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Genealogical Research Guide to


Prepared by Church Survey Committee
Minnkota Genealocial Society
Marian Hahn and Carolyn Switzer

Bible Baptist Church 309 8th Ave., NW East Grand Forks, MN 56721 218-773-2691 YES
Calvary Lutheran Church 1405 S. 9th St. Grand Forks, ND 58201 701-772-4897 YES
Calvary Temple Church of God 1917 S. Washington Grand Forks, ND 58201 701-772-5108 YES
First Presbyterian Church 308 S. 5th St.

Grand Forks, ND 58201

701-775-5545 YES
Grace Baptist Church 700 24th Ave. S Grand Forks, ND 58201 701-775-0648 YES
Immanuel Lutheran Church 1710 Cherry St. Grand Forks, ND 58201 701-775-7125 YES
Mendenhall Presbyterian Church 528 10th Street, NW East Grand Forks, ND 56721 218-773-2469 YES
Our Savior's Lutheran Church 1515 5th Ave., NW East Grand Forks, ND 56721 218-773-8449 YES
Redeemer Lutheran Church 815 N. 20th St. Grand Forks, ND 58203 701-772-0706 YES
St. Mary's Catholic Church 216 Belmont Rd. Grand Forks, ND 58201 701-775-9318 YES
St. Michael's Catholic Church 520 N. 6th St. Grand Forks, ND 58203 701-772-2624 YES
University Lutheran Church 2122 University Ave. Grand Forks, ND 58203 701-775-4745 YES


Bethany Holy Trinity Lutheran

founded 1949. P.O. Box 360 East Grand Forks, MN 56721 218/773-1501 7 miles north of EGF on MN Hiway 220

Bethesda Lutheran (Swedish)

Founded 1880s. Merged with Grand Marais Lutheran. Early records are in Swedish. See Bethany Holy Trinity Lutheran


Bible Baptist Church, East Grand Forks, MN began in 1966. Charter membership as well as church membership and baptisms are available. Rev. Mike Custer is the present pastor.


Calvary Lutheran Church had its opening service on November 8, 1953 at 15th Ave., S at S. 9th St. in Grand Forks, ND. Begun as a new mission of United Lutheran and University Lutheran in South Grand Forks, Rev. Virgil Foss was assigned as mission pastor. Records are available for births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and funerals. The Church History contains charter families, former church pastors and former church officers. The History of Calvary Lutheran Church: The First Twenty-Five Years 1953-1978 was written by Arnold and Eileen Horpendahl and edited by LaVernia Jorgensen in November, 1978. Present pastors include Steve Wold, Scott and Melissa Maxwell-Doherty, and Jim Hill-Hanson.


In 1971 Calvary Temple Church of God merged with the Church of God and kept the name Calvary Temple Church of God. The church met at several buildings including the YMCA and Mendenhall Presbyterian Church in East Grand Forks before locating at its present building. Some membership records are available. Former pastors include: Rev. Palzer, Rev. David Barsness, Rev. Robert Sevdd(?), Rev. Jacob Froese, and Rev. Wallace Randy(?). The present pastor is Rev. Don Barsness.


First Presbyterian Church in Grand Forks, ND began in 1879 at its present location. There is no church history. Records are available for baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths, and funerals. There is a list of Charter Members, but no listing of the ongoing early membership. Also available is a listing of former pastors. The present pastor is Rev. Gretchen Daneke Graf. All records were lost in the 1997 Flood.


Grace Baptist Church of Grand Forks, ND was originally the First German Baptist Church which was begun in 1904. The first location was at 513 2nd Avenue, North which was used as both a church and parsonage. Other locations included North 8th Street and 4th Avenue North (1920), University and North 5th Street (1949), and the present site (1963). A church history is available as well as general business meeting minutes. A list and short biography of former pastors is available. The present pastor is Rev. Phyl Putz.

Grand Marais Lutheran (Norwegian)

Founded 1880s. Merged with Bethesda Lutheran. Early records are in Norwegian. See Bethany Holy Trinity Lutheran


Immanuel Baptist Church earliest records date back to August 18, 1901. The first church building was located at 420 Division and then 606 South 3rd Street (1902). Records are available for baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths, and funerals. A Church History is available but does not contain Charter Members or early membership. Many German Lutherans in early Grand Forks were members. Over the years from 1901-1951 Immanuel Lutheran began several new mission churches including: St. Matthews Lutheran Church in Thompson, ND (1934); Inkster Mission (1934); First Lutheran Church, East Grand Forks, MN (1944); and Redeemer Lutheran Church, Grand Forks (1950). Former pastors include: A. F. Parge (1901-1908); L. Walper (1909-1912); H. F. Buegel (1913-1932); Theodore E. Dorpat (1932-1945); Mehl (1945-1952); Wangerin (1952-1954); Fritz (1954-1967); Hartfield (1967-1972); Schmidt (1973-1979); and Reiman (1979-1987). Rev. John Walter has been pastor since 1987.


Mendenhall (Memorial) Presbyterian Church of East Grand Forks, MN was begun by Rev. H. G. Mendenhall, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Grand Forks, ND in 1888. The first location was at South 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue South in East Grand Forks. Members included many Scottish and English early settlers. The second location was 610 10th Avenue, North, East Grand Forks. The present location is at 528 10th Street, NW, East Grand Forks. In 1946 Bethel Presbyterian Church of Mallory burned and the majority of their members joined Mendenhall. In 1969 Keystone Presbyterian of Keywest was closed and most of their members joined Mendenhall. A Centenniel Book is available which includes Church History, Charter Members, interesting stories, pictures and historical information. Records include births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths (after 1940). Former pastors include: Daniel Y. Iddings (May 1888-Aug/1888); J. C. Melrose (Apr 1889-Aug 1889); Guy W. Wadsworth (Nov 1889-Dec 1890); John F. Montman (Apr 1891-Apr 1892); W. T. Wilcox (Apr 1892-Aug 1892); W. H. Hunter (Nov 1892-Nov 1895); T. Davis Archeson (Jun 1899-Jun 1902); William Best (Feb 1903-1905); Charles Bronson (Sep 1907-1908); Herri W. Georgi (Oct 1908-Aug 1911); C. E> Coles (May 1912-Apr 1917); F. C. Oliver (few months 1918); Carl Perrin (Mar 1919-Apr 1922); J. Rosser Jones (May 1924 - Apr 1926); George D. Fisher (Apr 1927-Oct 1931); D. J. Kerr (Nov 1931-Jun 1936); Walter J. Brown (Nov 1936-Oct 1939); Rolland John Blue (Jul 1940-1947); Walter J. Brown (Oct 1947-Jul 1948); Andrew M. Lowry III (Jul 1948-Aug 1957); Richard W. Thompson (Dec 1957-Jun 1966); Robert L. Thaden (Sep 1966-Nov 1973); Terry S. Nelson (Jul 1974-Aug 1987); Harold Staats, Jr. (Aug 1987-Jun 1988); James C. DeSmidt (Sept, 1988-1999), Darrel Cory (Nov, 2000-present)


Our Savior's Lutheran Church began originally with mainly Norwegian families. The first location of the church was 309 8th Avenue, NW in East Grand Forks, MN (a small wood frame with basement) before moving to present location. Records beginning in 1947 include birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, death and funeral. A church history is available through the Church Office. Listings of charter members, early membership, and church officers are available too. Former pastors include Truman Mohn, Alvin Stenberg, Paul Meiderdin, Robert Bergland, and Arne Halbakken. The present pastor is David Astrup. Some outlying churches their pastors helped were Bethlehem, and Kongsvinger in Alvarado.


Redeemer Lutheran Church was organized on April 17, 1950. Since April, 1954 they have been in the building where they are now located at 815 North 20th Street in Grand Forks, ND. Records are availble from 1953 for births, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, marriages, deaths, and funerals. There is a listing of charter members in the church office. Former pastors include Rev. Klingebeil, Rev. Holstein, Rev. Frederick A. Rehwaldt, Rev. Frerinuth(?), and Rev. Longshore. The present pastor is Rev. Lyle Klerny. Their church helped sponsor St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Thompson, ND.


St. Mary's Catholic Church is located at 216 Belmont Road. Its records beginning in 1914 include birth, baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage, death and funeral. Former pastors include: Rev. O'Driscoll (1914-1917); Monsignor Fletcher (1917-1955); Monsignor Boyle (1955-1971); Rev. Joseph Senger (1971-1985); Rev. Donald Cate (1985-1989); and Rev. Kevin Capouch (1989-1992). Rev. Jerald Finnestad has been at St. Mary's since 1993.


St. Michael's Catholic Church began as far back as the Metis fur trade period. The very earliest building burned down. About 1872 the church was located probably in a log cabin on the Red River near the present Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce Building. The next location was at 6th Street and DeMers Avenue. Then they located to the present location at 520 North 6th Street. Records back to 1872 are available for baptisms and some marriages. The earliest records (1868-1872) were lost when the St. Boniface Church in Manitoba burned down. A great variety of families became a part of the membership of St. Michael's including Metis, French, Irish, Czech, Polish, etc. Father William Sherman is St. Michael's present pastor.


University Lutheran Church was begun in 1950 by United Lutheran Church, Grand Forks. Its first location is its present location at 2122 University Avenue, Grand Forks, ND. Records from 1950 include birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death. A church history, and list of charter members and early membership are available at the church office. Former pastors include Rev. R. S. Annestad and Rev. Robert Weber. Rev. Thomas Colerso is the present pastor.

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