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Zion Cemetery

Also known as Tofsly Cemetery, Hammond Twp. Sec. 28

 Thanks to Ann for walking this cemetery, taking pictures, transcribing,  researching and cross referencing this information


The information in (  ) is additional information found in the Township Register of Deaths and other sources.  Check names and dates with the Minnesota Death Index.


Tofsly, Richard S 1891 1928  

One stone

Tofsly, Helge 1863 1940

Tofsly, Baarni  1861 1939


1863 1940

1861 1939


Homesteaded 1891  (1930 Polk County Atlas says that H.A. Tofsly, Pleasant Ridge Farm, Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle and Grower of Grain, S. 28, T. Hammond, P.O. Crookston. 1890.  Mr. Tofsly settled in Trail County, ND in 1877.  He married Bertha Oie.  They had eight children, six of whom are living.  He has served as Assessor for about thirty years.) (1915 Polk County Atlas says children are Richard, Anton, Bertha, Anna, Osmond, and Selma)

Roholdt, Vance Tofsly  Sep 9, 1914 Mar 15, 1917 Son of John and Ada Roholdt
Tofsly, Harry Benard Dec 20, 1901 Feb 5, 1908 (Born in Polk County, son of Helge & Bertha Oie, died of brain fever)
Hansen, Baby Boy Nov 19, 1930 Son of Thomas and Alma
Dewar, James  Jan 16, 1846 Jan 30, 1934  Father  (Born in Perth, Scotland, interesting story of his life in the history books)
Dewar, Agnes Valance  Oct 5, 1854 Apr 8, 1917  Mother (Second wife of James Dewar)

Dewar, William S. 

Jul 13, 1884 Apr 30, 1911  Son  (William Samson Dewar - born Hammond Twp., son of James Dewar and Agnes V. Samson, died of TB)
Dewar, Esther M.  1893 - 1989  Daughter (Daughter of James & Agnes)

Polsfuss, Margaret A. 

1895 1918  
Large stone on the ground, face down    Could be the Tollefson family Ole 1858 1936, Gunvor 1865 1919, Gertie 1894 1921, Sigrid 1865 1951


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