In 1876, Mr. LENZEN (sic) built a cheese factory 3 miles south of Hersey.  Mr. PHELPS of Round Lake was in charge.  It took milk from a herd of 50 cows to keep it stocked.  Swiss cheese and a type of longhorn were made.  In July business was good and 65 cows were required.  After the factory closed down a meeting was called in HEISERíS store to consider organizing a factory.  Those in attendance did not favor a partnership affair, but did believe they could find enough interested farmers to furnish milk if a factory could be obtained.  Charlie BURROWS was instructed to advertise for one.

In January 1877 milk was furnished by Fred and John MEYER, LENSONíS (sic) and Otto BERREAU.

            Not too many years ago, parts of the old factory equipment could still be found in DAVISíS grove.

            In 1909 a Brewster Cement Works was begun.  At one time five men were employed here.  It was started by Jim MONTGOMERY, John MCCARVELíS barn was the factory building, made from their own blocks.  The house on the Joseph SMITH farm and the tool shed at the town cemetery are also made from blocks from this factory.  In 1921 the factory was sold.  It was found to be too far from the track and shipping facilities were lacking.

            In 1911, there was talk of a sugar beet factory, but it did not materialize.