The Hersey Cemetery Association had early beginnings.  In 1876 Hersey had completed arrangements to establish it in the N.W. corner of Section 35.  The R.R. Co. agreed to deed four acres to the said association upon payment of $20.  The board of trustees asked that those who wanted a lot should inform them and pay $1.  The first board was Martin HERSER, Ira COLE and Jonathan GORDON.

            In 1903 a meeting was called at the F.R. GEYERMAN home for organization of a public cemetery society to arrange for care and upkeep of the cemetery.

            There is a tombstone in the Hersey cemetery that has been there since 1892, the inscription is weather beaten and hard to read, but it’s message might well be heeded by people of all faiths.  The inscription is thus:


                                    “Remember, friend, when you pass by,

                                    As you are now, so once was I,

                                    As I am now, you once will be.

                                    Prepare yourself to follow me.”