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8 Daniel CRONIN
1825-Cork, IRL;
1850-Buffalo, NY;
1882, WI
Family Group Sheet

4 Timothy Edward CRONIN
1864, WI;
1906, Chicago, IL;
1953 Seattle, WA

1837, Inchigeelagh Par., Cork, IRL
-1875, Lake Geneva, WI, USA
Family Group Sheet

2 Daniel Vincent CRONIN
1909, Chicago, IL
1938, Baltimore, MD
1946, Anchorage, AK
-1970 Santa Rosa, CA

10 Jeremiah QUINLAN
ca 1850 IRL
-1924 Chicago, IL
Family Group Index

5 Mary Agnes "Minnie" QUINLAN
1878 Chicago, IL
-1957 Seattle, WA

11 Anna O'BRIEN
ca 1855 Co. Clare, IRL
-1912, Oak Park, IL
Family Group Sheet

1 Mary Martha CRONIN
m 1982-1995
Jerome Ormond NICHOLS

12 Willis Davenport "Morgan" OWEN
1844-1895, Eastport, ME
Family Group Sheet

6 Edgar Uriah OWEN
1881-ca 1959, Eastport, ME

1853-1906, Eastport, ME
Family Group Index

3 Alice Virginia OWEN
1914, Eastport, ME
-1961, Honolulu, HI

14 Stillman LEE
1844 St. George, NB, Canada
-1909 maybe Boston, MA or CT
Family Group Index

7 Martha Ann LEE
1884-ca 1970, Eastport, ME

15 Naomi DeGRASSE
1847, poss
Frederickton, NB, Canada
7 Feb 1927, Eastport, ME
Family Group Index

Mary Cronin Nichols at
6 Sep 2005