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Morrison County 
Townships, Towns and Villages

Towns, Townships, and Village information (Park Genealogical Books, Research Notes)

Map of Townships

Agram Township

Part of Pierz township prior to 1874, and after that it was known as Fish Lake township. In July, 1886 the name was changed to Agram. Towns and villages: none.

Belle Prairie Township

Organized in 1859. Towns and villages: Gravelville (1876), Freedhem.

Bellevue Township

Organized 1858. Towns and villages: Royalton (1877), Vawter (1908-1940s).

History of Royalton and the Surrounding Area

Buckman Township

Organized in 1874. Towns and villages: Buckman (1879), Dixville, Little Rock.

Buh Township

Belle Prairie, organized in 1859, originally comprised Buh Township. In July 1895, Buh township was organized out of Pierz township and named after Father Buh. Towns and villages: West Lastrup, North Pierz.

Clough Township

Named for David Marston Clough, lumberman and former governor of Minnesota. Organized October, 1890 from land that was originally part of Motley township. Later on parts of Green Prairie township were added. Towns and villages: none.

Culdrum Township

Cut off from Little Falls township in 1870. Pike Creek and Swanville townships were once part of it. Named after Culdrum, Ireland. Towns and villages: Flensburg (1890).

Cushing Township

Originally part of Motley township. Cut off on October 12, 1891. Named after John B. Cushing, lumber baron and railroad official. Towns and villages: Cushing (1907).

Darling Township

Part of Green Prairie township until 1868. First organized as Randall township. Became Darlign township in 1891. Named for William L. Darling, chief engineer of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Towns and villages: Randall (1890)

Elmdale Township

Towns and villages: Elmdale (1841), Upsala (1880s).

Welcome to Upsala
Upsala Cemetery Index

Granite Township

Organized in July 1902. Was one time part of Belle Prairie township. Towns and Villages: East Lastrup (1892), Granite City (1858-1865).

Green Prairie Township

Organized in 1868, utting off from Belle Prairie and comprising territory from which the townships of Motley, Scandia Valley, Darling, Parker and Clough were set aside. Towns and villages: Camp Ripley.

Camp Ripley

Hillman Township

Part of Pierz township until July 7, 1902. Named after Mr.Hillman, an early settler. Towns and villages: none.

Lakin Township

Organized in1903 and named after Fred H. Lakin, an early settler. Lakin township was set aside from territory known first as Oakwood and then Morrill township. Towns and villages: none.

Leigh Township

Organizedin 1908 out of Belle Prairie township. Named after Joseph Leigh, an early settler. Towns and villages: Hillman (1906).

Little Falls Township

First formed in 1856. Named after the falls in the MIssissippi River. Towns and villages: Little Falls (1855).

Explore Little Falls

Little Falls Community Information

Morril Township

Organized in 1881 as Oakwood township. It was renamed Morrill in 1885 after Albert C.Morill, an early settler. Towns and villages: Morrill (1910), Ramey (1903).

Motley Township

Formed from Green Prairie township in 1879 and cut down in 1895. Towns and Villages: Motley (1870/1879).

Staples-Motley Area

Mount Morris Township

Organized in 1897 from Little Falls township. Towns and villages: none.

Parker Township

Organized in 1880 out of Green Prairie township. Named for its first settler, G. F. Parker. Towns and villages: none.

Plat Map of Parker Township (Tim Winker, Wink Timber Media Agency)

Pierz Township

Organized in1868 and named in honor of Father Francis Xavier Pierz. Originally included Mt. Morris and Hillman. Towns and villages: Genola (1907), Pierz (1887).

City of Pierz

Pike Creek Township

Part of Little Falls township from1856 until 1870, then divided between Culdrum and Little Falls townships. Organized in 1880. Towns and Villages: none.

Platte Township

Organized in 1899 and named after the Platte River which runs through it. Towns and Villages: none.

Pulaski Township

Named after the Polish General Casimir Pulaski who fought under George Washington. Originally part of Ripley township. Organized 1899. Towns and Villages: Harding (1920s).

Rail Prairie Township

Named after Case Rails, one of the first pioneers in this territory. Created on 8 January 1890 as Rails Prairie township. Towns and Villages: none.

Richardson Township

Named after the pioneer Nathan Richardson. Richardson township was created on 7 January 1903. Before that it was part of Ripley township. Towns and villages: none.

Ripley Township

Created in 1856 and allocated to to be included in the military reservation of Fort Ripley. Towns and villages: Fort Ripley.

Rosing Township

Organized on 7 July 1902 from land that was comprised in Motley township. Named for Leonard A. Rosing, the democratic candidate for Governor of Minnesota in 1902. The township was originally called Crow WIng, but on 1 September 1902 it was changed to Rosing. Towns and villages: Gull River.

Scandia Valley Township

Created in1893 from land that was originally in Motley township. Towns and villages: Lincoln (1893).

Swan River Township

Created in 1874 and named after the Swan River. Towns and villages: Sobieski (formerly Ledoux) (1890/1918).

Swanville Township

Created from the Swan River township on 12 October 1892. Towns and villages: Swanville (1882).

Two Rivers Township

Named after the Two Rivers streams in the area. Originally in Todd county, became part of Morrison in 1864. Towns and villages: Bowlus (1907), North Prairie (1864).

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