The Community of Upsala, Minnesota,

Presents this Token of Appreciation and Homage to its Sons, Who Patriotically Offered Their Lives for Upholding the Traditions and Honor of Our Country in the Righteous and Glorious cause of Liberty and Freedom, During the World War.

Upsala WWI Veterans

1. J. Johnson, 3rd Div. 7th Inf.

25. C. Jacobson, Co. B. 124th Eng.

48. W. Johnson, 74th Artillr. Bat. A.

2. C. Johnson, 3rd Div. 7th Inf.

26. A. Jacobson, Co. a. 123rd M.G.B.

49. R. Swanson, U.S. N. Air Station.

3. W. Johnson, 106 Engineers

27. A. Hedin, Co. I Armory.

50. R. Larson, Co.C. 139th Inf.

4. A. Johnson.

28. G. Hedin, Co. D, 312 Supply Tr.

51. O. Olson, Co. A. 313th Eng.

5. O. Johnson, 28 Div 111th Inf.

29. J. Peterson, Co. E. 305 Eng.

52. A. C. Peterson, Co. G. 342 Inf.

6. A. E. Peterson, 5th M. G. Br.

30. P. Peterson, Co. H. 33rd Inf.

53. E. Soderlin, U.S. Armed Guard.

7. R. A. Peterson, Co. L. 132nd Inf.

31. O. M. Peterson, 479th Aero Squad.

54. C. Erickson, U.S.S. Miss.

8. H. A. Peterson, Bat. A. 125th F. A.

32. C. Johnson, Co. E.. 429th Tele. Bn.

55. Geo. Johnson.

9. E. Hanson, U.S.S. Potahaton.

33. V. Erlandson, Btry. B. 331st F. A.

56.Gust Johnson, 6th, Co. Inf., Dept.

10. W. Hanson, Navy.

34. F. Forslund, 42, Co. 11, T. R.-B. N.

57. H. Paulson, Co. A. 317 Inf.

11. E. Lund, Co. M. 135th Inf.

35. T. Wedin, Batt. B. 72nd Artill.

58. C. Stroman, U.S.S.Mohican

12. A. Lund, 2nd Engineers.

36. E. Sondahl, Salvage Div. Q. M. C.

59. E. Okerson, Evac. Hospt. No. 30.

13. E. Erlandson, 24th Co. M. G.

37. W. Carlson, U.S. Navy

60. E. Carlson.

14. H. Erlandson, 11th P. Recruit

38. K. Rydholm, 363 Inf. Co. L.

61. G. Runquist, Co. G. 54 Inf.

15. Geo. Erickson, Co. C. Div. B.

39 D. Peterson, Rifle Range Det.

62. J. Nordstrom, Chem. Warfare.

16. G. Erickson, Co. F. 138 Inf.

40. W. Anderson, Co.135th A. A.

63. E. Nyquist, Co. 42, 11th Battal.

17. H. Edstrom, 55 Guard Regt.

41. O. Nelson, Co. K. 331st. Inf.

64, F. Sundstrom.

18. E. Edstrom, Co. C. 18 Inf.

42. J. Anderson

65. G. Holman, Co. L. 358 Inf.

19. L. Hogstrom, 13th Cas. Co. 1st Reg.

43.H. Johnson, Co. B. 4th U.S. Inf.

66. S. Melby, Co. D. 74th Eng.

20. E. Hogstrom, Co. 84. A.S.C.

44. W. Stenholm, H’d’q’rs 102 US Inf.

67. A. Erlandson, Co. D. 7th A.A.M.G.

21. J. Bergman, 19th Co. R. C. T.

45. C. Bolstrom, 34th Div.

68. M. Johnson, 74th Artill. C. A. C.

22. L. Bergaman, 19th Co. R. C. T.

46. Eddie Nelson, U.S.S. Pochohontas.

69. N. Swanson, Co. J. 106 Inf.

23. A. Stein

47. A. Johnson, Co. D. 58 Inf.

70. R. Olson, Co. F. 54th, Inf.

24. E. Stein, M. G. Co. 87th Inf.


Thank you to Barbara Nelson for providing this document.

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