In 1903 A.L. and F.D. WELLS purchased the machinery and implement business of George E. HAGERMAN.  In 1904 the Jas. A. SMITH Lumber and Implement Company closed out all implements.  In 1905 A.L. WELLS sold his interest to F.D. WELLS in the Wells Bros. Concern.  N.A. ARVIDSON purchased the business and carpenters, WEAVER and HOHLE, were engaged to make some improvements.

            In 1906 ARVIDSONíS were dealers in farm implements, buggies, wagons and windmills.  The following year the place was sold to W.E. ROBERTS of Willmar who had no interest in locating here.  He engaged C.B. ANDREWS to work for him.  Later they sold part of the machinery at auction.  M.J. BARBER traded Mr. ROBERTS out of the shop and planned to move the remainder of the stock to Worthington.  Robert R. SMITH bought the building and hired L.H. THOMPSON to manage it.  Bad weather delayed the opening.  This new company requested all persons who had bought machinery at a previous auction sale and did not get it to present their claims and the new company tried to right them.  In 1911 SMITH Implement bought a new Flanders auto so that they would be able to make quicker trips to the country to do repairing.

            In 1914 L.H. THOMPSON went to Worthington for SMITH Implement and Pete DOEDEN came to take care of it here.  In 1915 Jack FOLLEN resigned at the shop and John SORENSON took his place.  In 1916 Pete purchased the business and sold it in 1947 to Lloyd LUDTKE.  Barney KUEHL worked at the shop for a great number of years.

            In 1953 The Brewster Implement closed.  Lloyd LUDTKE purchased the Dee Implement at Worthington.

            In 1951 WEINANDT and MCCONNELL started an Implement business.  In 1954 MCCONNELL moved to the creamery building where he wells implements and John LUECK runs a repair shop, assisted by his two sons, Myron and Calvin.