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Pope County Cemeteries

Numbers following some cemeteries indicate township/range/section/quarters.

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Bangor, Barsness, Benwade, Blue Mound, Chippewa Falls, Cyrus, Gilchrist, Glenwood, Grove Lake, Hoff, Lake Johanna, Langhei, Leven, Minnewaska, New Prairie, Nora, Reno, Rolling Forks, Sedan, Starbuck, Walden, West Port, and White Bear Lake.

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Bangor Trinity Cemetery - 124/36/36/SESE
Barsness Lake Ben Cemetery - 124/38/13/NWSW
Ben Wade Ben Wade Cemetery - 126/39/17/NWNE
Farwell Cemetery - 126/39/06/SWSE
Norunga Cemetery - 126/39/15/NWNW
St Paul's Cemetery - 126/39/27/NENE
Blue Mounds Bethany Cemetery - 124/39/19/NENE
Fron Lutheran Cemetery - 124/39/01/NWNE
Mission Covenant Cemetery - 124/39/19/NE
Chippewa Falls Chippewa Falls Church Cemetery - 124/37/28/SESE
Cyrus Cyrus Cemetery - 125/40/29/SWNW
St Petri Lutheran Cemetery - 125/40/19/SESE
Gilchrist Hitman Family Cemetery - 123/37/28/C
Sather Family Cemetery - 123/37/30
Scandia Lutheran Cemetery - 123/37/17/NWSE
Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery - 123/37/30/SESE
West Lake Johanna Cemetery - 123/37/24/NENE
Glenwood (city) Calvary Cemetery - 125/37/18/NESW
Glenwood Lutheran Cemetery - 125/37/18/SENW
Glenwood <cemetery> - 125/37/18/NWSE
Barsness Lutheran Cemetery - 124/38/02/SWNE
West Lake Amelia Cemetery - 125/37/02/SWNW
Grove Lake Grove Lake Cemetery - 125/36/26/NWSE
Hoff West Zion Cemetery - 123/40/11/NENW
Lake Johanna Lake Johanna Cemetery - 123/36/21/NENE
South Lake Johanna Cemetery - 123/36/35/SENW
Langhei East Zion Cemetery - 123/39/12/SWNW
Ellerson-Mortenson Cemetery - 123/39/24/SESW
Leven Calvary Cemetery - 126/37/25/NESE
Lake Amelia Cemetery - 126/37/25/SENE
Lake Leven Cemetery - 126/37/12/SESW
St John's Cemetery - 126/37/35/NWNW
Minnewaska Early Indherred Community Cemetery - 125/38/07/SWSW
- Used from 1867 to 1907.
New Prairie St John's Cemetery - 125/40/12/SWSW
Nora Nora Cemetery - 126/40/22/NENW
Pike Lake Cemetery - 126/40/10/NENE
Reno Lake Ann Cemetery - 126/38/27/SENE
Lake Reno Reform Presbyterian Cemetery - 126/38/23/NWNW
Oak Hill Cemetery - 126/38/20/NWNW
St John's Cemetery - 126/38/04/SWSW
Swedish Mission Cemetery - 126/38/20/NENW
Rolling Forks Carlson Cemetery - 123/38/20/SW
Rolling Forks Cemetery - 123/38/26/SENW
Sedan Immaculate Conception Cemetery - 124/36/06/SWNW
Starbuck Minnewaska Lutheran Cemetery - 125/39/26/NENW
Walden Immanuel Cemetery - 124/40/12/NENELake Emily Cemetery - 124/40/28/NESW
Westport Adam Cemetery - 126/36/18
White Bear Lake Indherred Lutheran Cemetery - 125/39/12/NWNW

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