In 1903 an ad was run in the Tribune stating we still have a large stock of furniture to close out and offer it below cost.  The Park Furniture Company.

            The KAUFMAN Furniture Store was started in Brewster in 1873, started by John KAUFMAN, who learned the trade of cabinet maker in the old country.  Nicholas KAUFMAN lived on his fatherís farm until 1902, after attending the Brewster school and the Brecht College at Wilder.  In 1902 he bought his fatherís store, where he continued in furniture and implement business.  In 1907 Nick KAUFMAN handled Richardson carpets, also Empire Separators.  He had the largest and most complete stock of furniture for miles around.

            In 1911 he built an addition to his building and put in a freight elevator to help handle heavy stock.

            Emil LUDTKE was in his employ from 1915 to 1926.

            In 1925 Mr. KAUFMAN moved the house from the rear of his building to a lot he had purchased.  This is the John LUECK house and was used by Hattie KAUFMAN (Mr. A.C. EVERSON) for a millinery shop years ago.

            Mr. KAUFMAN sold automobiles, getting them in car-load lots.  He later had a garage and sold White Eagle gasoline.

            John and Nick KAUFMAN were morticians and did undertaking in their establishment.  The older people tell me a hearse was in early days called a democrat wagon.

            After the death of his father, Nick KAUFMAN had men come from Worthington to help with the undertaking.

            After Nick KAUFMANíS death Mrs. KAUFMAN (nee Ida CASPAR) sold the furniture and implements at auction.