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  • HICKETHIER: Looking for info on Philip HICKETHIER. Possibly born in Deer River Minnesota C1903. His father would have been Frank albert Hickethier. Mother unknown. Any help would be much appreciated. Looking for any info on Stacia Hickethier(maiden name). Her father was Frank Albert Hickethier. She was in Canada for a while then returned to Deer River MN. She possibly married in Deer River and had a child named Irene. Bob Warford
  • REINHOLM: Looking for family roots. My father, Thomas Emmanuel REINHOLM lived in Blackberry. Also, his brother, Wallace and a sister, Lois. My grandmother was Minnie Erholz. Thomas, my father is buried up there somewhere...died in Saginaw, Michigan around 1947. Any help at all would be great!Seeking information on my father, Thomas Reinholm, born in 1907 at Blackberry, MN to Eric and Minnie (Gregory) Reinholm. Minnie later remarried and was Minnie Erholz. My father, Thomas E. Reinholm died in the mid to late 1940's and is buried in Blackberry or Grand Rapids area. Would like to find my father's gravesite and more information about my ancestors. Truly appreciate any assistance! Thank you! John W. (Jack) Reinholm
  • ZOZGORNIK, PALCHER or POLCHER: I am looking for any information regarding the family names of ZOZGORNIK, PALCHER or POLCHER. Current family living in St. Louis County but may have roots throughout MN. Jeff Polcher


  • SHIMMIN: I am seeking any descendents of Thomas, Samuel, James and William Shimmin who emigrated to US in about 1887-1890. They were known to be in Ishpeming Michigan but were later known to be in Iron Range or Ironton, or Iron Junction MI. They were lead miners from the Isle of Man British Isles. I may be contacted on Glenda Shimmin
  • BRIGHT, CULVER, COOK, DALEY, DIBBLEY, STOFFERS: I am looking for Edward Bright born 1873 D 1909 . He was born in Kenosha Wis. His second wife Nora Eliza Culver. They lived near Grand Rapids. They may also have been in St. Louis CO. He and his first wife had three children, Bessie, Verla and Kenny. On of them is the grandparent to Jerry Mathers of Leave it to Beaver fame. But, I am not really interested in that so much as finding more on this family. Ed and Nora were married about 1912. Children are : Violet Bright, Dorothy Bright 10-4-14, Willmer Bright 1915?, Raymond 7-29-16, Mae 11-21-24, Eugene Abt 1927.  Also looking for Parents of Nora Eliza Culver. She had one brother, Clarence 7-26-1896 - 3-9-72 Their father, William Culver was born in Ohio. Their mother, Lucille Ann {Cook} born about 1860 in Missouri. Married a second time to Nelson P Cook and is supposed to be buried in the area. All I know is that they were loggers. Dorothy Bright one of Edward's daughter's married GC Daley there in about 1940 +/- a few years. She was born 10-4-1914. The other children were Violet- who married a Dibbley, Willmer who married a beautiful lady, Lucy. Mae who married Louis Stoffers. and Eugene who married Betty. I've written before and did get some information, but I'm hoping this will be posted so it might catch someone's eye too who knows these people. Nora's brother, Clarence Culver was born in Lafayette, IN July 26-1896 and died 3-9-1973 in Grand Rapids. Thanks in advance. Jerry/Vicki Steen
  • DICKENS, TAYLOR: Ida Dickens married a George Taylor - was a pioneer of Deer River, MN. Marlene Molisee
  • McLELLAN: I have info on John Donald McLELLAN & Archibald Aeneas McLELLAN brothers married in Minnesota, Minona & Perham, RC church 1884 & 1886. John D. later lived Itasca Co. Pokegama Lake. Jim McLellan
  • HUSTAD: John Lionel b. Battle Lake, Itasca Co. 20 Sep., 1903 Youngest of 9 children. Looking for siblings/parents. Norm Hustad
  • ZILBERT: I am looking for decendents of Anton and Mary ZILBERT, in Grand Rapids. Sharon Walker
  • FILLMANSON: My great-grandfather, John Peter FILLMANSON, moved with his daughter and 2nd wife to Squaw Lake, Itasca Co., Minnesota around 1905. They were all from Finland. (Their original names in Finland were Juho Pekka Makarainen; Maria (Someroja) Makarainen; Adolfiina Makarainen.) In the 1910 Federal Census his occupation is given as a finisher at a wire mill. First of all, what kinds of wire are produced at a wire mill (i.e. electrical wiring for homes; power lines for telecommunications?). Second, where and how many wire mills were in the area of Squaw Lake, MN? My great-grandfather, John Peter Fillmanson, was President of the Good Hope Consumers Co-operative Association in Itasca County, Minnesota. Good Hope township includes the town of Squaw Lake. Requesting any information concerning this organization. Daniel M. Gwin
  • EMERSON, BRUNNING: Am searching for information on my grandfather's half sister. Her name was MARIE/MARY EMERSON. She was born in December, 1893 in Bottineau County, ND. She married ED. BRUNNING. In 1939 they lived around Cass Lake, MN. I am working on my family history so I am looking for any information regarding her, her family and her ancestors.. marriage, death, children, etc. Kaye K. Lystad-Kirk
  • KASTROPIL: I am sending this e-mail on the chance that you might be able to help me in finding out some information !! I just recently recieved my great grand fathers naturalization papers(copy), It states that he was from Austria, but I found out he was of Yugoslavian decent. Can you look in the County Register for listings in 1921, if they exsist. The name I am trying to trace is Frank KASTROPIL, he was born in Yugoslavia in 1883 or 84', came to the United States between 1905 and 1907, to New York, where my grand father Norman Edward KASTROPIL (he went by Nick) was born , he had 4 siblings. They move to Minnesota in 1921, Itasca County, Goodland, Minnesota. If you need more info I can get it ! There are also 3 KASTROPIL's in Ontario, Canada. LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP AND ANY MORE INFO THAT YOU MAY NEED!! Thank you, Jeffery Castrapel
  • WISTROM, NORD, NORBERG, BJORKLUND: ERIK REINHOLD WISTROM born June 16, 1868 and his cousin CARL AXEL WISTROM born July 13, 1858 in ORSA, Dalacarlia Sweden departed Gothenburg in Sweden May 9, 1893 with S/S Cameo via Grimsby- Liverpool in England. On the same ship traveled further 15 persons from Orsa and all of them should go to HARRIS Minnesota. (Among them: families with the name ERSON-RASK -10 persons, NORD and NORBERG). Six years earlier Erik Reinhold´s brother JOHAN FREDRIK WISTROM born Dec.16, 1860 and a relative to him CARL AUGUST BJORKLUND born in 1860 both in ORSA, Sweden went to North-America September 23, 1887. They left Gothenburg with S/S Romeo via Hull-Liverpool in England with nine other inhabitents of Orsa and they all wanted to go to Chisago (can possibly been Chicago - indistinct passenger- list). I should be very much grateful if somebody want to help me with informations about Wistroms or Bjorklund. Thank you! Gunnar Axell
  • ANDERSON, LEONARD: Itasca, Cly, Norman Co, Searching for infor on JOHN RICHARD ANDERSON b Oct 26 1853 Canada and wife CATHERINE LEONARD b Aug 2 1852. They had children born from 1878 thru 1893, in Itasca, Clay and Norman Counties. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alice Day
  • McCONNELL, STALEY, MARVIN, WARD: Looking for the family of Wellington M. McCONNELL born -31, July,1875 in Tioga, Pa. When 3 yrs old, moved with his family to Antelope County, Nebraska. Wellington was the son of Ephriam C. and Esther A. McCONNELL. He married to Myrtle May STALEY on 1, Jan, 1896 in Pierce County, Nebraska, she was the daughter of M. V. STALEY and Mary J. MARVIN. Wellington and Myrtle McCONNELL had a daughter, Hilda M. McCONNELL born around 1897 or 1898 in Antelope County, Nebraska?? Hilda married to Leo L. WARD on 14, July, 1915 in Antelope County, Ne. at the age of 18 yrs. Afterwards the families moved to the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area. Do not know if Wellington and Myrtle had more children. Hilda and Leo may have had a daughter named Mary??? Would like to find this family, will exchange info on ancestry - it is quite extensive!! Would like to find an obituary for Wellington, he was still living in 1949 at the time of his brother Jedson's death. Wellington M. McCONNELL was the last child to survive of a family of 13 children. Can someone assist me with a cemetery question? Would like to find out if there are any indexes in existance to the cemeteries of the Grand Rapids area and if so, is there a Wellington M. McCONNELL listed. Any help with this would be very kindly appreciated. Thank you. Charlene Kolterman
  • HABIGHORST: Looking for information on my HABIGHORST line. They lived in the Ramsey and/or Hennepin Co. area in the late 1800's. There may still be relatives in the area. M. HALSTEAD
  • LONG, ETTER: Seek parents of Lourena LONG, born 1835, married 1851 to Martin ETTER McMinn County TN, died 14 Aug 1915 in Brown County, MN. The family also lived in Watonwan County for some years. Judy Reynolds
  • McADAMS, RYDER (RIDER): This is a correction of the previous inquiry I sent since I could not determine how to edit' that one. I am searching for information about the family of Peter John MacAdams who came to Northern Central Minnesota in the last half of the 1800's. He was born in Scotland, moved to Nova Scotia with his family as a boy or teenager via a ship to escape persecution of Catholics occuring in his homeland. Peter's father either owned a ship or was a captain of the ship according to my father.Peter John MacADAMS may have owned a farm in the Pine City region of Pine County dates unknown.. Peter died in the 1930's in the area around Deer River, MN in Itasca county. My paternal grandmother was Peter's daugher whose name I believe was Eloise Grace MacAdams. She maried a man named Clifford Lyle Ryder(Rider) in the mid to late 1920's (location unknown). Eloise died in July, 1968. Eloise and Clifford had a son born October 31, 1928 named Jack (possibly Jackie on birth certificate) Keith RYDER born in Itasca County - possibly in a hospital in Deer River, Minnesota. Jack died in 1988 in Duluth Minnesota - St. Louis county. D Westermann ( email provided was HLXG37A )




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