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The Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota

The PRG meets the first Saturday of each month at
1185 Concord Street North, South Saint Paul, MN 55075
from 1:30 to 4:00pm

The Purpose of the PRG is to:
* stimulate interest in the genealogy and history of Pommern/Pomerania
* collect, preserve and publish genealogical and historical information
* collect materials about Pommern
* provide a forum to share research methods and information
* to further the research of our Pommern ancestors

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PROPOSED MEETINGS IN 2016 (all meetings are at the Minnesota
Genealogical Society in South Saint Paul, unless stated otherwise).
Social time 1 pm. Meeting at 1:30 pm. Visitors are always welcome.

Jan 2 - Jim will talk about early German military uniforms.

Feb 6 - This meeting will be a research meeting and opportunity to
work on your genealogy. Members are encouraged to bring their family
research and network with others from your Kreis/county. Our book
cart will be there to help with your research.

March 5 - Jim Neuenfeld will give an slideshow overview of Pomerania.

April 2 - Steven Larson will speak about VyTräd: A New Digital Document Management Program.

This presentation will describe and demonstrate VyTräd, a new,
powerful genealogy utility program for organizing, managing and viewing
your digital Family History documents. The program creates and
organizes directories that match your Family Tree. As a result, your
documents are stored in a directory structure that is easy to
understand and grows as your research proceeds.

May 7 - Lois Edwards will speak about towns and villages in
Pomerania and Lower Saxony.

June 4 - Dr.Yogi Reppmann will talk about the 1848 revolution that
led many Germans to come to America. This is a joint meeting with GGS
that will be held in the first floor auditorium. Announcements will
start at 1:30, speaker at 2:00.

July 2 - This is a research meeting where you can bring your family
info and look through the resources on the cart and newspaper articles.

Aug 6 - "DNA test kit comparison, or, Why don't I look like my parents?" by Gus Fenton

DNA testing has evolved quickly in the last 15 years or so. The
price has gone down while the amount of information provided has
increased. Today you not only get a listing of a portion of your
genetic code but also thoughts on your lineage going back tens of
thousands of years to origins in Africa. While the DNA itself is
exact, its interpretation is the subject of much discussion. This
talk will address DNA basics, issues in the field, the information
provided by the four main DNA test labs and some thoughts on Pommern
and Polish DNA heritages.

Gus Fenton is a semi-retired biomedical engineering consultant
having worked at a variety of medical device companies in the
Minneapolis area. Over his career he's been involved in engineering
projects for blood flow instrumentation, infant apnea monitors,
cardiac pacemakers, sleep lab equipment, dietary supplements and the
Breathe Right nasal strip. Genetics as well as most other areas of
science strike Gus as fascinating so it was only a matter of time
before he sent his samples off to four DNA test labs to see if their
results were consistent. Gus lives in Minneapolis and is from
Wisconsin, not Missouri, yet he persists in his hands-on "show me"

Sept 3 - Donna and Chuck Schilling will speak about:
Culture and Customs of Pomerania
1. Everyday Customs of Pomerania
A. Municipal Codes in 1683
B. Farm Life Before and After 1930
C. Guilds in Pomerania
D. Pomeranian Food and Drink
E. Pomeranian Clothing (Tracht)
F. Buildings in Pomerania
G. Pomeranian Names

2. Annual Celebrations and Traditions
A. Easter
B. Erntefest (Harvest Festival)
C. Advent and Christmas in Pomerania

3. Special Events
A. Weddings in Pomerania
B. Christening Celebrations
C. Confirmations

Oct 1 - Mark Dillon will speak about immigrant ships:
The leading German ships/ specifications/ conditions.
How many immigrants of Polish and Pomeranian descent used them?
Who built the ships?
How did a person/family get from Galicia or Pomerania to port?
What was it like to travel on one, food, sleeping?
How detailed and accurate are the manifest records from Ellis Island
versus the point of departure?
Differences from the British lines such as White Star.
What happened to the German ships? - (Some got confiscated by US
Navy in WWI and became troop carriers)

Nov 5 - The group will watch a Globetrekker episode touring Poland and former
German military sites.

Dec - Christmas party and awards.

Jan 7 - The group will watch a video called, Kolberg, which depicts
the town's defense against Napoleon. They movie was made by the
Third Reich in hopes that the town would resist the Russians the
same way. Running time 107 minutes.

MGS Library 1185 Concord Street N. Ste 218, South St. Paul 55075-1150

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