUINLAN, GRAY; Catherine QUINLAN b IRL?; m to C.C. GRAY.

QUINLAN, BAKER; Catherine QUINLAN d 1931; m Templemore, Co. Cork to Thomas BAKER d ca 1921. Ch: Andy, Lizzy, Paddy, Annie, Tom, George, Catherine, & Mary b 1918 Templemore. Seeking m and any info.
Lynne 25 Nov 2002

QUINLAN; Catherine & Mary Dann QUINLAN (Isaac & Catherine _?_) OH & SD.
Ivy426 23 Nov 1997

QUINLAN, WILSON; Cornelius QUINLAN b 1810-12 Co Cork m to Mary WILSON imm Carleton NB Canada 1834-37.
Jack Porter

QUINLAN, DONOVAN; Daniel Cornelius QUINLAN Jr. (Daniel Cornelius & Nellie DONOVAN) 1931-1995 Ch, b Boston, Suffolk Co., MA: Eileen Donovan, Kate, Jane, Patrick & Dennis. GGps of Co. Cork, IRL. Any info.
Eileen Donovan Quinlan 26 Apr 2002

QUINLAN, MURPHY; Cornelius QUINLAN m to Anna MURPHY; res Charlestown-Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Ch: Daniel, Cornelius, James, John, Julia, Helen. Any info.
Patrick Quinlan 22 Dec 2002

QUINLAN, KELLY, HOUGH, McCOY; Edward QUINLAN (Edward - Annie _?_) b ca 1847 IRL; imm bef 1869; m 30 Mar 1869 NYC as her 2nd to Catherine KELLY HOUGH to RI. 4 ch: Patrick H. b 25 Jan 1870, No. Providence m 2 Jul 1894, Pawtucket, RI to Mary E. McCOY; Edward b 14 Dec 1871, No. Providence, RI; James Edward b 22 Aug 1875, Pawtucket, RI; Annie b 20 Oct 1879 Pawtucket, RI.

QUINLAN, RYAN; Edward QUINLAN of Tipperary m early 1900s to Margret RYAN of Cork. Emi Alberta, Canada ca 1910. Any info.
Betty Quinlan 21 Feb 2001

QUINLAN; Edward Thomas QUINLAN b 1912 Philadelphia; d 1997. ch: son b ca 1950; d 1972. Any info.
William Coleman 31 Mar 2001

QUINLAN; Elizabeth Agnes QUINLAN b ca 1893 NY; d 1932. sis Catherine & Agnes? mother b IRL.
Surety3 Feb 8, 1998

QUINLAN Earnest QUINLAN m to Margaret _?_; ch: Gary Quinlan b Hardesty, Canada. Any info.
Mark Quinlan 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN, SHEEHAN, REGAN; Everett QUINLAN m Portland, ME to Elizabeth "Lizzie" SHEEHAN (James & Ellen REGAN) b 1875; d 1964. Ch: Ellen 1904-1987. Any info.
Dot 12 Jul 2000

b 1831 IRL; d 1913 IRL; m to Michael CONDON, Sr. ch b MA.

QUINLAN; Henry QUINLAN b 1816 IRE; seeking ancestors fr Chicago - RR people, including: John H., James, Thomas F., Thomas F. Jr., William, Nellie, Mary.

QUINLAN; Hugh QUINLAN b Co. Cavan, IRL; farmed Illiopolis, IL.

QUINLAN; Irving W. QUINLAN Cape Sable Isl., NS, Canada.
R.Bruce Quinlan 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN, O'BRIEN; James QUINLAN (David-Bridget O'BRIEN) b ca 1838 IRL imm Danvers, MA; m 26 Feb 1842 Mary LYONS.
Arthur Schwartz

QUINLAN, JOYCE; James Patrick QUINLAN age 36 m Sep 1915 Kansas City, MO to Mary Ann "Mayme" JOYCE age 21. Seeking ancestry & origins.
Hubbard 17 Oct 1999

QUINLAN, CAMPION; Jeremiah QUINLAN m 6 Oct 1839 Rathdowney, Laoighis, IRL to Mary CAMPION. IGI

local census of 1865 Randolph, NY w/Simon QUINLON who settled in Randolph. Worked for the RR. Simon's bros Owen & Daniel. Any info.
Mary Anne MacDonald 28 Apr 2000

b IRL; RR contractor; m 1873 Chicago, IL to Anna O'BRIEN of Co. Clare, IRL. Ch: Daniel J., Matthew, Mary Agnes "Minnie" m to Timothy Edward CRONIN; Joseph. Seeking origins and any info.
Mary Cronin Nichols

QUINLAN; Jeramiah QUINLAN from Newmarket or Menegorman, Co. Cork. imm w/2 of 5 ch.
Kquinlan 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN, HOGAN; Jeremiah QUINLAN (John & Ellen HOGAN) chr 26 Jan 1834 Killarney, Co., Kerry, IRL. IGI

QUINLAN, KEAN; Jeremiah QUINLAN b ca 1849 NY; m to Kate KEAN (? & Kittie ?) b ca 1854 NY; her sibs Joseph, Nellie, Mamie 1880 census Chicago, Cook Co., IL. 1880 Census

QUINLAN, MAHER; Jer[emiah] QUINLAN (Jerry & Margaret MAHER) chr 19 Mar 1840 Killenaule, Tipperary, IRL IGI

QUINLAN, DOYLE; Jerh. QUINLAN (Mau. & Mary DOYLE) chr 8 May 1842 Killarney, Co. Kerry, IRL IGI

QUINLAN, CARROL; Jeremia QUINLAN (Patrick & Winigred CARROL) chr 10 Sep 1846 Ballycahill & Holycross, Co., Tipperary, IRL IGI

QUINLAN, KELLY; Jerh. QUINLAN (Wm. & Cath. KELLY) chr Mar 1846 Ardfert, Co. Kerry, IRL IGI

Maryl McKinley-Hook

Ch: Jeremiah, John & Michael. Sibs: Catherine imm America w/Michael ca 1852 and Abigail. Any info.
Catherine Quinlan 21 Feb 2001

QUINLAN, LETCHER; Jack QUINLAN (Daniel & _?_) of St. John, NB; m ca 1908 Fernie, BC, Canada to Mary LETCHER of Springhill, NS; left wife ca 1921/2. Ch: Hazel b 1909 and Jack b 1914. Seeking his whereabouts/d. Any info.
Marilyn and Don MacPherson 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN, PHILLIPS; Jack QUINLAN res S. Wales; m to Lilian PHILLIPS b 1901; ch: Hugh; ca 1928 emi to PA. Any info.
L M W-U 29 Sep 2002

QUINLAN, HALLORAN; John QUINLAN (James & _?_) left Dublin 16 Dec 1830 on convict ship "Waterloo;" arr Sydney, Australia 30 Apr 1831. Seeking parents, siblings. m ca 1851 Maitland or Morpeth New South Wales to Ann HALLORAN. Any info.
Mary Linning 12 Jul 2000

QUINLAN, FITZGIBBONS, McCORMICK; John QUINLAN b 1842/45 Co Cork, IRL m Fall River, MA to Catherine FITZGIBBONS b 1847/50 res IL. Ch, b IL: Hannah b 1871, Catherine N. "Kate" b 1873/8, John J. b 1875, Edward G. b 1877, Mary b 1878 m to Edward McCORMICK rem Parsons, Labette Co., KS, Lizzie b 1877/9. Then family to Parsons, Labette Co, KS; ch, b KS: Joseph M. b 1881, Anna b 1883, Pete b 1884, Howard P. b 1886, Harry F. b 1887, Nellie H. b 1891, Frank L. b 1892. Seeking any info and documentation.
Kay Stimpson 20 Feb 2002

QUINLAN, GORMAN, CAHILL; John QUINLAN (John & Ellen CAHILL) b prob 1815; of Templemore, Co. Tipperary m 21 Apr 1846 to Ellen GORMAN. Ch: Daniel, Mary, James & John. Any info.
Karen Senior 28 Mar 1999

QUINLAN, HAYES; John QUINLAN b 15 May 1823, Tipperary Co, IRL; m to Margaret HAYES b 1836, Cashel, Tipperary Co, IRL. Ch: Mary, Catherine, Daniel, Cornelius, Margaret, James & Lawrence b 1858/70.
Susan Simmons 5 Sep 1997

QUINLAN, ENGLISH; John QUINLAN (John & Mary ENGLISH) b ca 1839 Glincar, Co. Tipperary emi New Zealand. Any info.
Eunice Quinlan 22 Nov 2001

QUINLAN, FORSYTHE, McINERNY, GREENE, KELLY, McCANN; John QUINLAN m 1889 Pittsburgh, PA to Hannah FORSYTHE; no children. Sibs: Patrick, Maggie m _?_ McINERNY, Mary m to _?_ GREENE all of Co. Clare; Thomas of Jersey City, NJ, Catherine m to _?_ KELLY of Pittsburgh and Delia m to _?_ McCANN of Pittsburgh. Any connections or info.
Carol Brennan Moss 21 Feb 2001

QUINLAN, BURKERY, STEWART; John QUINLAN b 1853 Doone, Limerick, IRL; m ca 1876 to Bridget BURKERY. Ch: Patrick b 17 May 1878 IRL; emi bef 1883 to USA;m to Mary STEWART; Mary 1883-1965 b NJ, USA, Thomas John 1886-1965 b NJ, USA, Ellen 1888-?, Margaret 1881-1973, Joseph 1883-1902, John Francis 1895-1944, Ann Burnadette 1898-?, James H 1901-1972. Any info.
Ron Cowling 27 Mar 2002

QUINLAN, THOMPSON, WARD; John Henry QUINLAN m to Ethel _?_ Ch: Beverly Joan "Bev" b 7 Dec 1930 Galesburg, Knox Co., IL; m 15 Jun 1947 Galesburg, Knox Co., IL to Albert LeRoy "Al" THOMPSON (Roy Otis - Sarah Jane "Jenny" WARD) b 8 Mar 1930 Knox Co., IL. Any info.
Jon D. Egge 4 Jul 1997

QUINLAN, KEANE; Joseph QUINLAN (Daniel & _?_) of Co. Clare, IRL m to Delia KEANE. Ch: John imm USA 1952. Any info.
John Quinlan 27 Apr 2002

QUINLAN, ROGERS; Kieran QUINLAN m to Mary ROGERS. Imm fr England 1900. Any info. 19 Dec 1999

QUINLAN, DALTON; Margaret QUIN(LAN) (Owen b Canada & Elizabeth _?_b IRL) b 1846 NB, d 1913 RI; m 1870 to John DALTON.
Jo 7 Jun 1998

QUINLAN, MANSFIELD; Mark QUINLAN b 1953 Winchester, MA m to Irene MANSFIELD.
Mark Quinlan

QUINLAN, COOK; Martin QUINLAN m 1863 IRL to Ann COOK; ch: Dennis b 1864 then emi US.
Katie Kussmaul 25 Feb 2002

QUINLAN, DUNNE; Martin QUINLAN m to Ellen DUNNE of Coogulla, Parish of Loughmore, Co. Tipperary, IRL. Ch, chr 17 Feb 1828 to 4 Apr 1843: Catherine, John, Patrick, Mary, Margaret & Ellen. Any info.
Oisin O'Meara 5 Dec 2001

QUINLAN, GREENE; Mary QUINLAN b 1 Feb 1810 IRL; imm Ontario, Canada or Erie Co, NY before 1830; m to James GREENE b IRL.

QUINLAN, TRAHEY; Mary QUINLAN b ca 1870's; m to Thomas TRAHEY ch: Gertrude Mary b ca 1890.
LKalr 31 May 1998

QUINLAN, SALMON-SAMMON; Mary Ann QUINLAN (William & Margaret _?_) b ca 1836; m IRL to John SALMON-SAMMON. Ch: William b ca 1863. Then to OH via NY. Ch, b Cincinnatti, OH: Margaret b ca 1864, Mary, Ellen Kate,Susan, John, Thomas, Mary Ann, & Lillie. Any info.
R. Moore 13 May 2002

QUINLAN, FOX; Mary Ellen QUINLAN m ca 1820 Cambridgeshire UK to Thomas FOX res Leyton London UK. Any info. Tony Arnold.
Tony Arnold 31 Mar 2002

QUINLAN, ROSS; Matthew QUINLAN b ca 1809; maybe son of John of Pubnico?; m to Roxanna ROSS of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Herbert Quinlan 17 May 1997

QUINLAN; Michael QUINLAN Cork Co. IRE to PA; d early 1900's.
Charlee Q

QUINLAN, CARMODY, MORRIS; John QUINLAN (Robert & Mary CARMODY) b 1835 Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, IRL; sib James, Robert, Harriet. John m Catherine MORRIS b 1837. Ch: Frederick, Harriet, Robert, Catherine. Any info.
Barbq703 7 Jan 2003

QUINLAN; Owen QUINLAN m to Elizabeth _?_ res NB; then to RI, USA.
Snow Hearth Jan 1999

QUINLAN; Owen QUINLAN b Canada m to Elizabeth _?_ b IRL ch: Margaret b Mar 1846 NB; m 1870 Providence, RI, USA. Any info.
J Carroll 26 Feb 1998

QUINLAN, RYAN, MULCARE, KELLY; Patrick QUINLAN (Michael & Bridget Bowe? RYAN) b Mar 1844 Parish of Moyne, IRL; d 12 Jan 1912 Rockford, IL; m 10 Feb 1873 Rockford, IL to Catherine MULCARE. Ch: Fr. Michael A., James J., Sr. Mary Ann, Jeremiah, John, Catherine m to _?_ KELLY, Margaret m to _?_ KELLY, John M., Fr. James Joseph, Deacon Joseph Andrew. Any info.
CRashhup 31 Mar 2001

QUINLAN, BARRY; Patrick QUINLAN b ca 1865 Limerick, IRL, m to Mary BARRY; imm ca 1905 Phila, PA. Ch: Ed, Ted, Tim, Jim & Mary. Any info. 19 Dec 1999

QUINLAN, McCARTY; Patrick, Daniel QUINLAN other brothers? of Co. Cork, poss Knocknagallagh. Emi IRL bef 1840's, Patrick to Springfield, MA; m to Margaret McCARTY of Cork, emi to MA 1842. Any info.
Kathleen Johnson 25 Mar 2003

QUINLAN, Patrick, William, Mary & Kate QUINLAN of Co Clare IRL to Austrlaia 1860's. Any info.
Betty 10 May 1998

QUINLAN, BROGAN; Peter QUINLAN m Co. Cork, IRL to Mary BROGAN; imm SE MI ca 1852. ch: 2 sons & Bridget d at sea; ch b Detroit area: Margaret, Anna, Jewell, & Kate. Any info.
Robert J. Wells 19 Dec 1999

QUINLAN, DANNER, JOERKING; Robert QUINLAN b Cinn., OH m to Mary Jane DANNER b Cinn., OH ch: Louis b Co. Springs, CO; m to Margaret Bernadine JOERKING b OH ch: Robert b 1921 Cinn., OH Louis Teller b 1897 Co.Springs, CO T.M. b 1871 NY per 1900 Co. Census.
Kimberly 23 Nov 1997

QUINLAN; Roger QUINLAN b IRL; m to Bridget _?_ b Co. Clare. IRL; d 1898 Berlin, WI. Any info.
Jolene Gordon 6 Sep 1999

QUINLAN, JOERING, DANNER; T.M. QUINLAN b Sep 1871 NY m to Lottie _?_. 2 ch: Charles & Louis b 14 Oct 1897 CO; m to Margaret JOERING b 19 Apr 1909 OH. Ch: Robert b 17 Nov 1921 OH m to Mary Jane DANNER b 1 Feb 1929 OH. 6 ch: Robert, Timothy, Christopher, Lawence, Mary Anne, & Linda. Any info.
Kimberley Pierce 7 Oct 1997

QUINLAN, GLEASON; Thomas QUINLAN b 1850 IRL imm USA 1862; m 24 Jan 1885 to Mary GLEASON b 1857 OH. Ch: Thomas, Matthew, Kate, Alonzo, Dan & William.
Lynn D. Quinlan 5 Aug 1999

QUINLAN, GLEASON, FOLEY; Timothy QUINLAN b Co. Limerick, IRL; m to Catherine GLEASON b Co. Limerick, IRL. Both imm by 1868 to Norwich, CT, USA. Ch: Catherine b 27 Aug 1868 Norwich, CT; m to Timothy FOLEY of Sneem, Co. Kerry, IRL/Norwich, CT/Southington, CT. Any info.
Kat 17 Apr 2001

QUINLAN-QUINLIN, MALONE, STARKEY, HAYDEN; Timothy QUINLIN (Dennis & Mary MALONE) b 16 Feb 1880, Athens, Athens Co., OH. Carl E. QUINLIN (Timothy & Carrie STARKEY) b 17 Apr 1906 Athens, Athens Co., OH aka as Charles QUINLIN 1910 & 1920 census; aka Charles E. HAYDEN aft 1920. Why change to HAYDEN? Seeking any info and documentation re name change.
Charles H Hayden 10 Mar 2001

QUINLAN; William QUINLAN b ca 1789, IRL; ch: William b 19 Mar 1832 Tipperary, IRL; d 4 Jan 1922 St-Valentin, PQ, Canada.
Guy Lusignan 18 May 1997

QUINLAN, DIEBOLD; William QUINLAN m Dubuque, IA to Anna DIEBOLD emi Cork Co., IRL ca 1870. ch: Doloris, Lewine, Carl. Bro Thomas QUINLAN. Any info.
J. Hobson 26 Mar 1998

QUINLAN, McQUAID-QUADE; William QUINLAN b Jun 1874 Canada; m to Josephine McQUAID-QUADE b Mar 1878 Chicago, IL. Parents from IRL, m 1897, prob Chicago. Ch: William b May 1899 Chicago, IL. Any info.
Karen Newby 1 Nov 1997

QUINLAN; Wm. Joseph QUINLAN, Sr. (_?_ & Lillian _?_) sibs Mary & Charles "Charlie." Ch: Wm. Joseph QUINLAN, Jr. to NY boy's home due to Sr's illness (TB). Any info.
Janice Quinlan Hawkins 11 Sep 2001

Mary Cronin Nichols at
6 Sep 2005