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Redwood County, Minnesota

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What's New 2005 Archive


March 2006


Cardinals Overtake Tracy to Win 13-7 (Redwood Falls vs Tracy)      

Ernest King Obituary 1923      

George King Obituary 1905      

Truman King Obituary 1929      

Walter King Obituary 1942      

Eliza Nettie (King) Edwards Obituary 1992      

Bruce Joseph King Obituary 1940

Bruce Joseph King (a 2nd Obituary) 1940      

Kenneth Kendall King Obituary 1970      

Paul A. King Obituary 1969      

Katherine Ellen (Fagen) King Obituary 1930      

Theresa Kathryn (King) Russel Obituary 2003      


February 2006


Birth Records 1884,  Page 96      

New Directory: Naturalization Directory      

Levi Simning Oath of Allegiance, 1883      

Erna King Obituary #2, 2004      

Francis Lavelle King Obituary 1990      

Wilda (Mattern) King Obituary 1977      

William Dexter King Obituary      

James Joseph King Obituary      

Herbert (Bert) King Obituary, 1935      

George King Obituary, 1944      

Ernest R. King Obituary, 1944      

Church Directory      

The Delhi Builder Newspaper, 23 September 1925     

Sather's Drug Store, circa 1939-1940    

The Steele Brothers, 1913   

Sundown Luther Church   

The Redwood Falls Mail Newspaper, 22 & 29 March 1872   

The Redwood Falls Mail Newspaper, 21 February 1873     

The Delhi Builder Newspaper, 2 September 1925     

Redwood Gazette, 9 September 1937 (selected article page 1)     

Redwood Gazette, 21 October 1937 (selected article page 1)      

The Delhi Builder Newspaper, 13 January 1926   (selected article page 1)    

The Delhi Builder Newspaper, 17 February 1926   (selected article page 1)          

Justus H. Washburn, Death Register, 1892          

Erwin Engeman and Adeline Rosenthal          

Justus H. Washburn, Obituary       

Erna King, Obituary      

Floyd E. Warner, Obituary     

Zara Cornish Family Group Chart      

Levi Truesdell, Obituary     

Rachel (Mabie) Truesdell, Obituary     

Ezra Truesdell, Obituary    

Franklin Truesdell & Angelina (Anna) Smith Marriage Announcement 


January 2006


George Fay Truesdell, Obituary    

Washington Truesdell, Obituary  

Huldah Truesdell, Obituary   

Washington Truesdell & Hildah Cornish Marriage Announcement

Clara (Winslow) King Obituary  

Lafayette Truesdell, Civil War Pension Records  

 Sylvester Truesdell, Civil War Pension Records    

Lafayette Truesdell Obituary 

Sylvester Truesdell Obituary

 Gilbert Truesdell, Pvt. Capt. Colvill's Co. F, 1st Reg't Minnesota Volunteers   

1871 Tax Notice Redwood County  

Redwood Falls Mail Newspaper 22 December 1872  (article Page 1)    

Delhi Builder Reports Village Council Meeting, 18 February 1925 

Redwood Falls Promotional, 18 October 1869 

New! Government Center Added

William Steele Obituary 1937 

 Fredrick Koechler Obituary, 1937 

56 Children in Primary Classes, 1938

Redwood Gazette, Thursday, January 28, 1937 (selected articles) 

Honor Roll listed in Redwood Gazette, Thursday, June 17, 1937

Redwood Gazette, Thursday, January 28, 1937 

1890 Redwood County Union Veterans Census Images for Redwood Falls and Westline

1890 Redwood County Union Veterans Census Transcription for Charlestown 

1890 Redwood County Union Veterans Census Transcription for Delhi & Redwood Falls  

Redwood Gazette, Thursday, November 18, 1937, pg. 11

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