In 1906 Chas. STUDE and H.H. PINZ bought F.D. WELLS milling outfit and put up a building back of B.T. MCCHESNEY’S shop.

            In 1908 H.B. NELSON bought STUDE’S interest in the mill and moved it in the back of the Merchantile Store.

            Fred BEHNKE also had a feed mill which he later traded for some property and an auto.

            In later years portable grinders: Frank PARRISH, 1937 Dave NOLDE continues yet in business, 1947 Ed HASS, 1950 Robert BAIRD, 1938 KRAFT Bros., 1938 Ted GRANN.

            The elevator put in a large feed grinder in 1923.  Numerous portable grinders have been in operation of which I believe Dave NOLDE has been in business the longest being twenty-one years.  NOLDE has resided in Brewster and Worthington and lives in Worthington at present.