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Monument Chapter


The following is a list of the Revolutionary War ancestors of the
members in the Monument Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

If you see a name you recognize as your direct ancestor, or think you may have a direct ancestor even though not listed here, you may be eligible to join the DAR - t
here are 123,000 proven patriots.

For further information about our patriots contact our Chapter Registrar.










Last Name First Name Rank or Service State
Adams Matthew Private NJ
Allen David Corporal VA
Applegate Richard Patriotic Service PA
Armentrout, Sr. Henry Captain VA
Armsbury John Private MA
Baker Smith Private MA
Banta Henry Patriotic Service PA
Barras Antonie Patriotic Service LA
Barrows Peter Private RI
Basset Joseph Private MA
Bell Thomas Patriotic Service, Private NC
Bement Jonathan Private CT
Bingham Abisha Sargeant CT
Blake Edward Private MA
Blake, Jr. Henry Non Commissioned Officer NH
Bost Elias Private, Patriotic Service NC
Breed Allen Civil Service CT
Brinker Henry Private PA
Bryant Amos Private MA
Bryant Stephen Private MA
Bush, Jr. Zacharias Lieutenant MA
Cadwallader Morris Soldier PA
Campbell John Private SC
Campbell, Sr. James Civil Service VA
Carr Sanders Sargeant NH
Carver James Private VA
Clark John Private CT
Clement Benjamin Patriotic Service VA
Clement Susanna Hill Patriotic Service VA
Cleveland Moses Captain CT
Comstock Adam Lieutenant Colonel, Civil Service RI
Crane Ebenezer Private CT
Crockett William Private VA
Curtis, Jr. Eleazer Major CT
Cutler Simeon Lieutenant MA
Danforth Asa Captain MA
DeHuff Abraham Captain PA
Dunning Josiah Sargeant NY/CT/VT
Earle Daniel Private MA
Edmonson William Sargeant NC
Ellis Robert Private SC
Faggert Jacob Patriotic Service NC
Farnum Eliab Captain CT
Faver Cutting Lieutenant NH
Finn James Soldier CT
Flanders Enoch Private MA
Forges Levi Private MA
Gano John Chaplain NY
George Robert Private GA
Gifford Wm. Bernard Captain NJ
Gould Tolcutt Midshipman CT
Grass Frederick Private VA
Grover, Sr. Thomas Captain MA
Hadsell James Patriotic Service CT
Hambright Frederick Lt. Colonel, Civil Service, Patriotic Service NC
Hardeman Thomas Patriotic Service NC
Harper, Jr. John Colonel NY
Harper Joseph Sargeant DE/MD
Hasbrouck Abraham Colonel, Patriotic Service NY
Hasbrough Abraham Colonel NY
Hermany John Sargeant PA
Hickman Charles Private PA
Hickok Thaddeus Soldier CT
Hitchcock, Jr. Abner Private MA
Hunt John Private, Patriotic Service NC
Ingersoll Wm Committee of Correspondence MA
Kellog Enoch Private CT
Kennedy David Corporal DE
Kennedy James Patriotic Service PA
Kenyon, Sr. John Private RI
Knowlton Thomas Private MA
Kreisher Simon Private PA
Langfitt William Civil Service VA
Longstreth John Lieutenant PA
Loucks Adam Private NY
Loveland Andrew Private, Patriotic Service CT
Maroney William Private DE
Mason Nathan Soldier MA
McCollum James Private PA
Mears John Captain PA
Mellen Joshua Private MA
Merriam Ebenezer Private MA
Mills Anthony Sargeant VA
Mitchell Jonathan Colonel MA
Moore, Jr. Benjamin Private MA
Morgan William A. Sargeant CT
Munger Joseph Private MA
Murray Daniel Private NY
Musser Christian Private PA
Newcomb Jessie Private CT
Nye Ebenezer Sargeant MA
Patterson James Captain, Patriotic Service MD
Pedigo Edward Private VA
Perry, Sr. David Private NY
Phillips James Private RI
Pingree Nathaniel Private MA
Pindall Philip Captain MD
Potter Stephen Sargeant RI
Preston Isaac Colonel NJ
Priddy Thomas Sargeant VA
Raymond Daniel Sargeant NY
Rench Andrew Colonel, Civil & Patriotic Service MD
Robertson Nathan Private MD
Rockwood Samuel Private VT/MA
Scovell Elisha Lieutenant CT
Shofner Michael Patriotic Service NC
Slayton Thomas Private MA
Smith, II Stephen Private CT
Snodgrass William Private VA
Spaulding Ephraim Private CT
Spencer James Patriotic Service PA
Spencer Mose Private VA
Spencer Samuel Private CT
Stevens Elisha Private CT
Stewart Matthew Private CT
Swift, Jr. Nathaniel Lieutenant CT
Todd Alexander Private, Patriotic Service PA
Tofflemire Martin Soldier, Patriotic Service VA
Tomlinson Agar/Agur Patriotic Service CT
Tyson William Patriotic Service PA
Utter Josiah Patriotic Service CT
Washburn James Sargeant MA
Waters Philemon Colonel SC
Weston, Sr. Ephraim Civil & Patriotic Service NH
Wheelock, Jr. Benjamin Sargeant MA
Whiting, Sr. Samuel Colonel CT
Wisecarver George Private, Patriotic & Civil Service PA
Womack Richard Soldier NC
Woods Archibald Captain VA
Wright Benjamin Patriotic Service NC
Wynne/Winn Robert Patriotic Service GA


















































































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