Winter Closure

You missed it!!! If you had planned a trip through the museum this summer, it's too late now! We are closed for the winter. All the outdoor items have been brought into the main building, unfinished business has been taken care of, the computer and paperwork moved to my home. Take heart!! We will be back again next year, ready for our "show and tell". One of the displays taken down last week was of the request for information about the Spanish Flu epidemic. I felt badly, putting away the old sickroom equipment and supplies and changing clothes on the nurse. We were just a little too late for information we were looking for. Stories should have been taken down years ago, as the first hand story tellers are gone or unable to tell stories. AS I talked to different Seniors, (mostly during the fair) I was told of how, as children, they were told that relatives were ill, or that they had been ill, but there were none of the real insights that I was looking for. I did come away from my interviews with a couple of interesting stories and I will write them down for posterity and leave them in the museum. I found last year, that much as I wanted to write a Musings column, I could not get down what was needed without the inspiration of the items in the museum. This year I hope to share with you some of the history of the area as I study and learn it myself. Bear with me if you have heard some stories before, but there likely quite a few of us who will enjoy hearing them again.

by Ethel Thorlacius

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