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Revolutionary War Patriots
of the Rochester Chapter Members,
Daughters of the American Revolution

Sorted by State of Service

Eliphalet Clark, Jr., Pvt.
Tracy Cleveland, Pvt.
Abijah Comstock, PS
Bangs Dunham, Pvt.
Levi Forbes, Pvt.
Ebenzer Fowler, Sr., PS
Daniel Langson, Sr., Capt. PS
Jonathan Munger, Cpl.
Jacob Peck., Pvt.
Moses Rathbone, Pvt.
Elias Robinson, Lt.
Phineas Royce/Rice, Sr., CS, PS
Aaron Thomas, Cpl.
Thomas Wadsworth, Sgt.

William Betts, Pvt.

John Brunner, Sr., PS
Jacob Crist, CS
Philip Crist, 4th Sgt.
Jacob Dutrow (Dotterer), Cpl.
Jacob Holtz, Sr., PS
Jacob Holtz, Jr., Pvt.
Johann Georg Ramsberg, Cpl.
John Reister, Jr., PS
Joseph Stearns, Sgt.
Benjamin Thomas, 2nd Lt.
Gabriel Thomas, PS
John Thomas, PS
John Timmerman, Pvt.

Ebenezer Burbank, Sr., Pvt.
Ebenezer Burbank, Jr., Pvt.
Henry Burt, Pvt.
Joel Clapp, Pvt.
Ebenezer Cleveland, Staff Officer
John Dickinson, Pvt.
Wentworth Dresser, Pvt.
Samuel Haven, Pvt.
Benjamin Kingsbury, Jr., Pvt.

Peleg Wadsworth, Jr., Brig. Gen., Capt., Aide-de-Camp

New Hampshire
Adam Brown, Sgt.

Enos Day, Pvt.

Benjamin Knight, Sgt.
Nathaniel Maxfield, Pvt.
William McCrillis, Pvt.
Jonas Wheeler, Jr., Pvt.

New Jersey
Amos Leak, Pvt.

John Williamson, Lt.

New York
Bartholomew, Pvt.
Daniel Buck, Maj. PS
George Fauver, Pvt.
Glode Requa, Capt., PS
Gilbert Vail, Pvt.
John Lewis Van Antewerp, Ensign

Peter Yates, Col.

North Carolina
Henry Connelly, Capt.
John Hill, Lt.
Jacob Lollar, Pvt.
Solomon Sparks, PS
William Wright, Pvt.
William Young, Pvt.

Henry Achia (Ache, Aughey), Pvt.
Frederick Bashore, Pvt.
Jacob Borah, Pvt.
John Cocklin, Pvt.
John Croasdale, Lt.

Joseph Fenstermacher, Pvt.
Christian Gish, Sr., Pvt.
David Haynes, Pvt., PS
Abraham Hargis, 1st Lt.
George Henry Hartzell, Pvt.
Robert Heath, Pvt.
Ezekiel Hopkins, Sol. CS
Henry Jacoby, Pvt.
Thomas Keeler, Pvt.
George Mains, Pvt.
Christian Whitman (Whiteman), Pvt.

South Carolina
James Jeter, Pvt.

Thomas Ashley, Pvt.
Shubel Bullock, Pvt.

Josiah Frost, Pvt.
Ezekiel Hopkins, Sol. CS
David Humphrey, Sr., PS
George Humphrey, Pvt.
David Lee, PS
John Marshall, Capt. CS PS
Thomas McCulloch, Lt.
Archibald Prather, Sol. PS
Otey Prosser, Pvt., PS
Frederick Timmerman, Pvt.
George Timmerman, PS
Aaron Tullis, Pvt.

Michael Zirkle, Pvt., PS

Sorted Alphabetically by Last Name

First Name Last Name Rank State Served
Henry Achia (Ache Aughey) Pvt. PA
Thomas Ashley Pvt. VT
Philip Bartholomew Pvt. NY
Frederick Bashore Pvt. PA
William Betts Pvt. DE
Jacob Borah Pvt. PA
Adam Brown Sgt. NH
John Brunner, Sr. PS MD
Daniel Buck PS Maj. NY
Shubel Bullock Pvt. VT
Ebenezer Burbank, Sr. Pvt. MA
Ebenezer Burbank, Jr. Pvt. MA
Henry Burt Pvt. MA
Joel Clapp Pvt. MA
Eliphalet Clark, Jr. Pvt. CT
Ebenezer Cleveland Staff Officer MA
Tracy Cleveland Pvt. CT
John Cocklin Pvt. PA
Abijah Comstock PS CT
Henry Connelly Capt. NC
Jacob Crist CS MD
Philip Crist 4th Sgt. MD
John Croasdale Lt. PA
Enos Day Pvt. NH
John Dickinson Pvt. MA
Wentworth Dresser Pvt. MA
Bangs Dunham Pvt. CT
Jacob Dutrow (Dotterer) Cpl. MD
George Fauver Pvt. NY
Joseph Fenstermacher Pvt. PA
Levi Forbes Pvt. CT
Ebenezer Fowler, Sr. PS CT
Josiah Frost Pvt. VA
Christian Gish, Sr. Pvt. PA
David Haynes Pvt. & PS PA
Abraham Hargis 1st Lt. PA
George Henry Hartzell Pvt. PA
Samuel Haven Pvt. MA
Robert Heath Pvt. PA
John Hill Lt. NC
Jacob Holtz, Sr. PS MD
Jacob Holtz, Jr. Pvt. MD
Ezekiel Hopkins Sol. CS PA VA
David Humphrey, Sr. PS VA
George Humphrey Pvt. VA
Henry Jacoby Pvt. PA
Jeter Pvt. SC
Thomas Keeler Pvt. PA
Benjamin Kingsbury, Jr. Pvt. MA
Daniel Langdon, Sr. Capt. & PS CT
Amos Leak Pvt. NJ
David Lee PS VA
Jacob Lollar Pvt. NC
George Mains (Means) Pvt. PA
John Marshall Capt., CS & PS VA
Nathaniel Maxfield Pvt. NH
Thomas McCulloch Lt. VA
William McCrillis Pvt. NH
Jonathan Munger Cpl. CT
Jacob Peck Pvt. CT
Archibald Prather Sol. PS VA
Otey Prosser Pvt. & PS VA
Johann Georg Ramsberg Cpl. MD
Moses Rathbone Pvt. CT
John Reister, Jr. PS MD
Glode Requa Capt. & PS NY
Elias Robinson Lt. CT
Phineas Royce/Rice, Sr. CS, PS CT
Solomon Sparks PS NC
Joseph Stearns Sgt. MA
Aaron Thomas Cpl. CT
Benjamin Thomas 2nd Lt. MD
Gabriel Thomas PS MD
John Thomas PS MD
Frederick Timmerman Pvt. VA
George Timmerman PS VA
John Timmerman Pvt. MD
Aaron Tullis Pvt. VA
Gilbert Vail Pvt. NY
John Lewis Van Antewerp Ensign NY
Lewis Van Antewerp Sol. PS NY
Peleg Wadsworth, Jr. Breg. Gen., Capt., Aide-de-Camp MA
Thomas Wadsworth Sgt. CT
Jonas Wheeler, Jr. Pvt. NH
Christian Whitman (Whiteman) Pvt. PA
John Williamson Lt. NJ
William Wright Pvt. NC
Peter Yates Col. NY
William Young Pvt. NC
Michael Zirkle Pvt., PS VA

CS: Civil Service ~ PS:Patriotic Service

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