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Assistant Coordinator: Kathy Pike

Assistant Coordinator: Mark Ashley




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Welcome to Mower County Genealogy

This site is part of the Minnesota Genealogical Web (MNGenWeb) project, which is in turn part of the USGenWeb project. The USGenWeb Project consists of a large group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for family history research in every county in every state of the Union. The Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone.

My name is Kermit Kittleson, also the county coordinator for Mitchell and Floyd Counties in Iowa; and it is my goal to build the best source for family history information for Mower County, Minnesota. Of course, to do this I will need your help. If you have access to non-copyrighted, genealogical information, please consider sending it to me as a computer file, and I will see about getting it added to this site as soon as possible. And, yes, I was born right there in Austin -- so I speak the same language, and even have the same accent.

Kathy Pike of Austin is the Assistant County Coordinator for Mower County Genealogy -- and is a great help since she knows the area well, and since I am in eastern Iowa... Well, you get the idea.

Please send me your comments, questions or suggestions about what you'd like to see on this site. Use the Email link at the bottom of the page.

Everything I have concerning Mower County is somewhere on this web site, so lookups or research requests sent to me are unlikely to produce results. If you're looking for specific information, try the "Resources" page, or post a query on the "Queries" message board.


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We can always use volunteers!! Please consider volunteering to help. It can be anything from doing lookups (if you live in Mower county or have related reference material), to transcribing your obits, to being a county coordinator for any county you're interested in. The more volunteers we have the easier free information will be to find and keep off of the pay sites. To help out, please contact me at

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Posting information to query boards about living persons is not allowed. Any posts containing such information will be deleted without notice.
Also, this is not the forum for searching for lost but still living relatives. Postings like this will also be deleted without notice.

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