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Queries from our quarterly newsletters of Fall 1995 through Spring 1999 follow. Please follow the directions below to get further information.

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PGS-MN Missing Branches -- Queries

Fall 1995

QUERIES- Each issue of the newsletter contains a research information exchange section. Members are invited to place inquiries pertaining to the exchange of family information, requests for help or offers to aid others researching the same family lines. Send to: Paul A Kulas, PGS-MN Newsletter, 1200 S West River Road, Champlin, MN 55316-2145.

If you wish to contact a member who is listed here please double click their name. For those members who do not have e-mail their messages will be sent and the address of the person who submitted the query will be sent to you via e-mail.  Please include date of the query (ie. Sum 97) and the name of the person (highlighted) who submitted the query, cut and paste the actual query into the mail message. Those members who have an e-mail address just double click and contact them directly.

Researching PEPLINSKI, BOJAN, EFTA, GINTER family names in Winona and Lexington, MN to Greenbush, MN to St.Phillips, MT.C. Pass  F-95

Researching KUKOWSKI, STOLTMAN, LUKASZEWSKI family names in Lipusz, Poland and in Pine Creek WI Winona, MN. Hubert KukowskiF-95

in the Rhineland and Baden in Germany, and in Chicago, Illinois. Raymond D Kush F-95

Researching in North Central Poland, in West and East Prussia, in the Ruhr Valley in Germany and in Chicago, Illinois. Karen Ploski, F-95

PROKOTT, GALLUS, KLISCH, CZECH, SMIEJA, FILLA, KACZMAREK, EGGERT family names. The first six names above came from Silesia, Kaczmarek from Poznan area and Eggert from Gdansk. The European locations of origin include Stare Siolkowice, Dobrzen Wielki and Falkowice (all in Silesia) with settlement in Morrison County and McLeod County (Silver Lake) in Minnesota. R J Prokott F-95

PGS-MN Missing Branches -- Queries

Fall 95 - Sum 96

JEDRYSKO, DUDEK, PESLKA, TOLIK, KLOSAK family names from Zywiec, Austrian Poland, Galicia.Rhonda Swanson, Sum 96

Researching COPA, LEMANCZYK, GOSTOMCZYK, BINCZIK, TRZEBIATOWSKI, FELSKI family names from Gdansk and Bydgoszcz provinces of West Prussia, from the Poznan area of Prussia and from Galicia. She has immigration data on many families from Kaszuby. Copa/Sopa, Sum 96


Researching the SHUDY family name in Sturgeon Lake, MN, the KACZMARCZYK name in Minneapolis, the ZELAZNY name in Wola Greboszowska (Dabrowa: Zabno), Poland, the BIERNAT name in (Brzesko:Bresko) Okocim, Poland and the BROSKO name in Minneapolis and Canada (Cobalt or Hamilton, Ontario) and in Galicia, Poland. She asks: "Is there anyone out there who could recommend an excellent self-teaching program for learning to speak Polish?" J L Hall, Sum 96

Seeking descendants or relatives of MARTHA F. BLOCK, 1950's mailing address: Hanbay, South Dakota. Martha came to America, age 10, before WWI with her parents MR. ? and Mrs. FRANCISZKA CYSEWSKI. Martha had four children: oldest -- Helena, married and moved to Brazil; youngest -- Lucille, born 1941-42; two sons -- no first names, one killed during WWII, one on "rancho" (perhaps even now). Krbechek, Sum 96

MILLER, KR(S)ZESZEWSKI, SOBIESCEK, RAZINSKI/RO(U)SINSKI/RUSSELL, NOWAKOWSKI family names in the Posen area of German Poland and in Duluth, Little Falls and North Prairie, Minnesota. I have begun to research my father's family and can use all the help I can get! Therefore I would like to join the Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota. Any suggestions you have for further work would be most welcome! Helen Richard, Sum 96

My Grandfather, WOJCIECH (ALBERT) SYZDEK was born 17 February 1858 and died 24 June 1943. He immigrated to Bremond, Texas in 1885. Albert's brother (or half brother), Joseph, was in Bremond, Texas for a while. His name appears as a witness on several baptism records in Bremond. The saying goes he loved to whistle and visit downtown Bremond but was very reluctant to work. He went back to Poland and nothing else is known about him. Also, Albert supposedly had sisters(?). One married a DYKAS (?) and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The other lived in Buffalo, New York. Have no first or married name for her. Seeking information on the above: Were they full or half brother/sisters or cousins to Albert? Need their parents names, any ancestors/siblings or any known descents, their location in Poland or USA. Willing to share information. Bruno C. Syzdek. Sum 96

W. Kornel Kondy, Wishes to contact any descendants of FRANCISZEK (FRANCIS) KONDEJ, age 17, who arrived in New York with Kornel's father on 16 May 1901, from Bremen on the SS Neckar. Destination: brother in Adams, Massachusetts. Last residence as Ostrowna, Austria (Galicia). Think it is present day Ustrobna, Krosno Province, Poland. W. Kornel Kondy, Spr 96

My Grandfather, WOJCIECH (ALBERT) SYZDEK was born 17 February 1858 and died 24 June 1943. He had a half brother JOHN SYZDEK who married APPOLLONIA (Unknown). He died in the late 1940's. He settled in Chicago, Illinois or East Chicago, Indiana. He had two daughters. JOSEPHINE married a SARANNA(O) or SORANA(O). They had 3 sons, Nicholas, Albert and William. Last known location was in the 1930's at 26 Portsmouth Place, NE Grand Rapids, Michigan. EMILY married MICHAEL GOCAL and resided at 1002 Roxana Place, East Chicago, Indiana. They had a son, Walter Raymond and daughters Millicent Marie and Marcia Jean. In the 40's - 50's the family had a (western?) musical program on Radio (WKAN?) Kankakee, Illinois known as the Sun Valley Boys and the Sun Valley Sweethearts. Emily died 25 November 1953. Seeking John's parents name, any ancestor/siblings or any descendants and their location in Poland or USA. Willing to share information. Bruno C. Syzdek. Sum 96


Seeks parents/ancestors/siblings and their location in Poland and in the United States of his grandfather WOJCIECH (ALBERT) SYZDEK, born 17 February 1858, died 24 June 1943. Albert married MARYANNA BIELAMOWICZ whose parents were ANTHONY BIELAMOWICZ and JUSTINA PAPCZAK. All were probably from or near Baczal Dolny, west of Jaslo, Galicia, Austria/Poland. ALBERT and MARYANNA SYZDEK emigrated with sons Michael and Henry in 1885 to Bremond, Texas. Willing to share information.   Bruno C. Syzdek. Sum 96

Seeks parents/ancestors/siblings and their location in Poland and USA of his grandfather VINCENT KAPCHINSKI (KAPCINSKI, KAPZYNSKI), born 19 July 1851 and died 2 February 1933. Vincent married ELLEA (HELEN) PUTZ (PUC) who was born on 24 May 1851. Both Vincent and Helen emigrated in 1870 from Prussia/Poland. They were married in Texas and settled in Bryan, Brazos, Texas. Helen had a brother JACOB PUTZ and a sister JANIE (ANNIE?) PUTZ BUKOWSKI in Texas. Willing to share information.
Bruno C. Syzdek. Sum 96

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PGS-MN Missing Branches -- Queries

Fall 96 - Fall 97

Does anyone have information on Homestead Land Records? I was told that there was an index. But where? My great great grandfather, Frank MUSOLF/MOZOLF homesteaded in Rice Lake Township north of Duluth. Milly Kriske, Fall 97

On the marriage license for a brother of my great grandfather, the mother was listed as Maryanna from Ciezka in Poland. Is this the same as Cieszyn southwest of Cracow (map page 6, Summer, 1997 Newsletter)? On another document my great grand- father Szymon WILEBSKI is recorded as from Syubin. Are any readers of the newsletter familiar with these towns/parishes?

Kathryn Schafer, Fall 97

Seeking information about Martin LEPAK and his wife Josephine KNITTER who settled in Gnesen Township, St. Louis County, MN in the early 1870's. Elizabeth Joyce, Fall 97


Thank you for the information on the village of Piesna in Poland taken from Slownik Geograficzny. It was thrilling to find out the information and the exact location of the village. We will arrange to go to the Family History Center and see if the Family History Library has the records for the church in Lobzenia. I wrote to an archive in Bydogoszcz about records from Piesna and they suggested that I write to the enclosed address in Germany. These are the names I am looking for: Michaelena RYSZKEWICZ (married name KLARKOWSKI, b. ca. 1838), John LAMCZYK (b. ca. 1833) and his wife, Frances Eva WRZESZEZ (b. ca. 1843). All died in St. Paul. Erickson, Sum 97

The winter issue of the PGS-MN Newsletter had several interesting articles which pertained to my genealogical research. One was the listing of surnames of people who emigrated from Opole. My great grandfather, John SOLARZ emigrated in 1884 from Falkawice and settled in North Prairie before moving to Holdingford. All of my family genealogy work stems from Silesia including my paternal grandfather Charles LICHY whose family came from Halbendorf and Lenzen, both near Opole. He and his family settled in Arban, Holding Township in 1882. What is different from many others who settled there is he was of German heritage. No one else from his family came to the US so we don't know why his family picked Arban. Our German family roots have been in Silesia since around 1755. My maternal great grandfather, John JARNOT, came from Brzeszcze, Kety in 1903 and settled in Holding- ford because other relatives had already settled there.
Nuss, Sum 97

I see in the Spring issue of the PGS-MN Newsletter that you are presenting a talk on April 19th in St. Cloud on "Finding Your Ancestral Parish in Poland." I have been trying for some years to find my ancestral home/parish--that of my grandfather Thomas who immigrated in 1878 at age 18 to the U.S., leaving behind his family never to see them again. My dad said that he came from Posen--but that could mean either the city and/or the district. He bought land from the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and farmed for some years southwest of Taunton, MN next to an older neighbor who was also from Posen. Taunton is 18 miles northwest of Marshall. I've searched through Mormon Church records, in Minnesota Historical Society records and in Taunton church records, etc. and have found nothing giving me his birthplace. I'd like to make a trip to Poland to find the ancestral home but of course would need to know the location to go. Would you have any suggestions as to how I could trace him to his hometown and/or parish? Thanks for your consideration. Szarzynski, Sum 97

Seeking information about AGNES POLUS (PAULUS) [and her descendants], daughter of JOSEF POLUS and ANNA POLCYN, born between 1835 and 1850 in Ludomy, District of Obornik, Poznan, Poland. She came to the U.S. prior to 1866. She first settled in Green Lake County, Wisconsin, married ? PRAISS and moved to Minnesota.Spr 97 Krentz

Researching ZAK, KNOLL/KNIOLA/KJOWA, POKORNOWSKI, BIELEJEWSKI, KAMINSKI, NOVAKOWSKI, BIALCZK, KONIAR, LASCZAK surnames in Watenburg, Poznan and Mieczybrodzik in Poland and in Silver Lake and Sobieski/Swan River/Little Falls area in Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois and possibly in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and Northeast Minneapolis. The family of ZAK are first found in the 1880 census. They lived on Mary Street in Chicago. The oldest brother Stanislaus lived with his wife Katherine, children Constantine, Mike and Cessy, brother John Zak, brother-in-law John Schultz and C. Buczowski. They are each listed as originally coming from Pommerania except for Katherine, who was from Posen. Posen was very close to the border of Pommerania. The same family next appears in Silver Lake, Minnesota in the1885 state census. The members at that time include the parents Peter and Franciska. It would be interesting to know where the parents were located in 1880. Were they still back in Pommerania or in Silver Lake? They are not to be found in Chicago at that time. Another interesting thing to know would be, what was the sister's name that was married to the brother in law, John Schultz. I have found no record of her. In the 1890's the family appears in Swan River (Sobieski) in Morrison County. In 1910 or 1912 some of the family moved on to Oregon City, Oregon to work in a paper mill and some open up a saloon. John Zak and his family remain in Minnesota. In the 1900 census they are found in Little Falls. Then in the 1910 census they move on to Pulaski township, near Harding, MN. I have reconstructed the family as follows: PETER ZAK (1825-1886) d. Glencoe, Minnesota m. FRANCISKA BIELEJEWSKI(1831-?). 1. Stanislaus ZAK (1852-1900) m. Katherine POKORNOWSKI (1853-?). Children: Konstanty (Chris) (1874-1948?), Michel (1876-1914) m. Polly MROZIK, Wenceslaus (1878-1914), Rose (1880- 1925), Wladislaw (Walter) (1883-?), Leon (1885- 1962), Marie (1886-1978), Wanda (1887-1958), Stella (1891-1926).
2. John (Peter) ZAK (1862-1916) 1st m. Antonia KUIZMA (1865-1890?), 2nd m. Mary KNOLL(KNIOLA) (1872-1946). Children: Walter (1885-?), Mary (1886-?), Stanley, Steven, Cecil, Peter (1892-1975) m. Alma REIMAN (1897-1936), Adam (1895-1983) m. Tillie KAMINSKI, Raymond (1898-1956) m. Rose PAVLAK, Mary KONIAR, Sam (1902-) m. Agnes GUSTAFSON, Marge (1905- 1983) m. Vince BORASH, Tom (1907-1958) m. Ann WARHOL, Celia (1910-) m. Ted VIRNIG, Martin (1912-1983) m. Gladys MATHISON.
3. Simon ZAK (1865-1900?) m. Michalena NOVAKOWSKA (1865-?). Children: Joseph (1889-?) m. Mary MILLER, Rosa (1891-?) m. Mike TRAFAS, Frank (1893-?) m. Rose WOZNIAK, John (1894-?) m. Nettie KOLACZ. 4. Frank ZAK (1869-?)
5. Sister m. John SCHULTZ Names that frequently appear as friends, neighbors, or related by marriage are: OVAKOWSKI, POKORNOWSKI, BIELEJEWSKI, PAWLAK, KRYCH, KAMINSKI, BRISK, BARASH, SCHULTZ, KRAWZAK, KNOLL, OSCEK, BIALCZK.The unsolved mysteries of this family are to find out what happened to Frank Zak, the youngest boy, and also to find out who was the girl that was married to John Schultz. The death certificate of Francis Bielejewski and the gravesite have not been found. Also the exact city that they came from in Europe has never been determined. There is a discrepancy between two documents. One says Pommerania and one says Posen. There are relatives that believe it was Posen. The village of Watenberg is identified as place of origin on one of the stories. This place has not been found in Pommerania or Posen. There is a possibility that it was located in the spot where there were many border changes. Also many of the towns and villages have undergone name changes and many no longer exist. There is also the matter of the name of Zak, which does not come up in the area that they were from. The name Zak is very common in southern Poland and Czechoslovakia. This brings us back to the possible theory of the name being shortened from Zakrzewski. This name appears frequently in the old villages of southern Pommerania, Posen and West Prussia. These by the way are now located in what is now northern Poland in the district of Bydgoszcz and Chojnice, near Gdansk. Anyone who has any answers please write to me at my address listed above. Fall 97, Kieley


Is researching KULAS, DUCZMAL, NAMYST, KOKOT, TALAGA, WITEK, SOLTYS, KARAKOW, OWCZARZ, MAZUR, KARCZMARZ, STOCZYNSKI, GMUR, SKOTARKA, JUNIK, KOLODZIEJSKI, WYRWAS, MORAS, OBALCZAK, BIELAWNY, SZOSTAK, SZKUDLARZ ancestral family names. All were located in the neighboring parishes of Jankow Zalesny, Koryta, Lutogniew and Rozdrazew in what was southern Posen Province of Prussian occupied Poland. His grandparents, JAN KULAS and JOZEFA JUNIK and great grandparents, MICHAL JUNIK and MAGDALENA KOLODZIEJSKA, emigrated in 1888 and settled in the Polish community that founded Immaculate Conception parish in St. Anna (northern Avon and southern Holding Townships), Stearns County, Minnesota. Researcher is convinced that many of the early settlers of the St. Anna area are from the very same area in Poland and is willing to exchange information with anyone interested. Paul Kulas

Seeking the date, place and cause of deaths of Albert ZYWICKI (b. 1805, Kashubia) and his wife Mary KOLINSKA (b. 1812, Kashubia. Emigrated from Kashubia in 1859; settled in Renfrew, Ontario. Anglicized surname to ROSS; used ZYWICKI and ROSS interchangeably. Last trace of Mary is on 1871 Canadian census. Last trace of Albert is on 1880 US census for Mounds View Township, Ramsey County; residing with son Stephen and family. Another son, Charles, resided in Milwaukee.Ross, Fall 96

Searching for the location in Poland of her grandfather JOSEF KLARKOWSKI and his mother MICHAELENA KLARKOWSKI, and her grandmother MARTA LAMCZYK KLARKOWSKI and her parents JOHN and EVA LAMCZYK. Their location in Poland was supposedly around Poznan. They all lived in St. Paul, Minnesota and died there. Recently she has information that maybe they were from Piesnowie, Poland, but cannot locate that town or villiage. Erickson, Fall 96

Searching for the origin in Poland of his grandfather, JULIAN BLOCK (aka JULYAN BLOCH prior to 1900). He immigrated in April 1900, worked first in Superior, Wisconsin and then homesteaded near Buyck, Minnesota in 1902. He died in Virginia, Minnesota in 1954. McCavic, Fall 96

"My Grandfather, WOJCIECH (ALBERT) SYZDEK was born 17 February 1858 and died 24 June 1943. He immigrated to Bremond, Texas in 1885. He had an older sister ANNA SYZDEK, born about 1838 or 9 (lived to be very old) died about 1960. She married JOSEPH ZABAWA, born 19 March 1832 who died 6 September 1914. They immigrated in August 1873 with 5 children to Marlin and then Bremond Texas. Albert also had half brothers. MARCIEL (MARSHALL) SYZDEK, born 27 Feb.1860, died 27 March 1947. He married MAGDALENA DZDIEIC(Z) in Poland. Immigrated to Bremond, Texas in 1890 with wife and two daughters. Seeking their parent. Was Anna a full sister to Albert and where is she buried? Also, any ancestors/siblings and their location in Poland and USA. Willing to share information."
Bruno C. Syzdek. Sum 96

Searching for descendants of THOMAS and MARY JANUCZEK. They had nine children: Gertruda (b. 1858 in Poland, d. 31 March 1929 in Wilno, Minnesota, m. PETROS SPINER, children: Stanley, Bernard, Joanna, Rosalia, Anna, Franciscaus), Antonia (b. 14 Jan. 1860, d. 29 Jan. 1914 in Warren, Minnesota, m. 1880 to FRANCESZEK "FRANK" WILEBSKI, b. 15 Nov. 1854 in Poznan, Poland, d. 4 July 1928 in Hallock, MN), John (m. CATHERINE KALISZ, children: Joseph, Pelagia, Marcha, Maryanna, Florence, Catherine), Felix, Josepha (m. JOANNE POZOVSKI, children: Maryanna, Francis, Francisca, Josepha/Pelagia, Stefanum Julius, Helena, Annam, Valentinus), Maryanna, Maria, Joanne (m. ANNA KULAS, children: Franciscum, Marianna, Vaslavas, Carolius), and Clara (m. FRANCISCUS SPINNER, children: Cascilian, Francisca).Wilebski, Fall 96

Searching for descendants of AGNES WIELEPSKI, born 24 March 1851 in Poland and died 3 February 1927 in Wilno, Minnesota. She married MATTHEW SMARZYK and had seven children: Valeria (b. 10 Dec. 1878 in Illinios), Anton (b. 1882), Cathrina (b. 26 April 1884 in Wilno), Paulus (b. 13 Jan. 1886 in Wilno), Franciscus (b. 25 Jan, 1888 in Wilno), Joseph (b. 19 Feb. 1890 in Wilno, m. Bernice ?, d. 28 May 1974 in Ivanhoe) and Victoria (b. 7 Nov. 1892 in Wilno). Valeria married CARL FIER on 23 April 1894 and had six children: Pauline, Hattie (m. EMIL DEVOS), Helen (m. PHIL DEVOS), Mary (m. JULES DEKAISER), George and Frank.Wilebski, Fall 96

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PGS-MN Missing Branches -- Queries

Winter 97-98 -- Spring 98

I have been researching my family surname, CIEMINSKI, for nearly 20 years now. I have several marriage certificates I obtained from Salt Lake City. One is of Anton KULAS and Mary Cieminski. I do not know who Mary's parents are or where she was born or died. They were married in Winona, MNbut the bottom half of the marriage certificate was never filled out, so I can't give you a date. According to the 1900 census for Winona, Anton was born August 1857(age 42) in Poland, Prussia. They lived at 957 Sanborn. Mary was born in June 18(61)? in Poland. Their children are: Mike (born Oct in Minnesota), John (b. May 1891), Joseph (b. Jan 1895), Blanche (b. June 1898) and Valeria (b. Dec 1899). Are there more children in this family? Who are Anton and Mary's
parents? Where was their place of berth? Also, does anyone know Andrew KUKOWSKI and Mary (Cieminska) Kukowski, Thomas SEVERSON and Mary (Cieminski) Severson, Joseph HOPKA and Pauline (Cieminski) Hopka, and Ignatz GROZONIE (GRZONA?) and Anna (Cieminska) Grzonie? I have marriage certificates of these people but no other information. I cannot place them in my Cieminski family who came from Borzyszkowy, Poland. My great grandparents were Paul Cieminski, born 1834, and Magdalen GINTHER(GINTER),born 1836. Margaret R (Cieminski) Koegel  S-98

Researching CIESLA, BLASZCZYK in Duluth, MACIEJESKI in Moose Lake, MN. He asks: "How can I locate the records from St. Peter and Paul Church on 5th St. and 24th Ave. West in Duluth, MN?" Robert Manaske S-98

Researching TOMASZEWSKI, PIOTROWSKI/PETROWSKI, HANDKE surnames in New Posen, now Edison Twp., Swift Co., MN and JELENSKI/ZELENSKI, KUBIAK, SADESKI surnames in Swan River/Little Falls, MN and also the NAVECK, OTTO surnames.  Audra Etzel W-97-98


KUKUSKA/KUKUCZKA, PAULUS/PAWLUS surnames in Rajcza, Poland and in Cherma
and River Falls, Wisconsin. Jill Johnson, W-97-98

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PGS-MN Missing Branches -- Queries

Summer 98


BIAS(immigrated in 1889) in Wojciechowo Wielkie, STALOCH (1873), DULAS (1884)
in Nowa Wies, WANZEK (1887) in Trebaczow, all in Silesia and all in Wells, MN. Sum 98 Bias

Researching BONK/BÑK,GOWRONSKI, MYSZKA in Kaszubia and in perhaps other parts of what was Prussia and in Winona, MN and the Traverse City area of Michigan. He writes; "My grandfather,  Józef Bonk (Bàk) lived most of his life after coming to the U.S. in Winona. He married Józefa Gowronska in 1880 in Winonaand my father, Peter, was born the following year. Last fall I spent a week in Winona, MN checking records and visiting my grandfather's grave and the graves of relatives. Both grandparents list Prussia as theirplace of origin although I believe they were Kashubians.  Sum 98 Bonk

BROLL in IL and then Waverly, MN, BUHL, GABRIELSIK/GABRIEDZRYK, ROY in upper Silesia and in Delano, MN.  Sum 98 Broll

"Over the last couple of years I've been researching my father's family. He was Frank V. COULIS,
baptized in Wilno,Ontario in 1902 as a KULAS, son of Lawrence George KULAS and Johanna
SZCZYPIOR. My great grandfather, Constantine Albert KULAS, was one of the original 1859 Kaszube settlers
in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario. My grandfather and family moved to the Cobalt, Ontario area in about 1905 and
changed the spelling to Coulis. Old property tax record show a number of different spellings. My father
and his siblings moved south at different times. Nick to Port Robinson, Ontario. My father and George, Veronica and Joseph to the States."  Sum 98 J. Coulis

Antoni SZAREK and Regina JARCK in Odrzkon, Galicia (south of Krakow) and Anna SZAREK and John (Jan) FRANASZEK/ FRANAZECK in Woonsocket and Warren, RI and Taftville. CT. My uncle told his wife that the nuns at school said that all Polish names should end in 'ski' so they changed their name to FRANCSKI and that's how I knew them. I would like to know where John Franazeck/Franaszek and Anna Szarck were married--probably in MA in May/June 1901. My mother, Apolonia was their first child. Anna came to NYC in September, 1900. My mother was born in Woonsocket, RI on 2 Feb 1902.
Sum 98 Herrmann

JARMUZ surname in Juncerno, Poland.
Sum 98 Jarmuz

MILEWSKI and SZYNKOWSKI surnames. They immigrated from Suwalki, Poland to Michigan and Minnesota (US 1892).They later changed name to MOLESKY.
Sum 98 Molesky

OPATZ and PROKOTT surnames. Sum 98 Opatz


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