As early as 1904 Brewster advertised photography.  In that year Lewis DIERKS, who made a specialty of pictures on buttons and large cards with frames included, attended a convention at St. Paul.

            In 1905 GIESSEL bought DIERKS photo car and moved it between his building and the bank.  The following year E.F. BUCHAN visited Brewster two times each month at GIESSELíS.

            In 1907 the Penny Photo Gallery located over the Brewster Hardware for two weeks.  The pictures were twenty-five for twenty-five cents with five different poses.  In the same year E.F. BUCHAN sold the photo car he purchased from GIESSEL.

            In 1911 STRONKS and KUNZEMAN took postal card pictures to be made in dozen lots or more.  Billy BIERS also had a photo studio in 1911.

            In 1912 Mr. BLUME was at the land office in the MCCHESNEY Building (upstairs of Sam PALMER Bldg.)  He called himself BLUME, the Fashionable Photographer.  In 1913 BIERS again opened a studio in the old WEY building.  Pictures were taken and finished on short notice.  He was later located where Bob KNITTEL now lives.

            Chris LIEN took many pictures of Brewster in its early years.

In 1931 F.J. OPPEK had taken up photography and had several pictures in the Tribune.