Keewaydin Chapter

We welcome women who want to participate in
the historical, educational, and patriotic activities of the DAR.

Membership in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is
a unique opportunity to establish lineage and heritage as a descendent of a Patriot
of the Revolutionary War. Volunteering through the DAR is an effective way to
honor our Patriot ancestors, recognize their roles in establishing the
United States of America, and carry forth their purpose of American freedom.

We are delighted to answer questions about the DAR or Patriot lineage.
For further information please contact the Keewaydin Chapter Registrar.

The Colonial Flag

Prove lineal, bloodline descent from an ancestor who
aided in achieving American Independence;
Document each statement of birth, marriage and death in the lineal line;
Document the ancestor's patriotic service in the Revolutionary War; and
Be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Accepted Service of Patriots
19 Apr 1775 - 26 Nov 1783
(Battle of Lexington - Withdrawal of British troops from New York)

  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • Military Service
    • Army, Navy of the Continental Establishment
    • State, Local Militia
    • Coast Guard, Privateers, State Navy
    • Military, Naval Service by French Nationalists in American war theater
  • Civil Service (under authority of Provisional or new State Governments)
    • State, County, Town Officials
  • Patriotic Service (furthering the cause of the Colonies for independence)
    • Continental Congresses, State Conventions, and Assemblies
    • Committees made necessary by the war
    • Signers of Oath of Fidelity and Support; Oath of Allegiance
    • Boston Tea Party
    • Defenders of Forts and Frontiers
    • Signers of Provisional or New State Government petitions
    • Doctors, nurses, others rendering aid to the war wounded
    • Ministers who gave patriotic sermons, encouraged patriotic activity
    • Furnishing a substitute for military service
    • Prisoners of war, prisoners on prison ships
    • Service in the Spanish Troops under Bernardo de Galvez
    • Service in the Louisiana Militia after 24 Dec 1776
    • Service performed by French nationals within the Colonies or
    • Rendered material aid (furnishing supplies, lending money to the
      Colonies, munitions makers, gunsmiths, etc)
    • Supplied cattle in Spanish America for Bernardo de Galvez's forces
      after 24 Dec 1776
    • Applied in VA for Certificates of Rights to settlement land;
      entitled to and were granted preemption rights
    • Took Oath of Fidelity to the Commmonwealth of Virginia
      from Oct 1779 to 26 Nov 1783

The Block House at Fort Pitt, PA

Fort Pitt - Home of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment that served General Washington at Valley Forge
before returning to patrol the surrounding frontier, including Fort McIntosh and Fort Henry.
A Keewaydin Chapter member's Patriot ancestor rendered service in the 8th PA.
Original blockhouse now owned and managed by the Pittsburgh Chapter NSDAR.