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Andersson, Pehr
B: 11 Mar 1793, at Horrod, Bronnestad
D: 07 Mar 1859, at Hallen, N. Mellby
M: 22 Jun 1833, Anna Svensdotter b.16 Jan 1812 at Wannarod d. 23 Aug 1880 at Hallen. N. Mellby. Pehr was the owner of a small farm and also worked out.

FN: Anders Wollermarsson
MN: Boel Andersdotter

Lineage: Wollermarsson, Anders (2); Hansson, Wollemar (1)

Children of Pehr Andersson and Anna Svensdotter:
Sven Persson
B: 25 May 1835 at Tjornarp
M: 12 Jul 1872, Cecilia Nordstrom b. 09 Sep 1850 at N. Mellby.

Nilla Persdotter
B: 11 Sep 1844 at Hallen, N. Mellby
M: 27 Jul 1867, Johannes Persson b. 05 Mar 1839 at N. Mellby. Johannes was a small farmer.