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Crookston Times Newspaper Articles are generously submitted by Brenda Gaetz   

  Thankyou Brenda for sharing the newspaper articles left in your care by your ancestors

Crookston Times Thursday, February 9, 1903

    Button Will Build - The Button Business College is being crowded with pupils this winter

Crookston Times Thursday, September 7, 1905

   College Makes new Departure - Prof J. A. Button's Business College Probably the Best Known College in the Northwest has Added Two New Departments

Crookston Times Saturday August 28, 1909  

    One of the Most Beautiful Weddings - Miss Fern Hollingsworth and Frank Longtine were united in marriage.

    Supervisor of Census - D. W. Meeker Spends the Day Here Looking Over the Ground In Charge of the 9th District - Wants a Force of Enumerators Who Will Do Effective Work

    Much Damage Was Done - More Particulars About the Damage Done by the Storm in the Vicinity of Beltrami

    New Plow For the State Fair - Engine About Complete for Exhibition at the Minnesota Fair

    Legal War Over Sawdust - Dakota Firm Wants to Know Whether its Lumber of Fuel

    Many Indians Get Religion - Revival Among Chippewas On White Earth Reservation Continues

    Crookston Educators - Where Many of Talented Young Ladies Of This City Will Labor

    Demonstrate Possibilities - Ernest and Henry Hilse Show What Can be Done in R. R. Valley

    Carl. A. Solien's Barn Was Burned - More Damage By Storm Reported in Vicinity of Twin Valley

    Council Proceedings - Official Report of proceedings of Council Meeting

    After 14 Years Service Frank Montague, Chief Clerk at Crookston U.S. Land Office Transferred to Cass Lake

    Workman Finds Fine Iron Ore - Startling Discovery Made in Excavating Basement in Thief River Falls

    Remains of Sam Johnson interred at the Cemetery at Euclid - Death of Samuel Howard Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson

    Advertised Letters - Advertisers in this edition of the Crookston Times

    Aeroplanes as Scouts - Wilbur Wright has made the statement...

    Crews Lay Over Here - Beginning today a change goes into effect in connection with the Warroad and St. Vincent runs on the passenger trains.

    Dairymen's Convention -

    Expression From Voters -


    Fine Profit in Sheep Raising

    From Wednesday's Paper -

    Had Big Opening -

    Juries Drawn For December

    Jury Returns Verdict of Accident


    Killed By Vicious Bull

    Lot Sales Broke Records

    Mrs. Straus to Asylum

    Would Boost Land By $5

    Seasonable Jottings

    Real Estate Transfers

    Storm Was Very Severe

    Satterlee to Kansas

    No Hunting in Andover This Year

Crookston Times Saturday September 25, 1909

    Tom Smyth Dead - Thomas Smyth, aged 68 years ...was found dead in his bunk Tuesday morning

   Wanted - Wanted - Girl for general housework

    Closing Hour of Watch Offer is Advanced to 12 O'Clock (many names in this article) - On Account of the Late Mails, the Closing Hour of the Watch                  Competition Will be 12 O'clock Monday Night, August 31st, Instead of 10 O'clock as Previously Announced

    A Murderer Hangs Himself -   Duluth prinoner at Still Water Strangles Himself with Towel in Cell

    Adervertisers Letters - A list of names as appeared in the newspaper column of this day

    Big Fire at Buffalo - Tailor Shop, Hardware Store, and Residence Were Burned

    Bank Robbers Detained - Karlstad Bank Robbers from detained at Watertown, SD

    Came to Blows - Last evening a well known resident of the city got into trouble

    Case of Strange Disappearance -  Mrs. C.C. Johnson,  of Grand Forks, Left her Home Yesterday

    City Schools Flourishing - Enrollment This Year Greatly Exceeds That of  a Year Ago

    Conditions in County Jails - A Comparative Study of the Jails in Crookston and Grand Forks

    Contestants Satisfied - Miss Stortroen Chose the Automobile and Miss Bangnen Chose The Bush & Gerts Piano

    Convicted Of Early Hunting -  James Frank, North of Angus, Paid a Fine of $10

    Court House Contract Let -  M. Brady Secures Job For Red Lake Falls County Court House

    Death of Governor Johnson - Minnesota

    Deerwood Duck Hunters Manage to Get Ducked - A narrow escape from drowning

    Euclidites Neighborly - The family of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy are all ill with typhoid fever

    Fargo Dentists Robbed of Gold - Four Offices Are Looted of About $1,000 Worth

    Former Mine Captain at Ely Dies Suddenly - Sept. 22. - Capt. Nick Cowling

    Found Guilty of Grafting - Police Inspector Edward McCann, charged with grafting

    Gas Explosion Cause of Bad Fire at Beach, N.D. - explosion of a gasoline lighting plant in a clothing store

    Gloom Over Session of Federated Clubs - Women in Meeting at Lake City Adopt Resolutions of Sorrow for Death of Governor

   Hair Must Be Flat On Top - "The girl who marries too early misses many of the pleasures of life"

   Aged Couple Inmates of the Cass County Hospital and Home - Mr. and Mrs. Anton Koenig, husband 106, wife 96

    Is Prepared For Active Work - Joseph O. Doolittle, Sunday School Missionary, Plans Active Camapign.

    Farmers and Crop Reporters Wanted For The Census of Agriculture - Forty-five thousand enumerators will be engaged April 15th next

    Lesson From Life Of Gov. Johnson - Supt. Wm Robertson, Of School Of Agriculture Speaks To Parents

    Man Charged With Assaults Is Captured - Lindsay Garlock is reported to have been captured in Laurel Mont.

    The Market - Report on the Agricultural Market of the day

    Memorial Services Sunday Evening - A memorial service for Governor Johnson will be held Sunday evening

    Milroy Man Killed Elevation Grain - Frank W. Smith of Milroy, is dead as the result of an accident

    Norman County Fair Is Called Off - Directors Have Decided To Call off The County Fair For This Year

    Old Line Pattern After Modern Woodmen - The old-time insurance companies will pattern after a fraternal beneficiary society

    The Penalty For Taxes - A Penalty of 10 per Cent Is Added After The First Of November

    Rain As Godsend Say Physicians - Will Lay Dust Which Is Responsible For Spread Of Infantile Paralysis

    R ural Route Carrier Is Transferred - James Taylor Leaves For Texas and L. J. Lake is Substitute

    School Bonds Carried Big - Votes In Favor Were 2 to 1 Compared With Those Against It

    Soo Surveyors Enroute Here - One Crew Is Running Line To Crookston From Plummer Via Red Lake Falls

    State Meeting Of W.C.T.U. - Very Successful Gathering Was Held In Duluth During the Past Week

    To Entertain Gov. Eberhart - A Special Meeting Of The Commercial Club Was Held

    Traverse Fair A Big Success - Wheaton, Minn., - Sept 23. - The Traverse county fair closed last Saturday and surpassed all other fairs

    Two Badly Scalded In Freight Collision - Moose Lake, Minn., Sept. 22

    Uncle Sam After Army Deserters - Bunch Of Descriptions Sent Out From U. S. Marshal's Office

    Vandalism Must Cease - The Use Of Rural Mail Boxes As Targets Is A Serious Offense

    Westerners Locate Here - Bought 1200 Acres Of Red River Valley Soil From Senator Stephens Formerly Of Spokane

Crookston Times Saturday, October 16, 1909

    Obituary of E. Strassburger    -  E. Strassburger, The Well Known Architect, Died at Seattle Oct. 7

    Acknowledges Receipt of Money - Contribution to the Johnson Memorial fund

    Grand Forks Is Advertised - Installation Of Down Town Lighting Plan Means Much To That City

    Liquor Men Will Help - Wholesale Association Will Assist The Government In Prosectutions

    N.P. Train Will Be Well Equipped - New Train Will Go On The Road A Week From Next Saturday

    Official Proceedings Of The Board Of County Commissioners Of Polk County, Minnesota - The minutes of the sessions held on September 2 and 3, 1909

    Polk Co. Fair Is A Winner - The Last Information From Headquarters

    Real Estate Transfers

    Sherrif Daniels Left With Men - Went To Duluth With The Ten U.S. Prisoners, As Ordered

Crookston Times Thursday, March 7, 1912

    M. K. Bradford, Formerly of East Grand Forks, Dies at Dauphin, Manitoba Canada - Claimed by Heart Failure

Crookston Times Thursday, August 17, 1915

   Button Opens New College - J. A. Buttons of Crookston will open a business college in Moorhead about Sept. 1.


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