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Kerstin Andersdotter (Holmbeck) (4)
B: 23 Jan 1811, Horrod
D: 15 Dec 1872, Roinge 7, Stoby.
M: Records show her as a hired girl and an unwed mother.

FN: Andreas Andersson (Holmbeck)
MN: Anna Persdotter

Lineage: Andersson (Holmbeck), Andreas (3); Wollermarsson, Anders (2); Hansson, Wollemar (1)

Children were listed as:

1. Amalia Thomelius o.a., b. 03 Dec 1837 a Stroo gd. Amalia had a daughter, Clara Jonsdotter b. 15 Jun 1873 at N. Rorum (no records of marriage).

2. Christian Holmbeck b. 13 Mar 1842 at Roinge 7. He was an apprentice copper worker.

3. August b. 13 Apr 1853 d. 08 Feb 1856

(No further records on this part of the family)