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Arnold, Nicholas - 1542
B: Abt. 1550, Melcombe Horsey, England
D: 24 Jan 1621/22, Wells or Lichester, Somersetshire, England.
M: 1569, Alice Gully, Lichester, Somerset, England. Alice was b. 26 Sep 1553 in Northover, Somersetshire, England; died April 25, 1596 in Ilchester, Somersetshire, England. She was the dau of 3086 John Gully and Alice Unknown.

FN: Richard Arnold - 3084
MN: Jaquita Unknown

Notes for Nicholas Arnold:

As a young man, he served a 7 year's apprenticeship as a tailor and about 1575 moved to the larger town of Ilchester, on the opposite side of the river Ivel, near the ancient Roman ford. There, he established himself as a merchant tailor, his son William being associated with him. He remained in this business until his death in 1622, having always been an influential citizen in that city and a member of the Guild of Tailors for nearly 50 years.

More About Nicholas Arnold:

Alt Name Spelling: Thomas Arnold
Born 2: 1550, Northover, Somersetshire, England
Born 3: Abt. 1553, Cheselbourne, Dorset, England
Burial: January 26, 1621/22, Ilchester, Somerset, England
Christening: September 29, 1563, Bagbere, Dorsetshire, England
Died 2: January 26, 1622/23, Ilchester, Somersetshire, England

More About Alice Gully:

Alt Name Spelling: Alice Gullay, Alice Gulley, Alice Gullye, Alice Gully
Baptism: September 29, 1553, Northover, Somerset, England
Burial: April 25, 1596, Ilchester, Somersetshire, England
Christening: September 29, 1553, St Andrew's, Northover, Somersetshire, England

More About Nicholas Arnold and Alice Gully:
Marriage 2: 1570, Ilchester, Somersetshire, England


Children of Nicholas Arnold and Alice Gully are:

Tamzen Arnold, b. 01 Apr 1570 in Ilchester, Somersetshire, England; died January 26, 1621/22 in Ilchester, Somersetshire, England.

More About Tamzen Arnold:

Alt Name Spelling: Thomazine Arnold
Baptism: January 04, 1570/71, Northover, Somerset, England
Born 2: January 04, 1570/71, Northover, Somersetshire, England
Christening: January 04, 1570/71, Northover, Ilchester, Somerset, England

Joanna Arnold, b. 30 Nov 1577, Ilchester, Somersetshire, England; d.10 Mar 1620/21 in Yeovilton, Somersetshire, England; married William Hopkins 1612 in Yeovil, Somersetshire, Eng. Joanna was the dau o Nicholas Arnold.

Marjorie Arnold, b. 30 Aug 1581, Northover, Ilchester, Somerset, England; d. Abt. 1681 in England, Death Date Unknown, Assumed dead after 100 years; married Thomas Barnard May 26, 1603 in Somerset County, England; born Abt. 1582 in Unknown; died Abt. 1682 in Death Date Unknown, Assumed dead after 100 years.

More About Marjorie Arnold:

Alt Name Spelling: Margery Arnold
Baptism: August 30, 1581, Ilchester, England
Christening: August 30, 1581, Ilchester, Somersetshire, England

John Arnold, b. Bet. 1584 - 1594, Cheselbourne, Somerset, England; d. 30 Dec 1664 in Hartford, Connecticut; married Susannah Possibly Hampton; b. Abt. 1581 d. Abt. 1681. Death Date Unknown, Assumed dead after 100 years.

More About John Arnold:

Died 2: November 23, 1616, Cheselbourne, Somerset, England


William Arnold, b. 24 Jun 1587 in Somerset, England; d. 07 Sep 1685 in Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island; m. Christana Peck Peake Bet. 1610 - 1614 in Muchelney, Somerset, England; b. February 15, 1582/83 in Mulchelney, Dorset, England; d. 15 Apr 1659 in Pawtuxet, Warwick, Kent Co., R.I..

Notes for William Arnold:

William Arnold was born the 24th of June 1587 at Ilchester, Somerset, England. The son of Nicholas Arnold born 1550 and Alice Gullay born 1553. William Arnold was a church warden at St Mary church in Ilchester, England where he copied the dates of his parents birth and marriage; William Arnold own marriage date and the birth of his 4 children. He brought these records to the American colonies when he and his family emigrated to Mass. in 1635. On 1 May 1635, William Arnold and his brother Thomas, sailed from Dartmouth, England to New England on the ship, "Plain Joan." He and his family arrived in Massachusetts on the 24th of June 1635.

On 24 June 1635 he settled at Hingham, Massachusetts. He first went to Hingham, Mass. The family moved to Providence on April 20th, 1636, he went with Roger Williams and 10 other families to found Providence plantations in Rhode Island. He had a town lot in the first settlement there. He was an original member of the first baptist church in the new world. He bought land from Roger Williams. He moved to Pawtuxet in 1638 and founded that town.. Pawtuxet was a part of Providence then. He was one of the 12 associates of Roger Williams, when the Indians conveyed land to him. On 8 October 1638, he and 11 others had a deed from Roger Williams for Canomicus and Miantonomi. In 1639, he was one of the 12 original founders of the First Baptist Church in Providence. On 27 January 1640, he signed an agreement with 28 others to form a civil government in Providence. It now shows on the Rhode Island map at the Cranston-Warwick border, Warwick having been formed in 1643 and Cranston taken from Providence in 1754. On 1 September 1651, he opposed Roger Williams proposed trip to England to secure a charter. He wrote of the Rhode Island settlers in general, "under the pretense of the liberty of conscience bout these parts come to live all the scum, the runaways of the country which in time for want of better order will bring a heavy burden upon the land." In 1658, Pawtuxet united with Providence. In 1661, he was a commissioner to the colonial assembly from Providence. In 1673, he deeded to John Sheldon all rights that he has in the first allotment of Providence. William Arnold was an educated man in England and learned the Indian language and acted as interpreter many times.

William died before November 3,1677 as shown by a deed of his son Benedict, perhaps in 1676 during an Indian war. He married Christian Peak who was baptized at Mulchelney, Somerset, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Peak. She died after 1659 presumably at Pawtuxet.

He deeded all his children land, some of which he bought from the Indians. He died in 1675, age 88 in Providence. This was the year of King Phillips war. King Phillip was an Indian.

Ancestor of General Benedict Arnold. Had large land holdings in Pawtuxet, Providence, and Warwick, R.I. Arnold is the name of a parish near Nottingham, England.

More About William Arnold:

Born 2: June 24, 1587, Ilchester, Somersetshire, England
Born 3: June 24, 1587, Cheselbourne, Dorset, England
Burial: Abt. September 1685, Providence, , Rhode Island
Christening: June 24, 1587, Ilchester, Somerset, England
Died at Age: 98
Immigration: June 24, 1635, Hingham, MA
Occupation: President of Portsmouth, Newport, Provid., & Warwick

More About Christana Peck Peake:
Alt Name Spelling: Christian Peake, Christina Peake
Christening: February 15, 1582/83, Muchelney, Somerset, (muoheny), England
Immigration: June 24, 1635, Hingham, MA


Agnes Arnold, b. Abt. 1591 in Ilchester, Somerset, England d. October 1595 in Ilchester, Somerset, England.

More About Agnes Arnold:

Burial: October 1595


Robert Arnold, b. 18 Oct 1593, Ilchester, Somerset, England d. 18 Oct 1593 in Ilchester, England.

More About Robert Arnold:
Baptism: October 18, 1593, Ilchester, Somerset, England
Burial: 1593, Yeovilton, , England
Christening: October 18, 1593, Ilchester, Somerset, England


Elizabeth Arnold, b. 09 Apr 1596, Ilchester, St Mary's, Somerset, England; d. 09 Apr 1596 in Ilchester, Somerset, England.

More About Elizabeth Arnold:

Christening: April 09, 1596, St Marys, Ilchester, Somersetshire, England.