Early Western Murray County, History

This book was written by my grandfather, Robert B. Forrest, and published in 1947. My grandfather was a newspaperman with a passion for local history. He put out the weekly Lake Wilson Pilot for many years, then in his retirement wrote a weekly column for the Murray County Herald for many more. The book is in two parts. Part 1 contains vignettes on different aspects of the history of Murray County, Minnesota, from the voyageurs through World War II. Many portions were taken directly from my grandfather's weekly newspaper columns. Some stories are specific to this local area. Others apply generally to the conditions encountered by all those 19th Century pioneers who first settled the vast Midwest American prairie.

Part 2 of the book presents brief histories of 66 early families who settled in and near Lake Wilson and Hadley, Minnesota. The material for each history was provided by the individual family concerned.

Many of the photographs in the book were taken by Martin Forrest between 1895 and 1920. Marty was my granduncle and an avid photographer. He did all his own photo processing and left behind a collection of hundreds of photos.

As much as possible, the original text is presented with no changes of any kind. I have tried to introduce no new errors during the process of scanning and text conversion. However, some errors are unavoidable. I would be grateful to readers who point them out to me. I will correct my transcription errors and in time will try to add an errata page of mistakes in the original book.

Copyright to the contents of this book is held by the several descendants of the original author. Readers are welcome to quote from the book provided credit is given to the original book. Portions of the book may be reproduced for readers' own family histories, provided such histories are not intended for commercial purposes, and provided credit is given to the original book. All other use of the text or photographs without permission of a descendant of the original author is expressly forbidden.

Robert B. Forrest III(rbforrest@mail.com)

Whidbey Island, Washington
January, 2001



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