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Prairie Roots

A Publication of the Norman County Genealogy Society
Vol. 4 Issue 1
February, 2001

Census Records The 1885 Norman County Census records are being transcribed and will be available on our Norman County Genealogy Society web site. Thanks to Colleen Goltz, Roland Carpenter and Donald Andersen for all the time spent on this project. They have only three Townships left to finish the entire county.

The genealogy society received a certificate from the Norman County Historical Society acknowledging our $125 donation for a "log" in the Norman County Museum which will begin construction in April. Successful completion of this new log structure in 2001 will help the county commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Norman County Seat.

Pioneer Village

Iris Duklet requested and received early church history regarding the Norwegian Danish Methodist Episcopal Church of Halstad. Edna Rude has translated several pages which were written in Norwegian. Church

We learned that John Kolness of Hendrum has published a book entitled Wild Rice Cemetery Book. We will purchase the book and have it available for research.

BooksPlease keep your eyes open for copies of books which narrate histories of the various cities in Norman County. The county's library and historical society lost most of their history books to the flood of 1997. We would also appreciate copies of church histories.

Check out the ring binder in the library which contains had copies of our many genealogical inquires which as yet go unanswered due to time constraints. Your help with even on inquiry would be appreciated. Perhaps you might know whether or not someone inquired about still has relatives in the area who we could contact for family history. Let Iris know, and she can do a follow-up for you.

Greg Dahl led the genealogy society in an interesting class on November 25, 2000. Greg specializes in Norwegian ancestry. It is hoped that another community education class can be conducted in Halstad in the near future with computers available for "hands on" internet research.

There has been discussion at our meetings regarding the possibility of the genealogy society setting up a booth at the craft show this year. We want the community to be aware of and support our organization. Let Iris know about your ideas.

We have also discussed the possibility of obtaining grant money for the genealogy society. Roland Carpenter is looking into what might be available.

We are considering membership cards for those who pay their dues in the genealogy society. If you have an idea for the design of such a card, please contact Ardis Horn. All suggestions are welcome.

Donald Andersen has been putting together information on the old schools in Norman County. If you have any information or photos you could share, please contact him. Donald Gill of Ada visited our meeting last month and shared his 1927 atlas of Norman County which indicated the location of all the schools in existence at that time.



Pedigree ChartIt is requested that all Norman County Genealogy Society members complete a pedigree chart to be kept on file at the Ada Public Library. You may give your chart (or a complete family history, if you have one) to Iris Duklet at one of the monthly meetings, or you may mail your information to Iris at Box 201, Halstad, MN 56548. If you are wondering, "Where do I start?", a pedigree chart is enclosed to aid you in taking that first step.


Officers for the year 2001

President Iris Duklet
Vice-President Roger Niebeling
Secretary/Treasurer Ardis Horn

It's time to pay your dues for the year 2001! Family membership in the society is $10 per year. Persons who live out of the area can become associate members for $4 per year. Please mail your membership check to Ardis Horn at Apt. 202, 100 First Street East, Ada, Minnesota 56510

In prior years, your $10 membership in the Norman County Genealogy Society also included a paid up membership in the Norman County Historical Society. However, the historical society ahs increased their dues from $3 to $10 per year. Therefore, your genealogy society membership can no longer include membership dues in the historical society. If you choose, you may include your $10 historical society dues with your genealogy society dues, and Ardis will see that each amount is credited to the proper account.

As of January 19,2001, the treasurer reported a checkbook balance of $377.40. Thank you to all who have paid their membership dues for the year 2001 and to all who have made donations to the genealogy society. Thank you also to the members who have volunteered their time on our various projects. Contact Iris if you would like to offer your time volunteering.

Words of Wisdom

The trouble with aging is that by the time you finally know your way around, you don't feel like going!


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Sharon Larson
Norman County Genealogy Society


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