We are grateful to Mrs. John EBERT, B. KRUKEMEYER, R.J. MEIER, Mrs. Gus FINKE and Mrs. Henry BAUCHLE for the pictures used in this book.  Especially do we wish to thank the Minnesota Farmers Union, who did all the engraving, free of charge.

A special “thank you” to those who gave information, the proof readers and assemblers, to those whose names appear, making it possible that this book might be printed and sold at a price within the reach of everyone, and last but not least, Gordon and Betty NICKELS, who worked so diligently on the publication.



The following businesses and individuals made possible to publication of this book by their financial support:

Presbyterian Church, Bill’s Farm Store; American Legion; John and Alice EBERT; Albert WEHLER; Frank ESSER; Larry NELSON; E.J. MCCAUSLAND; First Nat’l Bank; STRUBLE Barber Shop; Brewster Tribune; NELSON Bros.; WEINANDT Hardware; Al’s Blacksmith Shop; MCCONNEL & LUECK Imp.; K & V Store; R.V. BERREAU, Constr.; John & Vince Garage; KRUKEMEYER Stanley Home Prod.; Brewster Drum Corps; American Legion Auxiliary; Brewster Lumber Co.; O.L. NAUMANN; Brewster Fire Dept.; EVERSON’S Hardware; Fred W. KOSTER; Francis R. WILLIAMS; A. J. KANE; Erick MARTINSON; Benson Furniture Co.; Worthington Globe; HANSON Funeral Home; W.G. QUARNSTROM; Brewster Boy Scout (Troop 134); Mr. and Mrs. August ANDERSON; Mr. and Mrs. Pete WESTHAUSER; Mrs. Panzie WAKEMAN; Brewster Civic Club; Worthington Cleaners; Mr. and Mrs. C.W. LIEN; Frank KRUKEMEYER; Gertrude CROSS; Allan DRAFT; Nobles County Co-op Oil Co.; Park Hotel; Brewster Electric; Lee’s Café; PALMER’S Skelgas; JOHNSON Drug Store; SWEENEY’S Place; Farmer Co-op Elevator; HUBBARD Milling Co.; EBERT Texaco Station; GRAF Garage; Pete ANDERSON & Son; Northland Ice Cream; ZAISER’S Dairy; Bill’s Food Market; Peter’s Delicious Meat Products; Clair NUSSER; James MCNAB; J.C. BARDEN; Hank’s Skelly Station; Don and Betty BERREAU; Alvin and Eleanore EBELING; Coca Cola Bottling Co.; RILEY Oil Co.; Marvin BAUMGARD, Corn-sheller; Ray BUSCH; Merle HANSON; Jake MEYER; Pfeister Hybrid; Henry PEIL; Wendell WEHLER; Harry ALGREN; Arvid’s Red Oil; Dorothy’s Beauty Shop; Brewster Farmers Union; Nobles Co. Farmers Union; Phil LOWE; JOHNSON Cleaners; Trinity Lutheran Church; H.A. GUNTHER; Otto A. GILOMEN; Amos P. OBERMOLLER; Ivar MARTINSON, Mable’s Café; Fulda Cleaners; NELSON’S Ice Cream; Southwestern Sales Pavalion , Worthington; NYSTROM Bros. Fruit Farm; Joe MCCARVEL & Sons; Sacred Heart Catholic Church; MEOW’S Seed Corn; Dr. D.J. HALPERN.