Source: Lakefield Standard, Lakefield, Jackson County, Minnesota, Thursday, March 6, 1924


bullet*F.W. VOGHT was calling in Worthington Friday.
bullet*Frank BAUCHLE was a Heron Lake caller Monday.
bullet*Emma EBERT was a Heron Lake caller Saturday.
bullet*L.P. HANSON was a passenger to Butterfield Sunday.
bullet*H.I. METZ of Reading, was a Brewster caller Saturday.
bullet*Adam BAUCHLE returned from the cities Sunday afternoon.
bullet*Mrs. PERRY of Slayton, came Friday to spend the week end here.
bullet*Evelyn KLINE was a Heron Lake caller Monday between trains.
bullet*Pete GEYERMAN of Pipestone was a Brewster caller Thursday.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Otto DOLL of Slayton were Brewster callers Tuesday.
bullet*Christ HARTMAN attended the Rust sale Thursday, near Rushmore.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Charley STUDE were shopping in Worthington Friday.
bullet*Henry WEAVER was at Heron Lake Friday to have dental work done.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Claude OBER of Worthington, were Brewster callers Friday.
bullet*Mr. NEICE of Sioux Valley moved into the John BILOMEN home this week.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Melvin CLARKE visited at the Clarence WRIGHT home Sunday.
bullet*Martin LESTICO was a Heron Lake caller Monday to have dental work done.
bullet*George MULLIGAN of Heron Lake, spent the week end at the MESSMAN home.
bullet*Ernie NEWTON of Fairmont came Tuesday to attend the SILVER - HUSS wedding.
bullet*Mr. KUTZ of Illinois, is moving on the farm formerly occupied by Herman HALFMAN.
bullet*Alfred MEIER was a passenger to Heron Lake Tuesday to have dental work done.
bullet*Mrs. Frank PORRISH and Mrs. Otto PARKER were calling in Worthington Wednesday.
bullet*Mrs. Bernard STRONKS and Fern MCCALL were calling in Worthington Wednesday.
bullet*A shower was held at the John SILVER home last Wednesday in honor of Miss Alice SILVER.
bullet*A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lindley TOW at the clinic hospital in Worthington.
bullet*Miss Mamie BEBERLE of Mankato, visited a few days at the F.F. HABERMAN home
bulletthis week.
bullet*The Presbyterian Ladies Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. L.P. HANSON Wednesday afternoon.
bullet*Rev. VOORHEES held services in the Presbyterian church Sunday morning. A large crowd attended.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. C. MURPHY and Leo. MURPHY of Sioux Valley spent Sunday at the Ed. SCHUBERT home.
bullet*Mrs. Ed. STARNER went to Sheldon Monday being called there by the serious illness of her nephew.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. E.C. SCARP of Long Prairie, are the parents of a nine pound boy born February 20.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Chas. WING and daughter Myrtle, were Worthington shoppers Friday afternoon.
bullet*Will MILLER returned to Brewster Monday and is staying at the home of his brother, A.C. MILLER.
bulletKnute GRIMSTAD of Custer, Montana, came Saturday afternoon to make a short visit with his mother.
bullet*Herman HANSON went to West Branch, Iowa, where he is employed on a farm for the coming year.
bullet*Mable HANSON, who is teaching near Rushmore, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.P. HANSON.
bullet*The Messrs A.C. PAULSON, Arthur MCCHESNEY, Henry WEAVER and Geo. STARNER were Sheldon callers Sunday.
bullet*Nels JOHNSON will hold a closing out sale one half mile north of Okabena, March 12. There will be forty brood sows for sale.
bullet*George NELSON returned from Worthington Sunday where she (sic) has been a patient at the clinic hospital the past three weeks.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Vincent MAHONEY and children left for their home at Madison South Dakota Tuesday after visiting with friends here.
bullet*Arthur HARRINGTON loaded his car load of goods at Worthington Wednesday and started for Illinois at which place he will make his future home.
bullet*Mr. and Mrs. Ed. LEUMKIL, of Sheldon, and Mr. and Mrs. George LEMKUIL of Rockford, Ill., visited with friends and relatives in Brewster Monday.
bullet*Alice SILVER and Matt HUS (sic), of Fairmont were united in marriage at the Sacred Heart church here at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morning. Rev. Father 'CONNOR read the words that made them man and wife. The bride has lived in this vicinity all her life and got her education in the Brewster school. The groom became known in Brewster when he came here to accept a position in the Brewster State Bank.
bullet*Last Monday night the Worthington five defeated the Brewster quint in a hard fought battle. The boys game was very exciting. The score see-sawed throughout the lst three quarters and it was anybody's game until the final whistle. Worthington started out strong and secured a lead of 8 - 2 in the first quarter. Brewster boys spurted up in the second quarter and the half ended 10 - 8 in favor of Brewster. Both teams were working hard and up to the last minute of play Brewster was ahead 18 - 19, but one of the Brewster boys fouled giving Worthington two free throws which they made, making the final score 19 - 20 in favor of Worthington. The girls game was hard foungt (sic) throughout ending in a score of 4 - 6 in favor of Worthington.

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