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Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery – Old Location

Section 1, Sullivan Township, Polk County, MN

Four miles south of Tabor

This cemetery walked and transcribed by Ann, September 2004 - Thank you Ann


Although this cemetery is just across the township line in Section 1 of Sullivan Township, the people buried here belonged to Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the town of Tabor, Tabor Township. The old Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery has been referred to as the Old Settlers Catholic Cemetery. This was their first cemetery and is very well cared for, totally surrounded by beautiful evergreen trees. There is a crucifix at the south end of the cemetery. The road to the cemetery is farmed over but it is a short distance from the road, hopefully it will remain here forever.  The newer cemetery is in Tabor behind the church.  Holy Trinity Catholic Church was first organized in the 1880’s by settlers of Czech and Slovak descent.  In 1881 Fr. Pribyl served in the homes of Jacob Novak and Frank Kivar and other places until the church was built in 1886 on the Eidelbes land a mile south of Tabor.  This building was destroyed by tornado before being completed, later a church was built on the east side of Tabor being completed in 1890.  This church was first named “The Holy Trinity Congregation of Tabor.”  The church was enlarged and used until 1953 when the church was dismantled and construction was started for a new church, which was completed in 1954.  Holy Trinity Catholic Church is still very active.  Please see translations below gratefully donated by Lynn.  For information on the Holy or Kuzel families please contact Kristin at this website: Additional information on families added by descendents and the submitter in ( ). 

Brantl, John V.S. Narozen 13 Lis. 1891 zemrel 11 Dubna 1901  
Brantl, Katerina  ROZENA DNE 11 LISTOPADU 1822ZEMRELA DNE 11 SRPNA 1902  
Holy, Elizabeth  NOV 2, 1873 – MAY 27, 1937 MOTHER  (Elizabeth (Sladek) Holy was the wife of Josef Holy.
Holy, Josef  Roz. 6 Ledna1868 Zem. 12 Dubna 1909. (Son of Matej/Matthias and Mary Holy.  Josef was a twin to Jacob.  1900 Tabor Twp. State Census lists Josef and Elizabeth with daughters Rosy, Justina, Albina and adopted daughter Mary.)
Holy, Matej  Narozen 15 Ledna 1829 Umrel 16 Maje 1898 (Matthias Holy and wife Mary Schlama had children John, Mary, Mathias, Frank, Catherine, Vincent, Jacob, Joseph and Anna.  All except Ann were born in Bohemia.)
Kuzel, Josef   Zemrel 27 Brezna 1894 V stari 79 Roku (Josef was born 1815 in Bohemia, he married Antonia Karl.  Their children were Frank, Anton or “Chiton”, John, Anna who married Jacob Holy, James and Josef.  1900 Tabor Twp. State Census lists widow Antonia with son Joseph.)
Kosanda, Lena  zemrela 13 lednar. 1893 V Stari 27 Roku.  

Michalek, Frantisek 

Zem. 23 List. 1904 Star 57 Roků. (Two stones for Frantisek.)

One stone

Michalek, Frantisek 

Michalek, Frantisek 


SYN ROZ 15 UNORA 1887 ZEM 8 UNORA 1911



(There is a photograph of him on the stone which is chipped.)

(The photograph on this stone is completely gone)

Holy   flat cement marker with a cross and name of Holy on it
Kosanda, Katerina  zemrela 22 Prosi. 1898 V Stari 21 Roků  
Eidelbes, Karel  Zem. 17 Zari 1895 stari 22 Let  
Small stone with no name or dates      


Januaryleden, ledna                   


Februaryúnor, února

Marchbřezen, března


Aprilduben, dubna

April - dubnový

Maykvěten, května

May - máj

May - májový

Junečerven, června

June - červnový

Julyčervenec, července

July - červencový

Augustsrpen, srpna

September - září

Octoberříjen, října

Novemberlistopad, listopadu

Decemberprosinec, prosince


Dates also written with roman numerals


diedzemřel, zesnul, zem.

death - smrt



birth, was born - nar.

age - léta

agestáří, věk

aged - starý

of the year - roku

year - rok

wife – žena

in, on or at - v, ve

sister – sestra

marriage, marriages - sňatek, sňatky

married - oddaný

father - táta (tatík, taťka, tatínek), otec

buried - pochovat

date – letopočet, datum

this year - letos

cemetery - hřbitov

Czech & Bohemian - český

child – dítě, děcko

daughter(s) - dcera, dcery

son(s) - syn, synové

month – měsíc

mother - matka, matky, máma, mamka, maminka

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