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The Condition of Indian Affairs

1,192 pages of Testimonies taken in 1909 at Shell Lake Court House, Wisconsin

and other locations.  Many unique statements and native names are given by people from

the St. Croix Band, Lac Courte Oreilles Band, La Pointe Band, and others.


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Condition of Indian Affairs 1910

1909 Testimonies


Condition of Indian Affairs Index


Treaties Between the United States and the Indian Tribes

622 pages with signers of the treaties


Names of the Signers of the Treaties

For the St. Croix Band, La Pointe Band and the Lac Courte Oreilles Band


Treaty with the St. Croix, 1825

Page 250

Page 251

Page 252

Page 253

Page 254

Page 255


Treaty with the Chippewa 1826

Page 268

Page 269

Page 270

Page 271

Page 272

Page 273


Treaty with the Sioux 1837

Page 491

Page 492

Page 493


Treaty with the Chippewa 1842

Page 542

Page 543

Page 544


Treaty with Chippewa of Mississippi and Lake Superior 1847

Page 567

Page 568

Page 569



Treaty with the Chippewa 1854

Page 648

Page 649

Page 650

Page 651

Page 652


Treaty with the Chippewa of Sault Ste. Marie 1855

Page 732


Annuity Roll 1850

Heads of Family

St Croix Band

Lac Courte Oreilles Band

La Pointe Band

Mille Lac Band



 Newspaper Articles


Another Old Veteran Gone

Obituary for George Matrious (ca. 1838-1900)

January 7, 1900


The Bearheart Family September 1909 Article

Includes: Hart, Matrious, Songetay, Kenosha, and others

Original Photo