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Pre-war aerial view of Labes. Photos from Larry Marquardt.

Photo of Wilhelm Marquardt taken in Labes probably in the 1880's.

Labes seen from the war memorial hill. In the right front is the cemetery.

Bahnhofstrasse (Trainstation street)

The Marketplace and town hall

The Lotznitz Bridge and Rohrteichstrasse (Reed-Pond Street)

Hindenburg Street, District Administration Buildling and Savings Bank.

Part of the city called the Rega-Vorstadt.

The old Bridge carrying Bahnhofstrasse over the Rega River

Monument Hill with Giants Graves reproduced. This monument was
destroyed and the hill covered with weeds.


Bahnhofstrasse, corner marketplace, on the right a pharmacy

On the right the old Rega bridge, on the left the backside of Mauer Street

Market Street

The evangelical Marienkirche

The altar of the Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church). The church totally burned in the war, was restored, and is now Catholic.

The Rega water mill

Labes Notgeld from 1921

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