In 1933 G.L. GEYERMAN began a Liquor Store (Off-Sale) when GEYERMAN’S closed out the grocery business.  Mr. EDMUNDS, his father-in-law helped him run it.  In 1939 he purchased the PETTY Building, remodeled it, and moved his business.  He rented the north half to the ‘Tribune’.  Barney KRUKEMEYER worked for him.

            In 1948 Steve VAN WESTON started a store in the Park Hotel.  Dan SILVER ran it for him.  In 1949 VAN WESTON put up a Perma-Stone building with large plate glass windows.  He disposed of the business to Ray KINSMAN.  The building was badly damaged by fire in December of ’49 and the stock destroyed.  Bottles were blowing up in all directions, sounding like weird explosions during the blaze.  Joe FOLLEN purchased the building in 1950.

            GEYERMAN’S Liquor Store became a Municipal store in 1950, with Dan SILVER and Barney KRUKEMEYER employees.  Barney has retired, but Dan SILVER is still the manager, his only assistant being Mrs. Margaret SILVER.  During illness or vacation, Jay BARDEN’S smiling face illuminates from behind the counter.