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OWENs in America

Prior to 1700


THROUGH MY OWN research, I have found the following OWENs et var. to have been sent to America, arrived in America, or in America (without information as to arrival) prior to 1700. If you know of others, please e-mail me (Mary Nichols) and I'll add them to the list.

Please note that these can have duplicates, e.g. William OWEN of Braintree is believed by some researchers to have arrived in Barbados, and then arrived in MA from Barbados and not from England.

At least one of the following was purported to be born here&emdash; very early&emdash;but as his origins are unknown&emdash;may well be an immigrant so I'm including him here.

Any information I know about them will be noted, except what appears on my given name pages already.


Bartholomew OWEN in VA by 1673

VA landgrant 1673


Benjamin OWEN arr VA 1623

David OWEN arr VA 1622

David OWEN arr St. Thomas 1635

David OWEN arr VA 1651

Edward OWEN arr VA 1635

Edward OWEN arr VA 1636

Dr. Griffith OWEN arr PA 1683

Numerous published genealogies

Henry OWEN arr 1664/5

Hugh OWEN arr VA 1686

1690 Land grant

Humphrey OWEN arr PA 1678

James OWEN poss of Wigmore, England arr America Jul 1678

James OWEN poss of Titley, England arr America Feb 1684

John OWEN of Windsor, CT arr by 1650

See James OWEN Family of Providence, RI.


John OWEN of Portsmouth, ME d 1704

John OWEN(S) arr VA 1655

Joseph OWEN b 1660 VT

Mark OWEN arr VA 1655

Mary OWEN(S) arr VA 1655

Morgan OWEN arr VA 1664

Apprenticed for 4 years to John HARRIS of VA

Then as Merchant.

No further info

Morgan OWEN m 1670 Salem, MA to Elizabeth Dickason

Unpublished genealogy of William OWEN of Braintree, MA & John OWEN of Falmouth, ME suggests a link to these families, but no proof known or presented. Only 2 known children.


Morrice OWEN arr VA 1654

Morring OWEN arr VA 1651

Nicholas OWEN VA by 1663

Landgrant 1663

Owen OWEN native of Denbighshire, N. Wales, d 23 Feb 1814 30 yr res of Savannah, GA

Peter OWEN arr VA 1654-1663

Rebecca OWEN arr PA aft 1666

Richard OWEN arr VA 1622

Richard OWEN of Long Island, NY by 1658

Richard OWEN arr VA 1663-79

Richard OWEN arr America 1698

Robert OWEN arr PA 1684

Published genealogy

Robert OWEN arr PA 1690


Robert OWEN arr VA 1699 age 18 (b ca 1681)

Rowland OWEN arr VA 1636

Samuel OWEN of Springfield, MA

Sarah OWEN arr VA 1663-1679

Stephen OWEN arr America 1698

Teague OWEN arr VA 1655

Thomas OWEN arr VA 1632

Thomas OWEN arr VA 1635

Thomas OWEN arr VA 1637

Thomas OWEN arr MA 1641

Thomas OWEN of Boston, MA by

Thomas OWEN arr America 1654-63

Thomas OWEN arr Barbados 1654-63

Thomas OWEN arr Nevis1654-63

Thomas OWEN arr VA 1654

Thomas OWEN arr Barbados 1665

Thomas OWEN d w/o heirs 1671 Essex Co., MA

Thomas OWEN arr 1697 America

Thomas OWEN arr MD/VA 1697 age 25 (b ca 1672)

William OWEN arr Barbados 1634 age 23 (b ca 1611)

William OWEN of Braintree, MA bef Jul 1650

See William OWEN of Braintree, MA genealogy.

See John OWEN Family of Falmouth, ME.

See Joshua OWEN Family of Providence, RI.


William OWEN arr VA 1650

William OWEN arr Barbados 1654-63

William OWEN in ME bef 1693

William OWEN arr VA 1698


Mary Cronin Nichols at
6 Sep 2005