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Photos by Jerry Savage 2009.

Photos by Jerry Savage 2010.

The village of Blotno/Friedrichsberg was earlier called Quakenburg
in the middle ages and belonged to the family Eberstein. After the
death of the last one from the family in 1663, Quakenburg came into
ownership of Duke Ernst von Croy and belonged to Naugard county. In
1697, the name was changed from Quakenburg to Friedrichsberg.
In 1812, the manor was bought by Friedrich Hering who probably
created the landscape park around the mansion which still exists
today in its original borders. The park has many very old trees,
nice views and a small hill. Earlier, in the center of the park was
located a family cemetery that was later destroyed. On the path from
the cemetery to the manor still exists fragments of red brick
pillars reminders of a gate that was located there.

Photos by Paul Sternberg 2011.