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View of the building from the south looking north.

This is the south parking lot that will be fixed up and have more lights. There is also parking across the street and on the north side.

The front of the building - 1185 Concord Street, South St. Paul.

The entrance

View from the north looking south


The lobby is quite spacious

The building was built in 1957. Notice the artwork is an outline of midwest states - Idaho to Minnesota.

There is this coat rack area in the lobby

The Auditorium - 1st Floor

There is a stage at the front and a sound booth at the back.

The Auditorium can seat 125. The acoustics were quite good.

First Floor Plan.

The Library - 2nd Floor

Two images stitched together to give an idea of size.

The book shelves would be in the middle of this room

The offices are at the back and side of the room.

Plan of second floor.


The kitchenette is considered office number 1.

This little nursery is off the kitchenette.

Office 2

Office 3

Office 4 was locked. This is office 5.

Office 6

The Boardroom - Fourth Floor

This parking lot is across the street. Bus stops are on both sides
of the street. There is a tunnel under this bus stop linking the
parking lot and the building.

View from the boardroom window


The elevators

Fourth Floor Plan. The boardroom is shared by all tenants in the building and must be scheduled ahead of time.

How to get there - 1185 Concord St. South St. Paul.

Open House Dec 1st, 2007!

This was the big day we all had planned for. The weather promised 6-
12 inches of snow this day.

The cake

The meat tray

Everyone' favorite...shrimp. Mmm!

Fruit and cheese

The vegie tray


Cutting the cake

Serving the cake

The Pommern table

Pomeranian Cherry Soup

The Ostfriesland table

The Swedish table

Patrons using the library!