Source: "Lakefield Standard" Thursday, December 15, 1921. Pg. 10. Col. 3


Herman Gerdes.

Herman GERDES, son of Mrs. H. GERDES of Ewington township, died at the Heron Lake hospital, Sunday, Dec. 4, 1921, at 7:30 p.m.

A dark gloom spread over the whole community when it was whispered from one to another that Herman GERDES had passed away. He was a manly fellow, bright and winning in his ways, so that friendship's circle was to him a large one. Indeed, it can be said of him that none knew him but to like him.

Mr. GERDES' fatal sickness was of brief duration. He was operated upon last Wednesday, November 30, for appendicitis. Complications set in which caused death.

He was aware hours before death that he could not live, and his time, when the acute pain would allow it, was taken in sending last messages to his relatives and friends, and affirming his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He died with a prayer on his lips.

Sorrowing relatives were at the bedside when the end came.

Miss Etta HUEBNER, who was to become the bride of Mr. GERDES during the month of January, 1922, arrived at the hospital too late to see him alive.

Herman GERDES was 23 years old, February 14, 1921. Funeral services were held at the family home at 1 o'clock today and 2:30 o'clock at the Brewster Lutheran church, Rev. KRIEGER delivering the farewell sermon. He was buried in the Brewster cemetery.

Those left to mourn his loss are the mother, Mrs. H. GERDES, four brothers, John GERDES of Brewster, Frank, Hie and George of Ewington; three sisters, Mrs. Frank J. AHRENS of Okabena, Mrs. OBER and Mrs. BESSER of Brewster.

Could all live the just and upright life Herman GERDES lived, and die in His trusting faith, death could no longer be called the king of terrors, for he inspired no terror there. The dying man and sorrowing relatives looked forward with the same eye of faith to the brighter future, where this temporary separation would end in an eternal reunion.

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