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Old Bethania Cemetery

(Also known as Sather Cemetery)

Located in Barto Township, Roseau County, about 5 miles northeast of Greenbush, Minnesota

This is a MAP REFERENCE LIST. All individuals listed are said to be buried here. Those people listed as "possibly" means the lettered reference to location of gravesite where the person is listed is possibly the gravesite where the person was buried. This is a revised version of a list prepared in 1987 by M.R. Sather (no relation).1 This map and list were prepared on site with the assistance of Deborah Sather, who has been familiar with the cemetery for about 60 years.

Ref2 Name Birth Death Notes
A Tina RUSTAN 1905 1908 Child of Tosten and Anna
B Tosten RUSTAN 1869 1939 Father of Tina
C Anna RUSTAN 1869 1956 Mother of Tina
D Anton ANDERSON Child of Hansine Olson Anderson Sather
E Jentoft Lundberg ANDERSON 28 Feb 1919 Child of Hansine Olson Anderson Sather; WWI Vet.
F Ole SATHER 1856 1923 Grandfather of Eunice Karczak, preparer of this list.
20 Jun 1870 April 1940 Gold Star Mother, Grandmother of preparer of this list. Marker puts date of death at 1938 which is an error.3
H Peder SKALLRUD 20 May 1980 01 Mar 1913 Son of Nels Skallerud
I Possibly Nels SKALLERUD and Mrs. Nels SKALLERUD I and J are unconfirmed graves.
K Two ANDERSON Babies share this grave

1. Ove and Camilla’s baby

2. Harda Anderson’s baby

L Carl HEDLUND First husband of Harda Anderson Hagen.
M Anna G. LEE 13 Jan 1909 06 Feb 1909 Child of Albert Lee
N Elai A. LEE 27 May 1904 17 Apr 1908 Child of Albert Lee
O Jacob H. PETERSON 28 Jan 1863 17 Jun 1943 Father of Grace Holm
P Unmarked – possibly Anna PETERSON Aug 1912 Mother of Grace Holm
Q Jens K. PETERSON 09 Sept 1878 14 Sept 1913
R Unmarked – Ole K. Peterson Veteran
S Unmarked
T Large OMDAHL Headstone Possibly Halvor, Mrs Halvor, Peter, and Theodore all here
U Randine KJOS 1836 1912
V Unmarked, possibly Leonard E. SEVERSON 20 Aug 1906 13 Jan 1968
W Gertrude SEVERSON 1865 1933
X Sever Severson 1866 1959
Y Axel LIEBERG 1859 1931 Father of Ben Lieberg
Z Christine LIEBERG 1865 1928 Mother of Ben Lieberg
AA Henry LIEBERG 1905 1920 Son of Axel & Christine
BB Unmarked, child? Small Grave
CC Sina P. HOLM 1869 1933 Mother of Herman Holm & Arnt Holm, Grandmother of Avis Iverson
DD Ole B. HOLM 1867 1939 Stepfather of Herman Holm, etc.
EE Possible
FF Possible Possibly Gerald SEVERSON.
GG Carl Albert KJOS 1895 1971
HH Amanda P. KJOS 1900 1967
II Stella Deloris KJOS 08 Jun 1927 16 Nov 1928
JJ Possible
KK Lisa GUNDERSON 16 Feb 1854 13 Jul 1936

1 Notes from and about previous list: William Samstad, Huldor Samstad, Gorena Samstead should all be buried here according to Herman Holm. Louie Peterson may be buried here, according to previous list. However, his funeral was held in Badger and he may be in Badger City Cemetery. Previous list states that a Mrs. Weber, who died in 1923, is buried outside the northern boundary of the present cemetery.

2 Letter designations refer to map of graves - information on this cemetery held by United Free Church of Greenbush, Minnesota

3 Hansine (Plot G) – Change of spelling and change of date of death are per her daughter-in-law, Deborah Graff Sather, who lived with her.

Submitted to Roseau County GenWeb by Eunice Sather Korczak.


©2002 by Minnesota Historical Research Associates.