1918 Lincoln County Minnesota Mascot marriage entries

extracted by Becky Davidson



Sigtryggur J Isfeld and Miss Bertha Peterson, and Christian Arnason and Miss Margaret Isfeld were married at the Isfeld home in the township of Alta Vista, Lincoln county, New Year’s day [1918], Rev E J Hinderlie officiating.

The marriage ceremony took place at 4:30 in the afternoon and was performed in the parlor of the beautiful new home of Mr and Mrs Gudjon Isfeld. Miss Elvira Josephson played the wedding march and the brides entered on the arms of their respective bridegrooms.

The house was very tastily decorated with cut flowers and streamers and many of the guests remarked that they thought this was one of the finest country homes that they had seen.

Mr and Mrs Gudjon Isfeld are pioneers of this locality, having come here 39 years ago. They begun their life on the prairie, as so many did, without means. But today they own one of the largest farms in the whole county. Sigtryggur Isfeld is a son of this pioneer couple and he and his brother, Arni, have been managing the farm of late years. They have made a big success of all their farming operations and it is safe to say that there are not many farms in this locality that are better managed or better paying than is the Isfeld farm. Sigtryggur Isfeld is an able manager and he is a man of standing in the community.

C W Arnsaon is a son of Mr and Mrs Injaldur Arnason, of Swede Prairie, and is a young man who has the advantage of some schooling. He has finished a three year course in Commerce at Gustavus Adolphus College, St Peter, besides having spent some time at an academy in Winnipeg. He is now employed at the First National Bank in Balaton and is very highly spoken of by his employers. He is a fine young man and will make his mark in the banking world if blessed with health.

Both the brides are well known locally. Miss Bertha Peterson has been a resident of Minneota for a number of years and she has won friends wherever she has made acquaintances, because of her exceptionally pleasant disposition and winning manners. Mr Isfeld is to be congratulated upon having drawn a real prize.

The other bride, Miss Margaret Isfeld, is a graduate of the Minneota High School and was prominent in the activities of the school while here. She is a young lady of much executive ability, strong convictions and the courage to back her opinions. Her husband will find that she will prove a real helpmeet in the problems that will confront them and he too may be said to have fared most fortunately in the matrimonial chance game.

After the ceremony that united these two couples, a wedding dinner was served that for quality and quantity left nothing to be wished for. It was plain that it had been prepared by expert cooks and it was evident that it was served by a bevy of young ladies who knew their business.

After the dinner a number of toasts were responded to, the speakers being B B Gislason, Prof R Fjeldsted, B Jones, Dr Theo THordarson and Rev E J Hinderlie. G B Bjornson acted as toastmaster.

The Mascot extends congratulations.


Harry Nogal and Miss Zephora Zvorak were married the other day at Marshall. Mr Nogal is head clerk at the Hotel Atlantic and Miss Zvorak has been head waitress at the same place, all of which proves that they both have a good head on.


Clarence Erickson and Miss Petra Stone were married at the home of the bride’s step-mother, Mrs Mary Stone, in this city, last Saturday [January 19, 1918] evening at 8 o’clock. Rev E J Hinderlie officiated. Only immediate relatives of the contracting parties were present.

The contracting parties are both residents of Canby, Mr Erickson being an electrician in that city and Miss Stone having for several years been a stenographer there.

The bride is a daughter of the late Thorstein Stone, of Minneota, and has spent her childhood in Minneota and vicinity. She is a popular young lady and Mr Erickson is much to be congratulated upon his good fortune.

The bridegroom we are told is a promising young man who has gained the confidence of his business associates and laid the foundation for a successful career.

Mr and Mrs Erickson left for Huron, S D, last Saturday night where they expect to spend a few days with friends. They will make their home in Canby. The Mascot extends congratulations.


Martin Kiley and Miss Nettie Stilkey were married at Brookings, S D, last Monday. They will make Minneota their home.

Martin has lived here since he was a boy and his bride comes from Lake Benton where her father is one of the prominent business men of that town. Miss Stilkey has visited in Minneota frequently, Mrs H L Krohling of this place being her aunt, so she comes here not as a stranger but as one who has already made friends and acquaintances in this village.

The Mascot takes pleasure in welcoming her to Minneota and we wish Mr and Mrs Kiley a happy


Married at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs W B Graham, on Monday, April 29th [1918] at 10:30 am, Agnes Graham to Carl Kloek. Rev A Longfield officiated, using the ring ceremony in uniting the lives of the happy pair.

Only a small number of immediate relatives and friends were present,

After the ceremony and congratulations, the company sat down to a delicious wedding breakfast.

Mr and Mrs Kloek left for a brief wedding trip returning yesterday. They will reside for the present at the Graham home.

The bride is one of Minneota’s foremost young ladies and the bridegroom one of our enterprising young business men, being proprietor of the Crescent theater.

Mr and Mrs Kloek have the best wishes of their many friends for a long, happy and successful life. The Mascot congratulates.

Jon Arngrimsson

Jon Arngrimsson, Minneota’s oldest inhabitant, died last Tuesday [April 30, 1918].He was 97 years and 6 months old.

Although he had been in good health until within the last fortnight he was not about much and stayed around home all the time.

He was the father of Arngrim Johnson, the senior member of the firm of Johnson & Co, of this city, and made his home with his son.

Jon Arngrimsson was born in Iceland October 20, 1820 and lived in that country until he was 57 years old. In 1877 he came with his family to America, his son, Arngrim, having come here the year before. Shortly after his arrival here his wife died. He filed on a homestead in the township of Lake Stay and lived there about five years. After this he made his home with Mr and Mrs Arngrim Johnson and has been with them ever since.

He is survived by four children: Arngrim, Mrs Peter Nelson, Mrs L Townsend and Mrs Hall Benson.

Judging by what we learn from those acquainted with this aged man, in the days of his activity he was a man of much energy and great capacity for work. Even up to the last he was always busy at something. During all the years of his long life he knew not a day of idleness.

His active life was really all spent in the old country and all those who knew him there speak of him in the most unstinted words of praise. Among his neighbors he was looked upon as a leader and his courage and character always exerted an influence for the good. His disposition was pleasing as was also his appearance and bearing. He was helpful to the needy and kind to all. There was nothing underhanded about him and his word once given was never broken. His just, honorable and upright life may be contemplated with satisfaction by his children and many grandchildren; and the aged friends who walked with him the path of the prime of life, on the rugged shores of the Sagaland, know that in his breast beat a heart responsive to the grief and gladness of his fellow travelers along life’s road.

The funeral was hald yesterday afternoon and was attended by many from town and country. Rev E J Hinderlie officiated, the services being conducted in the Icelandic Lutheran church.


John T Stone and Miss Alice Cora Jacobson were married at the Norwegian Lutheran parsonage in Minneota, Friday evening, May 24th [1918], Rev E J HInderlie officiated.

The bridegroom is a son of the late Thorstein Stone, of Minneota, and is one of the substantial farmers of Alta Vista, Lincoln county. He has been on the farm where he now resides since childhood and he is one of the best known young men of the neighborhood.

The bride is a daughter of J B Jacobson, formerly of Alta Vista, but now a resident of Canby. She is a young lady well and favorably known in the community and one who enjoys the friendship of a large circle.

Mr and Mrs Stone are a worthy couple and theirs will be a leading home in the neighborhood.

They left on the day of their marriage for northern Minnesota where they intended to spend a few days.

The Mascot joins their many friends in extending congratulations.


Asmundur Bjarnason and Miss Emma Peterson were married at the home of the Peterson family in Swede Prairie last Saturday evening [July 6, 1918] at 8 o’clock, Rev E J Hinderlie officiating.

There were nearly one hundred guests present and the large and elegant residence of Mr and Mrs S G Peterson took care of the crowd comfortably.

The ceremony took place in the sitting room and the bride entered on the arm of the bridegroom. The wedding march was played by Miss Anna C Johnson.

After the ceremony lunch was served which was followed by a short program of toasts. Those who responded were: Rev E J Hinderlie, J B Gislason, Mrs Elizabeth Nicholson, Miss Ellen Askdal, Miss Anna C Johnson and Jon Jonsson. G B Bjornson acted as toastmaster. The bridegroom responded to the toast with well chosen sentiments of appreciation.

The bride is a daughter of the late Gudmundur Peterson, one of the pioneers of Swede Prairie. She has been a teacher for a number of years and has held positions in schools of repute. She was for a while in North Dakota and later in Watertown, SD where she received much recognition for her work and where she was offered flattering inducements to remain. For the last two years she has had charge of the primary department in the Minneota school and her superior work here has been commended by patrons and faculty. Mr Bjarnason is much to be congratulated upon his good fortune in winning the hand of this worthy and capable young lady.

Asmundur Bjarnason has been in this locality as a carpenter for several summers and has won friends wherever he has made acquaintances. He is a quiet, careful and conservative man and there isnot a person here who has made his acquaintance but has a good word for him.

Mr and Mrs Bjarnason left for Minneapolis last Monday where they will make their home in the future. The Mascot joins their friends in extending the compliments of the occasion.


Miss Mary Ann Buysse and Hero J Maertens were married at St Edwards church last Tuesday morning [August 27, 1918] at 9 o’clock. The service was what is known as the nuptial high mass and was celebrated by Father W J Stewart, of this city, assisted by Father Van Walleghem, of Ghent.

Several hundred relatives of the contracting parties attended the service and after the ceremony at the church a wedding breakfast was served, at the home of the bride’s parents to a large number of guests. The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Buysse and is a pleasing young lady of fine personality and Mr Maertens is to be congratulated upon having succeeded in winning her hand.

Hero Maertens is a young man from the parish of Ghent and has always been looked upon as a very promising youth, richly endowed with the qualities that make a good community builder.

We congratulate Mr and Mrs Maertens and wish them happiness.


Eli Leslie Oliver and Miss Melba Gislason were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr and Mrs W B Gislason, on the evening of the 10th instant [ October 10, 1918].

The ceremony was performed by Rev G Guttormsson, in the presence of relatives of the bride.

The bride is a native of Minneota but left her with her parents when but a child and since their return to Minneota she has been away at school most of the time. She is a graduate of a Minneapolis high school and has spent two years at Hamline and is now a student at the University of Minnesota. She is a woman of charming personality and strong intellect. She will continue her studies at the University.

The bridegroom is a son of a well known newspaperman, A A Oliver, publisher of the Cass County Pioneer, of Walker, Minn., and is a graduate of the State University. He is now an instructor in the department of philosophy at the University and is also taking post-graduate work. He is a very brilliant young man and there can be no doubt that there is ahead of him a conspicuous career of usefulness.

Mr and Mrs Oliver left Friday for Minneapolis, where they will make their home.

The Mascot joins the friends and acquaintances of these young people in wishing them happiness.


Torkel Esping and Miss Katie E Tallakson were married at the bride’s home in Chicago on October 23 [`9`8], Rev Geo O Lillegard of the Lake View Lutheran church, officiating.

Mr and Mrs Esping arrived in Minneota last Friday.

Torkel certainly surprised his friends and neighbors by brining home a bride with him from his trip to Chicago as he had kept all such intentions to himsepf.

Torkel Esping is farming the old Esping homestead in Eidsvold and is one of the promising young farmers of this locality. His bride is a Chicago girl and the community extends to her a cordial welcome.

The Mascot congratulates.

De Baere-Hammerlink

Camiel De Baere and Miss Elizabeth Hammerlink were married at St Edwards church here last Monday morning [November 11, 1918], Father W J Stewart officiating.

The bride wore a beautiful pink gown and was accompanied by Miss Celina De Baere, as bridesmaid, while C Hammelink acted as best man.

A wedding dinner was served at the Hammerlink home after the ceremony. The contracting parties are from well known families of this community and enjoy an extensive acquaintance and are held in high regard here.

They will make their home in Burton township, to which place the best wishes of a large circle of friends go with them.

The Mascot congratulates.


John Swanson and Miss Hilda Hanson were married at the Norwegian Lutheran parsonage on Nov 13 [1918], Rev E J Hinderlie officiating.

The bridegroom is a son of N F Swanson, of Minneota, and the bride a daughter of Mrs H P Hanson, also of this city.

After the ceremony a wedding dinner for the relatives of the contracting parties was served at the home of the bride’s mother.

Both bride and groom are well known in the social circles of this locality. They have been prominent in all the social activities of the young people here and their acquaintance is extensive among the those who make up the younger set.

They left on the evening of the 13th for Marshalltown, Iowa, where they will spend some time with friends. When they return they will go farming on the bridegroom’s farm in Westerheim, where it is the sincere wish of a host of friends that a happy future awaits them.

The Mascot congratulates.



Two marriages were solemnized at St Edward’s church the first of the week, Father W J Stewart officiating in both instances.

The first marriage was that of William Downing and Miss Octavia Claeys, which took place Monday morning [November 25, 1918], relatives and intimate friends, only, being present.

The bridegroom is a son of Mr and Mrs B B Downing and the bride a daughter of Mr and Mrs Peter Claeys/ Both families are well known in the community.

A wedding dinner was served at the Claeys home at noon and a reception and dance were given at the same place in the evening.

The second marriage was that of John E Dreltz and Miss Emma Buysse, which was solemnized Tuesday morning [November 26, 1918]

The bridegroom is a young man whose home is at Jasper, MInn, and the bride is a daughter of a well known Westerheim couple, Mr and Mrs Frank Buysse. A wedding dinner was served at the Buysse home.

All the contracting parties are promising young people who carry away with them, to their new homes, the well wishes of a host of loyal and interested friends who will be glad to learn that they prosper and continue happy.

The Mascot extends its best wishes and congratulations all around.


Ole Skogen and Miss Mabel Helgeson were married at the Norwegian Lutheran parsonage last Friday [Dec 6, 1918], Rev E J Hinderlie officiating.

Ole Skogen is a son of Halvor Skogen, of Nordland, and is one of the substantial young farmers of that township.

The bride is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry Helgason, formerly residents of this locality but now residing in Roseau county, this state. She is a very pleasing young lady and the Mascot takes pleasure in welcoming her to this locality and extending to Mr and Mrs Skogen the best wishes for the future