Source: "Heron Lake News" Heron Lake, Jackson County, Minnesota. Thursday, January 3, 1928. Pg. 7.


bullet*I am buying hides, furs and rabbits. Raymond JANDA, Kinbrae, Minn.--adv.
bullet*Frank LANGER of Worthington was a business caller here Wednesday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Art RUTHENBECK and family and Mrs. C.C. MEYER were Worthington shoppers Friday.
bullet*Ora COURTRIGHT and daughter Shirley, motored to Quinby, Ia., Saturday to visit Mr. COURTRIGHT's mother, who is ill.
bullet*Mrs. Basil CULVER and children came Monday to visit at the L.P. PEDERSON home. Mr. CULVER came Friday and accompanied them home Saturday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Bert PAULSON and daughters, Dona and Betty, of Worthington visited at the Mrs. Emma PAULSON home Sunday.
bullet*Mrs. Mary BURKE of Dexter came Saturday to visit at the Leo BURKE home a few days.
bullet*Herbert BRIGGER returned from Gault, Ia., Saturday where he spent the last week visiting his brother, Walter, and family.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Frank SCHRIEBER were Heron Lake callers Saturday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Harry BASHANS and daughter, Bernine, and Joseph JANDA and Edna BASHANS of Westbrook visited at the John JANDA home Sunday.
bullet*Mrs. Leo BURKE and son, Billie, and Evelyn and Elaine SEGAR were Worthington callers Friday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Walter JOHNSON and daughter and Kenneth HARTBERG of Rake, Ia., came Saturday to spend a week with Mrs. JOHNSON's mother, Mrs. PAULSON. They returned to their home Sunday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Art RUTHENBECK and family were dinner guests at the F.W. MEYER home at Okabena Sunday.
bullet*Miss Leona DUNCAN of Dundee is working at the Neil THOMPSON home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Paul PAULSON and family were Heron Lake callers Sunday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Liepold and son, Leslie, were callers at the Mrs. Emma PAULSON home Sunday.
bullet*Mrs. Elmer SKEWIS and children were Worthington shoppers Friday.
bullet*William FURY returned to his home at Wahpeton, N.D., Wednesday.
bullet*Lloyd NIMERFROH, who is barbering at Westbrook, was on the sick list this past week.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Neil THOMPSON and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chris THOMPSON and family and Miss Gertrude BRIGGER were Christmas eve guests at the L.P. PEDERSON home.
bullet*Mrs. C.C. MEYER, Mrs. J.J.. NIMERFROH and Mrs. G.H. ERLANDSON visited at the James FURY home Thursday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SKEWIS visited at the C.A. FLISCHER home Sunday.
bullet*William and Mike FURY and Leroy SEGAR visited at the Frank HEDRICK home Tuesday.


bullet*Mr. and Mrs. S. MONTGOMERY and daughter, Ruth, and Mr. and Mrs. F.D. MITCHELL and son, Rodney, visited at the Dewey MONTGOMERY home at Worthington Thursday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Henry WEAVER and son, Bobby Jack, were Worthington callers Wednesday.
bullet*Mrs. James TIGHE entertained a few of her friends at a luncheon Tuesday afternoon.
bullet*Miss Florence KAUFMAN, who is teaching at Forest Lake, Minn., is spending the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Ida KAUFMAN.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Ed. LUMKUEHL and family of Primghar, Ia., spent Christmas at the Ethel MCCHESNEY home.
bullet*Mrs. Anna HAAS and daughter, Mildred, of Harris, Ia., spent the holidays with Mrs. HAAS' parents, Mr. and Mrs. George LAMP.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. F.D. MITCHELL and family and Mr. and Mrs. John JARMER and daughters of Heron Lake and Jack JARMER of Milwaukee, Wis., spent Christmas day at the S. MONTGOMERY home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Albert BERREAU and daughter of St. James and Mr. and Mrs. Matt HUSS and children of Fairmont spent Christmas at the John SILVER home.
bullet*The German Lutheran Ladies Aid will meet in the church basement Thursday, Jan. 3. Mrs. Henry KUEHL and Mrs. Emil SCHARPING will be the hostesses.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. James TIGHE and daughter, Alice, were Sunday guests at the Carl HARTMAN home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Charlie PARKER spent Christmas at the L.P. HANSON home in Butterfield.
bullet*The following spent Christmas at the James TIGHE home: Mr. and Mrs. Tilford JOHNSON and children of Windom, Mr. and Mrs. Mike MURRAY and children of Tyler, Mr. and Mrs. Carl HARTMAN and children and Mr. and Mrs. Nick HARTMAN.
bullet*Little Eileen HARTMAN visited at the James TIGHE home a few days this week.
bullet*W.C. KNUTH and family of Balaton, Minn., spent Christmas with the home folks.
bullet*S. MONTGOMERY and F.D. MITCHELL and sons Charles and Junior, were Heron Lake callers Monday.
bullet*Miss Florence MCCHESNEY was a Worthington caller Thursday.
bullet*Mrs. James TIGHE and daughter, Alice, and Eileen HARTMAN were Sioux Falls, D.C., callers Wednesday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. F.J. BEECHAM of Jackson spent Christmas at the John VORKEES (sic) home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. John MCCAULY of Omaha spent Christmas at the Tom JOHNSON home. 


bullet*Miss Anna STIEDT and Miss Lucille CHRESTENSON were Heron Lake shoppers Wednesday.
bullet*The farm house of Mr. and Mrs. Joe GARLAND at the Wavertree farm burned to the ground Christmas night about midnight. The fire was caused by a defective chimmey (sic). They were able to save part of the furniture and clothing, also the piano.
bullet*F.D. SONTAG was a caller at the Jim DOLAN home at Fulda Thursday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Arthur CHRISTENSEN and daughters, Dolores and Joyce, were supper guests Sunday at the J. E. CHRESTENSON home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. J.J. ARENS brought Gregory home from the Slayton hospital Tuesday, were he had been a few weeks for treatment. He has a touch of T.B. caused from influenza.
bullet*Mrs. Ben DYSTHE and daughter, Jacqueline, of Iona came Monday and visited until Wednesday with Mrs. DYSTHE's mother, Mrs. Anna FRIED.
bullet*Mrs. COSGROVE and Grace visited in Worthington a few days of last week.
bullet*A.P. ARENS returned to his home in St. Paul Sunday after spending a week here with home folks.
bullet*F.D. LINDQUIST and Ernest TUTSCH attended the Mrs. J. DOLAN funeral at Fulda Friday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Geo. DEIMER and family were guests at the Bruce WILKIN home near Heron Lake Sunday.
bullet*The Presbyterian Ladies Aid was entertained at the Otto BROWN home Thursday. The aid will meet at the home of Mrs. B.R. BODELSON Jan. 10. 
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. C.C. JEPPESEN and family and Mr. and Mrs. E.C. ZEINER and family were dinner guests Sunday at the J.W. ZEINER home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. B.N. BODELSON were dinner guests Sunday at the B.R. BODELSON home.
bullet*Mrs. Wm. NAGLE and Mrs. Henry EWY of Avoca visited between trains with Miss Ann STIEDL Thursday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Pete KOOPMAN and daughters spent Christmas at the H.P. PFINGSTEN home southwest of Fulda. Miss Esther PFINGSTEN came back with them for a few days visit.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. S.H. NELSON and daughter Ruth, and son, Raymond were Fulda callers Tuesday evening.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Earl SMITH of St. James and Mr. and Mrs. Ray SMITH of Worthington visited at the S.H. NELSON home Monday evening.
bullet*Raymond NELSON took his sister Ruth to Worthington Wednesday morning where she took the bus to Sioux Falls after having spent Christmas with home folks.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Floyd SMITH of Davenport, Iowa, arrived here Monday and visited until Tuesday at the home of Mrs. SMITH's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. NELSON, and with relatives at Worthington.
bullet*Tom DOWNEY of Fulda was a business caller here Thursday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Walter PETERSON motored to the Twin Cities Wednesday for a few days' stay.
bullet*Clifford JOHNSON and Verne CHRESTENSON motored to Montevideo Monday to get Miss Edna JOHNSON, who spent Christmas here with hold folks.
bullet*Miss Carmen SCHMIDT of Caspian, Mich., arrived Saturday to spend the two weeks vacation with her folks.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Robt. BRAATEN and sons spent Christmas day with relatives at Avoca.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. W.H. HOLM and son, Max, of Avoca and Mr. and Mrs. Theo. HAWKINS and daughter, Patricia, of Fulda spent Christmas here at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. SECREST.
bullet*Mrs. SWAN of Kinbrae visited Wednesday here with Mrs. Mike MCGLIN.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. R.O. LYONS and daughter, Geneva, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd LYONS and baby spent Christmas eve at the H.O. LYONS home at Windom.
bullet*Miss Margaret KNOTT of Fulda visited Christmas day with home folks, Mr. and Mrs. F.J. KNOTT.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. J.E. CHRESTENSON and daughter, Lucille, attended the funeral of the late Mr. J. DOLAN at Fulda Friday.
bullet*Mrs. M.A. ARENS and daughter, Elizabeth, were Fulda callers Friday.  
bullet*Vernon and Kenneth CHRESTENSON were Windom business callers Saturday.
bullet*Frank AUMER and son, Paul, were Fulda business callers Friday.
bullet*Walter HOLM of Avoca came down Friday night and got his wife and son, Wm. Max, who have been visiting at the Sm. SECREST home. Miss Pansy SECREST accompanied them to their home for an indefinite stay.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Wm. COSGROVE and children and Miss Margaret COSGROVE were Saturday evening dinner guests at the R.C. Olson home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Carl HAGEN and sons, and Joe FRIED of Avoca spent Monday evening at the home of Mr. HAGEN's brother, Mrs. Anna FRIED (sic).
bullet*P.H. NELSON of Sioux Falls arrived Fridady (sic) evening to spent New Year's with his wife and daughters.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Wm. LIEPOLD and daughter of Kinbrae were dinner guests Christmas at the Anna DUNCAN home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Wm. MOORE and family were dinner guests Sunday at the Ben JOHNSON home.
bullet*Rev. LARSEN of Avoca attended the Christmas program given at the Lutheran church Thursday evening.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. R.C. OLSON and daughters, Muriel and Betty, were dinner guests
bulletSunday at the Frank WILKIN home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. John EICHLER and Baby of Avoca visited with Miss Anna STIEDL Sunday evening.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. G.A. MILLER of Bushnell, S.D., visited Thursday at the Wm. COSGROVE home.
bullet*Mr. and Mr. (sic) Wm. COSGROVE and children and Miss Margaret COSGROVE visited at the E. HUTZELL home near Brewster Sunday.
bullet*Miss Anna STIEDL was entertained at the J.C. CHRESTENSON home Sunday evening.

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